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Menchville Outdoor Learning Area Diorama of the Menchville Outdoor Learning Area.

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2 Menchville Outdoor Learning Area

3 Diorama of the Menchville Outdoor Learning Area

4 Entrance to the outdoor learning area will be from Cafeteria #1 and hallway by the inside courtyard.

5 You are welcomed to the patio with student crafted mosaics for the walkway. The other entrance will be a special memorial walkway with engraved sponsor bricks.

6 Standing on the memorial walkway you will be overshadowed with an extraordinary view.

7 The most striking is the MHS planter highlighted in rock and purple and gold flowers.

8 The hub or focal point will be the shaded amphitheater and stage area with seating for 60 students

9 Oh, what a great place for the jazz band to play at lunch on Fridays!

10 The entrance will be adorned with purple and gold flags on one side and the American flag on the other.

11 The amphitheater will offer room for drama, lectures, and guest speakers.

12 The butterfly and hummingbird garden will provide science students with the ability to track and participate in national studies.

13 Art students will have a place to photograph and enjoy nature. There is also room for sculpture to be displayed.

14 The wetland area with plants and small fish will provide opportunities for students to learn and do science experiments in their own living laboratory.

15 The walkway through the ecosystem will be made of sea shells.

16 Continuing down the pathway you will soon experience the beauty of the Japanese Garden. Here students and teachers will be able to create a deeper contemplation. Rocks are used to form mountains and sand to form flowing water.

17 The area located between the Japanese Garden and climbing wall is designated as a work space. Art- Sculpting and painting; Science- Building models of volcanoes and staging area for wetland projects Marketing- Used for and outside kiosk

18 Students in art will paint an expanding mural of a volcano showing the different layers of rock. This wall will be used to study: Geography-Rock formations; Science-How volcanoes work; R.O.T.C, health, and P.E.- Rock climbing and team work

19 With proper training school groups, athletic teams and other clubs could work on teamwork and leadership skills.

20 There is ample seating for instruction and a cushion area beneath the wall.

21 Covered dining and cooperative learning, small group project area.

22 These two areas will be well shaded and have picnic tables for student comfort. One shelter will be a pavilion and the other utilizes a tent style structure.

23 Proceeding down the well shaded walk you will pass a nice quiet relaxed area.

24 A perfect place to sit and talk with friends with many trees and flowers in the background.

25 This gazebo sitting on a mosaic brick background will offer seated protection from the elements and a perfect place to have your picture drawn.

26 Adjacent to the gazebo you will find the Work and Family Studies Department herb garden where fresh herbs will be grown and then dried for food preparation.

27 Air Force J.R.O.T.C. Department offered to police the outdoor learning area. This area will have a airplane propeller with their logo painted on the walkway.

28 Enter the tranquil area of the waterfall and fountain.

29 The approach to the waterfall is down the rustic walkway from the gazebo.

30 Down the service walk, a flower enhanced walkway of painted logos of the schools service clubs, you will also come to the waterfall.

31 SCA FBLA Keyettes NHS Varsity Club SODA Gentleman and Ladies

32 While taking this walk you will pass the Virtual Enterprise International sign and logo.

33 Menchville High School will be the major bank for the South Eastern Coast in the United States while participating with companies in 12 countries.

34 The most tranquil area in the outdoor learning environment is the waterfall and fountain area. The wooden foot bridge built over a body of water makes and interesting object for art students to sketch.

35 With an abundance of benches and sculptures following a geometrical theme, this area lends itself to a relaxing lunch in the park.

36 RENAISSANCE PROGRAM The Renaissance Program is moving along as planned. Several classes have been rewarded for perfect attendance with donuts from Dunkin Donuts. Teachers and the MHS staff have been recognized for their birthdays. Work is also in the planning stage for our reward cards which will be used to inspire positive changes in students at all levels.

37 RENAISSANCE PROGRAM (contd.) Platinum GPA: 3.5 and above Disciplinary Referrals: 0 Attendance: 0 Absences Gold GPA: 3.0-3.4 Disciplinary Referrals: 0 Attendance: 0 Absences Purple GPA: 2.5-2.9 Disciplinary Referrals: 0 Attendance: 0 Absences

38 RENAISSANCE PROGRAM (CONTD.) White GPA: 2.0-2.4 Disciplinary Referrals: 0 Attendance: 1 Absence High Five Team Improve GPA by.5 or More Disciplinary Referrals: 0 Attendance: 50% Improvement More Information on the new Renaissance Program will be sent home to parents starting in mid December.

39 OUTDOOR LEARNING AREA Donations for the outdoor learning area, a project that will enrich the educational opportunities for students, teachers and the surrounding community, are coming in! The walkways and amphitheaters construction should start in two weeks and we are looking forward to further progress. To get involved in this exciting project, please call Jerry Scicchitano at 886-7722 ext. 1153.

40 WELCOME MR. CHRISTOPHER DUNLAP The MHS guidance department is very please to welcome Christopher Dunlap as our newest counselor. Mr. Dunlap, a graduate of Norfolk State and Hampton Universities, has worked for NNPS for seven years. He is ready and committed to helping students reach their full potential and he will be working with students whose last names fall between Maser— Rodgers.

41 PTSA Open invitation to join the PTSA to ALL parents and ALL high school students. At only $5.00 per member it can be a real value to those of you who attend football and/or basketball games where the card gets you a discount. Mail your check for $5.00 per member to our President: Curtis Grubbs 36 Claiborne Pl Newport News, VA 23601 930-3055 E-mail:

42 VOLUNTEERS Parents, Grandparents, Friends – We need you! MHS needs volunteers interested in helping our students. We need tutors, clerical help, guest speakers, help in the library, help in the attendance office and with bulletin boards. It only takes a little time but it makes a world of difference for our children and our school. To help at school -- call Jerry Scicchitano @ 886-7722 ext. 1153. To help at school or with the PTSA – call Jean Farrar, PTSA Treasurer @ 872-7736.

43 WEB SITE The PTSA has a web site located at It is updated at the beginning of each month and has current PTSA and After Prom news.

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