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Men of Nevada Regions in Nevada Women in Nevada Welcome to The Nevada Museum Curator’s Office.

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1 Men of Nevada Regions in Nevada Women in Nevada Welcome to The Nevada Museum Curator’s Office

2 Loren Brower Mrs. Brower loves teaching SWAS at Lenz. She has a wonderful class that is very motivated to learn as much as possible. They love to do projects and have discussions about everything that they have learned. Return to Exhibit Please Contact me at

3 Men of Nevada Museum Entrance

4 Women of Nevada Museum Entrance

5 Regions of Nevada Museum Entrance

6 Las Vegas, Nevada  El Rancho Las Vegas was the first hotel and gambling resort to be built on the famous Las Vegas Strip.  It is located in the Mojave Desert Region.  Las Vegas is the most populated part of Nevada. Return to Exhibit

7 Native Americans  There are five native tribes in Nevada including the Northern Paiute, Washoe, Western Shoshone, Southern Paiute and the Mohave.  All of the tribes were nomadic at least some of the time.  They were hunters and gatherers. Return to Exhibit http://www.nevada-

8 Reno, Nevada  People from throughout the west come to Reno for gaming and outdoor activities.  Reno is the largest city in Northern Nevada.  It has the nickname, “The Biggest Little City in the World.” Return to Exhibit

9 Mining  The richest silver ore ever found in the United States was found in Nevada.  They called it the Comstock Lode.  Mining is still a major industry in Nevada today. Return to Exhibit

10 Exploring Nevada  Mining brought a great rush of people across the country to Nevada.  Many Mormons settled in Southern Nevada.  The railroad brought growth and challenges to Nevada. A branch of the U.S. Mint was brought to Carson City. Return to Exhibit

11 Jedediah Smith  He was one of the first “white men” to explore Nevada.  He was on a search for rich fur trapping areas.  He was attacked by a bear and lost an ear. Return to Exhibit mith.html

12 John C. Fremont  He is nicknamed “Pathfinder”.  His job as an army officer was to map the Southwest.  He named the Great Basin as well as many rivers and lakes in the region. Return to Exhibit m

13 Mark Twain  He is the author of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.  He tried to be a prospector, but did not strike it rich.  He wrote a book about his time in Nevada called Roughing It. Return to Exhibit

14 William Nellis  He attended High School in Las Vegas  Nellis was a fighter Pilot in World War II  He flew 70 combat missions and was shot down three times.  The Air Force honored him by renaming the gunnery school Nellis Air Force Base. Return to Exhibit.

15 Richard Bryan  He was the Attorney General, Governor and U.S. Senator from Nevada. Return to Exhibit

16 Lubertha Johnson  She helped fight discrimination in our schools, theaters, hospitals and housing.  She tried to stamp out poverty in Las Vegas. Return to Exhibit. e/johnson.jpg

17 Sarah Winnemucca  She was a writer and a speaker for the Paiute people.  She spoke out about the poor treatment of Native Americans.  She spoke to The President about the issues Native Americans face.  She was the first Native American Women to write a book. Return to Exhibit 0Reference%20Page%20File/Sarah%20 Winnemucca.jpg

18 Anne Martin  She was president of Nevada’s equal Franchise Society fighting for Women’s Rights.  People in the small mining towns supported the movement while those in Reno and Carson City did not.  Eventually, the votes of miners, ranchers and railroad workers gave women in Nevada the right to vote. Return to Exhibit. jpg?size=67&uid=%7BD0096423-5EA3- 4766-8E0E-26CF4EDCB5A9%7D

19 Columbia Plateau  Near the Nevada Idaho border  Rivers and streams run through this region.  Most of the land is wide-open praire. Return to Exhibit %20plateau& 8&startIndex=&startPage=1&um=1&ie=UTF- 8&sa=N&hl=en&tab=wi

20 Great Basin  It covers more than half our state.  It is called a cold desert since it can get very cold and get snow. It is the only one of its kind in Nevada.  Reno and Carson City are in the Great Basin. Return to Exhibit Wheeler_Peak_rising_high- Great_Basin_National_Park.jpg

21 Mojave Desert  This region is located at the southern tip of our state.  It gets less than five inches of precipitation per year.  More than half of Nevada’s people live in this region.  Lake Mead is the area’s largest water resource. Return to Exhibit os/2007/January/MojaveDesertRainClou ds.jpg

22 Sierra Nevada  It is the state’s most tree rich region.  In the winter people ski on the large mountains.  In the summer, people hike, camp, fish and ride horse.  It is located in Western Nevada. Return to Exhibit stadt_albert.html

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