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Membuat CA Sendiri Onno W. Purbo

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1 Membuat CA Sendiri Onno W. Purbo

2 Referensi

3 OpenCA


5 Fasilitas OpenCA Certificate Authority (CA) Registration Authority (RA)

6 Certification Authority (CA) mengimport Requests membuat daftar permohonan certificate Export certificate Archivie requests Melihat arsip requests Delete requests Issue certificates Verify RA operator identity Export CRL

7 Registration Authorities (RA) Membuat daftar permohonan yang pending/deleted/archivied approve requests export requests ke removable media import new certs dari removable media import CRLs

8 Misi Proyek OpenCA Sebuah usaha kerjasama untuk membangun struktur interface berkaitan dengan masalah keamanan & administrative untuk managemen operasi digital sertifikat X.509, seperti: Admission Verify Revocation Suspension dll.

9 Mailing list OpenCA ml ml

10 Team inti OpenCA Massimiliano Pala ( Core Developer & Project Manager Giovanni Faglioni ( Project Manager & Core Developer Sergio Duretti ( Project Contacts Manager Miguel Armas ( Core Developer Victor R. Ruiz ( Core Developer Simos Xenitellis ( Docs Developer

11 FTP sites

12 Paket OpenCA (7 juli 2000) OpenCA-0.2.0-4.tar.gz Modul tambahan OpenCA-X509-0.8.42.tar.gz OpenCA-Tools-0.3.01.tar.gz OpenCA-TRIStateCGI-1.2.35.tar.gz OpenCA-SV-0.5.98.tar.gz OpenCA-REQ-0.4.29.tar.gz OpenCA-PKCS7-0.1.24.tar.gz OpenCA-OpenSSL-0.5.58.tar.gz OpenCA-DB-0.5.87.tar.gz OpenCA-Configuration-1.3.14.tar.gz OpenCA-CRR-0.0.2.tar.gz OpenCA-CRL-0.5.36.tar.gz Net-LDAPapi-1.42.tar.gz

13 OpenSSL Termasuk dalam paket RedHat 7.0






19 Fasilitas OpenSSL Creation of RSA, DH and DSA key parameters Creation of X.509 certificates, CSRs and CRLs Calculation of Message Digests Encryption and Decryption with Ciphers SSL/TLS Client and Server Tests Handling of S/MIME signed or encrypted mail

20 Source 2086131 Sep 24 17:46:22 2000 openssl-0.9.6.tar.gz [LATEST] 2103482 Sep 24 18:22:33 2000 openssl-engine-0.9.6.tar.gz [LATEST]

21 FTP sites [CH] [CH] [FI] [DE] [DE] [DE] [DE] [UK] [UK] [UK] [NO] [SE] [SE] [AU] [AU] [AT] [US] [US] [US] [RU] [RU] [HU] [HU] [PL] [JP] [JP] [JP] [TW] [TW] [ZA] [TR] [CZ] [US] [IS] [RU] [HR] [UK] [AU] [SK] [IT] [BE] [CZ] [NL] [GR] [GR] [ES]

22 Apache-SSL


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