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ITS NCID Next Generation (NG) Project Overview April 21, 2010.

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1 ITS NCID Next Generation (NG) Project Overview April 21, 2010

2 Agenda Welcome & Introductions App Admin Migration Tasks Reverse Proxy Overview/Details Web Services/WSDL Details Model 2 Integration User DN Changes Application Vs. User Migration Roles & Resources Q&A

3 App Admin Migration Tasks All Models  Change Firewall Rules  Functional & Load Testing Model 1  Very Important! Protect Web App From Non-Proxy Access – Typically with Firewall Rules  Move Public Facing SSL Certs  Change Public DNS Settings Web Services  Request Creation of Application Service Account

4 Reverse Proxy Overview

5 Model 1 NG Migration Changes

6 Model 1 – NCID NG End State

7 NCID NG – Web Services Web Services Methods Available  Validate User Login Credentials  Check & Modify Group Membership  User Search & View Using Search Criteria  Search for Agencies, Divisions, Sections Using Search Criteria Web Services Documentation -

8 Web Service Call Detail

9 Model 2 Integration

10 User Relative DN Changes GUIDs Remain the Same  Relative DN pretext changes  Current RDN : Examples: (State)cn=User-guid,ou=Internal,ou=People,dc=NC (External)cn=User-guid,ou=Local Government,ou=External,ou=People,dc=NC cn=User-guid,ou=Business Users,ou=External,ou=People,dc=NC cn=User-guid,ou=Individuals,ou=External,ou=People,dc=NC  NG RDN : Examples: (Internal)cn=User-guid,ou=State,ou=Internal,ou=People,o=NC cn=User-guid,ou=Local,ou=Internal,ou=People,o=NC (External)cn=User-guid,ou=Business,ou=External,ou=People,o=NC cn=User-guid,ou=Individual,ou=External,ou=People,o=NC

11 Application Vs. User Migration Part 1 All User Accounts Continuously Synchronized between NG & Current NCID Application Migration Independent of Delegated Admin & User Account Self-Service Functions Phased Migration of Applications  Migrated Application Integrates with NG  Migrated Application Authenticated by NG  DA & User Function Migration Not a Pre-Requisite

12 Application Vs. User Migration Part 2 Delegated Admin & User Account Self- Service Functions Migrated in Separate Phased Approach Migrated Users Must Re-Select Challenge Questions & Provide Answers Upon Migration, DA’s Will Provision New User Accounts

13 Groups Change to Roles User Accounts Assigned Roles  Very little difference in Point-and-Click  Instead of belonging to “My App Users” group, users will be assigned the “My App Users” role. Different Technology on the NCID back-end  Roles Grant Access to Resources  Resources Represent Applications Functions remain the same for Model 1 authorization and for Model 2 synchronization

14 Questions & Answers Chat Questions- noted during presentation Open Question period Future Webinar Planned for Delegated Admin Functions Additional Documentation & Training Will be Provided on the NCID Website at mentation.asp mentation.asp Submit Remedy Service Request With Additional Questions-

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