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Introducing US-454 EddyView™

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1 Introducing US-454 EddyView™
This new hybrid instrument includes Eddy Current, Video Capture & Strip Chart technology in one portable, ergonomically designed instrument for NDT.

2 US-454 EddyView™ The US-454 EddyView™ instrument only weighs five pounds and is unique in it’s video capture capability. It sees into inaccessible areas with UniWest’s VisionProbe™ family of products or other manufacturer’s boroscopes, fiber optic or camera systems.

3 Eddy Current Dual Frequency 10 Hz-10MHz Gain 0-99.9 in 0.1 db Steps
Low/High Pass Filter Absolute, Differential, Reflection and Differential Reflection

4 Video Inspection This photograph shows the inside of a pneumatic valve. After a flaw has been visually discovered, an eddy current inspection can verify and record the flaw. Several VisionProbe™ products have been designed to compliment the US-454 EddyView™

5 Digital Strip Chart Recorder Print all data from the screen
Digital Strip Chart Recorder Print all data from the screen. Save to memory and print in the field or office. • Select X, Y or both Channels 100 Programmable Test Set-ups in Internal Memory Screen Displays can be Stored on Memory Cards

6 Bright, Full Color LCD Screen
6.5” Color Flat Panel LCD Display RGB & NTSC Fast O-Scope Sweep Auto Clear

7 Four Function Buttons Expedite Frequently Used Settings
Such as: Frequency • Gain • Rotation • Filters

8 Control Knob Continuously Variable
Quickly Rotate to find Preset Parameters Scroll through Entire Menu

9 Easy to Use I/O Panel

10 Single Frequency Differential

11 Dual Frequency Absolute

12 Dual Frequency Differential

13 O-Scope

14 X-Y Strip Chart

15 Gate Alarms Rectangular Elliptical High & Low Bar Audio Alarm
Voltage Output

16 Accessories Back Pack Remote Smart Battery High Speed Scanner
Vision Probes Standard Probes Special Application Probes

17 Smart Battery Sequential Charger Lithium Ion Batteries
Universal Power Supply LED Battery Level Indicator

18 JF-15 Hand Scanner

19 VisionProbe™ UniWest has designed an entire family of vision products for several important applications. Images are bright and clear full color video capture when used with the US-454 EddyView™ instrument.

20 US-1475 VisionProbe™ Swivel head +90°/-45° 15 lux illumination
Auto Gain Auto White Balance 1.13” Diameter 30” Length

21 US-1490 HiTempProbe™ Inspects to 900°F Extends 30”-126”
Includes pressure gage, thermocouple & connections

22 US-1514 ExtendoProbe™ Several different types of eddy current probes can be quickly attached for fast and efficient testing. 5”, 10”, 15” extensions 5” Articulating Arm Differential Groove Probe Differential Bullnose Probe Absolute Groove Probe Absolute Bullnose Probe Toroid Groove Probe Toroid Bullnose Probe Right Angle Pencil Probe

23 US-1492 UvProbe™ • Ultraviolet Light Source
Fluorescent Penetrant Testing • Photo Shows Ultraviolet Test Block Sample with US-1492 UvProbe™ and Video Image on US EddyView™ Screen

24 Get Three Technologies in One Hybrid Instrument
• Toggle between Eddy Current, Video Capture & Strip Chart Recorder Scanner Input Dual Frequency Bright Color LCD Display Portable Ergonomic

25 Contact Us For More Information
330 West Clark • Pasco, WA 99301 Phone: 509/ Fax: 509/ Web:

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