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Humboldt County School District Community update Bond Projects November 13, 2013 10 am and 7 pm.

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1 Humboldt County School District Community update Bond Projects November 13, 2013 10 am and 7 pm

2 5 Year Review The Humboldt County School District staff and their consultants have been quite busy over the last 5 years, tackling the projects that were approved by the community in the 2008 bond campaign. These projects were clearly targeted and identified in previous assessments and broken down into categories and with assigned priorities. – Categories included: – Safety/Accessibility/Liability concerns – Code Compliance – Building Systems/Energy Efficiency – Site/Building Functional Improvements – Appearance The 2008 Bond Campaign was to provide roughly $8.5 million in rollover funds for projects predicated on certain property values. Thankfully the community has seen growth and property value increase, allowing the District to draw a projected $16 million + over 10 years It should be noted that the initial bond campaign focused on roughly $8.5 million in improvements out of a then identified list of over $23 million in needs. The following projects worth roughly $10.5 have been completed

3 School Summaries – Roll-Over Bond Expenditures – 2008-2013 · Denio – $ 60,000 · French Ford - $260,000 · Grass Valley - $1,700,000 · Kings River $ 60,000 · Lowry $1,750,000 · McDermitt $1,200,000 · Orovada $ 70,000 · Paradise $ 440,000 · Sonoma $2,500,000 · Winnemucca Grammar $1,350,000 · Winn Jr. high $950,000 Total (General Approximate) $10,340,000

4 McDermitt New HVAC system for all classrooms and administration New roofing New Intercom and clock system Remove and replacement of windows including new blinds Removal and replacement of asbestos tile flooring New flooring at old gym Bathroom upgrades at old gym Remove/replacement of failing concrete and asphalt Remove and replacement of main water line to building Door and hardware upgrades for all main points of entry Painting throughout New bleachers for the main gym (being completed November of 13’)

5 Paradise Valley New HVAC system and removal of old/un-safe propane boiler system New Roof Removal and replacement of old steel windows with new energy efficient aluminum windows with new blinds Removal and replacement of asbestos floor tiles New play yard and enhanced grounds New fire alarm system and updated electrical systems

6 Orovada New storefront entries in one of the buildings Removal and replacement of asbestos floor tiles Ground enhancements New fire alarm system Electrical and lighting upgrades

7 Kings River New storefront entry Removal and replacement of asbestos floor tiles Ground enhancements New fire alarm system Electrical and lighting upgrades

8 Denio New storefront entry Removal and replacement of asbestos floor tiles Ground enhancements New fire alarm system Electrical and lighting upgrades

9 Winnemucca Grammar New HVAC (including cooling) for “New Wing” Repair and modification for main entry stairs “Secure Entry” – in progress this year Repair/addition for main retaining walls and railing systems Replacement of windows at “old Historic” building Secure/Safe entry doors with ADA operators Electrical upgrades to include new switchgear ADA restroom Electrical and lighting upgrades Portable addition for growth and new playground

10 Grass Valley Elementary New Mechanical system (with cooling) and controls system “Secure Entry” just completed Upgraded/Replaced exterior doors/hardware to allow for secure entry Replaced Intercom and clock system Updated/replaced exterior lighting Remove/replace multipurpose room flooring Remove/Replace and add to parent pick up and drop off and failing parking lots New fire alarm system Main Electrical Service upgrade

11 Sonoma Elementary Removed and replaced windows New mechanical system (added cooling) with new Electrical main service Removed and replaced indoor domestic water system in 2 of 3 wings New fire protection system New intercom/clock system Removed and replaced exterior doors and hardware for secure entry Removed/Replaced windows Re-roofed ½ the buildings and added roof insulation to entire school Removal and replacement of asbestos floor tiles Added portables and associated site work New fire alarm system Electrical and lighting upgrades Repaved parking lots and bus pickup/drop off Fixed playground slope/retaining wall problem New fire alarm system Provided new sidewalk/access for parking lot along with replaced concrete at main entry Electrical and lighting upgrades

12 French Ford Middle School Reduced the floor to floor sound transfer issues Removed and replaced bad hardware Replaced 4 large air handling units Improved bus pick up and drop off waiting area (shade structure/weather protection) and concrete Created accordion door from Cafeteria to Multi- Purpose room and added HM door way down ramp (silenced noise from MP room to rest of school)

13 Winnemucca Jr. High Removed and replaced storefront Recently completed secure entry New intercom and clock system Improved grounds throughout and added portables Removed and replaced all exterior doors and hardware Upgraded the ground to provide a track and field Updated/replaced the wood shop dust collection system New fire alarm system Replaced the gym floor Re-roofed ½ of the buildings with new rigid insulation included Reworked the board room and auditorium stage floors Electrical and lighting upgrades

14 Lowry High School Remodeled the “glass hallway” Removed and replaced the boilers and domestic hot water system Repaved main parking lot and student parking lot Kitchen upgrades New floor at main gym with bleacher upgrades to meet ADA and code Replaced mechanical systems at Math/Science and Industrial Arts Building Ground enhancements throughout – including work for future utilities at new Great Basin Drive and parking lot (in process) near fields New fire alarm system Electrical and lighting upgrades throughout including better parking lot lighting Fixed metal roofing at “new gym” that had been leaking for years Fixing metal fascia panels throughout facility Removed and replaced exterior doors/hardware to create a secure campus In Process of adding security gates at two main entries (near fields/gyms) and access between main buildings and arts building

15 Solar Projects Although the solar projects undertaken at the district were not “bond projects” we felt it important to update the community on those projects and how they were funded: Total project costs were roughly $5.6 million, of which $5.1 million was paid for by immediate rebates from NV Energy. Leaving the HCSD to pay for only $500k out of pocket (financed by savings generated) Total out of pocket expense roughly $500 k, with annual savings in range of $160k in reduced electrical charges We installed 1 megawatt of total solar systems at 7 different sites, with large systems at Lowry High School, Winnemucca Jr. High, French Ford, Sonoma and Grass Valley. These systems also benefited the district by providing shade structures at Lowry High School, French Ford and Sonoma

16 Work yet to be Completed Although we have completed the majority of our “commitments” from the 08’ bond campaign along with a significant amount of projects that weren’t previously identified in that campaign that were supported by the oversight committee (ADA compliance, emergency repairs of water mains, bleacher upgrades, HVAC complete system replacement in lieu of just adding cooling, emphasis on “security”) – there are a few major projects that remain from the initial campaign – including: Cooling at Grammar “historic” building - $800k with options still being considered New HVAC/Cooling at WJH (not previously identified) - $2 million New HVAC/Cooling at Lowry - $2 million Re-roofing – Grass Valley, Sonoma, Grammar, Kings River/Denio and portions of Lowry - $450k Secure Entries – Sonoma, McDermitt, French Ford and Lowry with systematic reviews of other locations

17 Process for Reprioritization Review of 2008 original needs assessment (@$23 million in need identified – pared down to $8.5 million) New facilities assessment conducted by MMM Discussion with District Facilities Personnel Consultation with Site Administrators Discussion with Board of Trustees Community Forum - Today

18 Review Prior Priorities As part of this re-prioritization, areas of need originally identified were revisited and added as determined necessary

19 Additional Needs Identified As we have completed a significant number of previously identified projects, we have identified additional needs and updated prior needs New items that have been identified, total approximately $9.5 million dollars in needs (inclusive of soft costs) A breakdown by school is provided

20 Denio Total new projects - $58,506 - New Playground equipment -Intercom system - Additional swamp cooler/flashing

21 Kings River Total New Projects - $80,150 - New bookshelves and chalkboards - Playground equipment - Swamp cooler - Intercom - Window remove/replace

22 Orovada Total new projects - $42,966 - Outside drinking fountain - New exterior doors and hardware - Intercom

23 Paradise Valley Total new projects - $27,720 - New entry doors and hardware - Intercom

24 McDermitt Combined Total new projects - $296,326 - New locker room lockers - Flooring in locker rooms - Asphalt seal and repair - Playground equipment - Remove tile to polished concrete (hallways)

25 Grass Valley Elementary Total new projects - $53,328 - Remove/replace blinds - Partition upgrades in restrooms - Grout in tile – office restrooms - Gym wing – change out tile to carpeting

26 Sonoma Heights Elementary Total new projects - $794,640 - remove/replace entry/courtyard concrete - parent pickup/drop off change - sidewalks to portables - resurface Kindergarten playground - carpet to tile in classrooms - hallways to polished concrete - Kindergarten curb/retaining wall -Remove/replace windows in back -Bathroom upgrades

27 Winnemucca Grammar School Total new projects - $320,232 - re-roofing of both buildings - Intercom and clock system - Balcony railings - Gym outlets - Asphalt crack fix/seal - Change “new wing” tile to polished concrete - Trophy/display case

28 French Ford Middle School Total new projects - $689,040 - Electrical work - Re-paint exterior - recaulk/fix roof drains - Asphalt crack fix/seal - Re-roof

29 Winnemucca Junior High School/District Wide Projects Total new projects - $4,584,390 (District-wide projects included under WJHS) - Playground crack seal - Exterior lighting - Upgrade HVAC throughout building - Hallways to polished concrete - MP room flooring remove/replace - Separate counselor/admin - Gym ceiling and light upgrades – insulation -Re-key District ($80,000) - Intruder locksets in all classrooms district-wide ($93,750) - Panic device all classrooms district-wide ($825,000)

30 Lowry High School Total new projects - $2,543,970 - Phone/Intercom system - Remove/replace parking lots in back - Replace hallway vinyl with polished concrete - Bathroom upgrades - Roof repair/replace - Dust collection system for shop - Visitor parking lot lighting - Lighting at circle drive - Welding shop manifold/exhaust system - Synthetic turf on football field

31 Secure Entries Projects have been completed at GVES and WJHS (final wrap ups) WGS ($25k) is scheduled for later this year Plans to address the following: – McD ($45k), SHES ($45k), FFMS ($55k), LHS ($435k)

32 Additional Considerations In 2008, voters provided a 10 year roll-over. Rate is 13.5 per $100 AV. We are half way through the initiative. Timing for a continuation (recommend maintain current level with Pay as you go as primary mechanism) Potential growth/expansion needs

33 Expansion Possibilities - Costs FFMS - $5,021,000 LHS - $14,227,000 SHS - $3,637,500 WJHS - $6,712,500 Based on space availability and contingent on needs Would require separate bond support to accomplish

34 New Construction Would be contingent on significant growth through the development of housing areas Would require separate bond initiative Typically, cost is around $20 million Would create a new attendance zone Significant growth would be required prior to consideration

35 Comments After considering the information provided tonight: – What are your thoughts? – What has gone well? – What, if anything, are we missing that should be considered? – What can we improve on?

36 Thank You We appreciate your time and support for the students of Humboldt County School District

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