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Connecting With Our 21st Century Learners

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1 Connecting With Our 21st Century Learners
NC Education Module 1 Connecting With Our 21st Century Learners

2 NC Education Log In Go to the NC Education site Make sure you can log in with your username and password. If you have difficulty, please contact the Help Desk. The phone number is listed on the login page. If you have not registered, see Ms. Williamson in the guidance office.


4 NC Education: My Home

5 Technical Preparation and Module Agreement
You will be doing 2 kinds of activities that require user accounts or setup. To complete an assignment: Register for Voice Thread (Conversations in the Cloud): To reflect for several activities: Register for Penzu (Journaling Tool) Module Agreement: As a part of your participation in this course, you are asked to agree to: Participate as a 21st Century Learner Reflect on your teaching practices and identify 21st C. skills to facilitate in my classroom Honor the work of other teachers in this module Collaborate for the future of our students

6 The Goals and Objectives for this Module
Investigate the 21st Century Skills Framework using the Partnership for 21st Century Skills website and relate the framework to North Carolina goals and professional standards Observe and analyze model lessons developed by North Carolina teachers Apply 21st century skills and use Web 2.0 tools to develop a lesson that aligns to the Common Core and North Carolina Essential Standards and requires students to model and apply 21st century skills. Collaborate to critique the lessons developed in this module and provide suggestions for strengthening them.

7 Activity: Reflection, Identity Goals for Personal Growth
Use the Instructional Goals and Learning Objectives handout to select one module goal that may be most challenging for you personally. Why do you think so? Describe the challenge. What do you hope to gain from this module? Take a few minutes to journal your responses. Timer Turn to your shoulder buddy and share your responses. Timer

8 Activity: Reflection, Identity Goals for Personal Growth
On your own, you will need to record in your Penzu journal.

9 Introduction to 21st C. Skills
Today’s students will face challenges our generation has yet to imagine. They will hold jobs that have not been invented, and they will serve in an ever-changing workplace, redesigned and restructured by the technologies that do not yet exist. To prepare our students for tomorrow’s challenges, today’s classrooms must undergo a radical transformation. Our 21st C. workplace will require a new paradigm.

10 Introduction to 21st C. Skills
21st C. skills are an integral component of quality classroom experiences for our students. Misconceptions are common regarding what 21st C. skills are and why they are important. The video will provide insight on why 21st C. learning is crucial to today’s students and teachers.

11 Introduction to 21st C. Skills
Journal your response to the following questions: Which aspects of teaching and learning in your classroom reflect traditions of education of the past? Which aspects of teaching and learning for the 21st C. have you incorporated in your instructional practice? Which components of 21st C. teaching and learning are most challenging for you? Share journal responses with a shoulder buddy. Timer

12 The State Board of Education has adopted the following 17 attributes of a future-ready graduate in NC. Science Savvy Proficient Reader Effective Problem Solver Effective Communicator Strong Team Contributor Self-Directed Responsible Worker Critical Thinker Skilled Mathematician Financially Literate Citizen Relationship Builder Literate Consumer of Media Knowledgeable Global Citizen Curious Researcher Health-Focused Life-Long Learner Capable Technology User Multi-Lingual Creative/Innovative Thinker

13 Future-Ready Educators
In order to prepare today’s students to be Future- Ready, educators need to grow continually and improve their practice. Watch the following video to learn more about the 21st C. educator. Video

14 Future-Ready Educators Journal you responses to these questions.
What does each attribute look like in my classroom? How may I use this information to improve my practice? What strategies will I begin to utilize to improve the use of 21st C. instruction in my classroom? How will student learning improve based on these changes? Where may I find resources to help gain new knowledge and skills?

15 The 21st C. Skills Framework
NC is a partner state in the Partnership for 21st C. Skills, which presents a holistic view of 21st C. teaching and learning. In the module, you will need to go to 21st C. Skills Framework Website and complete the activity quiz from the module.

16 The 4 Cs While watching the video, reflect on the following question:
How can you create a learning environment that will allow students to construct their own knowledge? 4 Cs Video

17 Activity: Voice Thread
Watch the video on how to create a Voice Thread. Create a Voice Thread to describe how the 4Cs come to life in your classroom. Include in your Voice Thread: Voice Text Pictures

18 Activity: Voice Thread
How to create an entry in this Wiki to insert the link to your Voice Thread Select the Edit tab. 2. Enter your text in the provided field. 3. Select the text you want to link to your Voice Thread by clicking and dragging the mouse cursor, or by holding down shift/control (PC) or shift/option (Mac). 4. Right click on the selected text to open the menu. Select Insert/edit link. 5. Paste the URL of your Voice Thread into the Link URL field. 6. From the Target drop down menu, select Open in new window (_blank).

19 P21 Common Core Toolkit The toolkit is a guide to aligning CCSS with the Framework for 21st C. Skills. The downloadable toolkit has examples and sample lessons to assist educators in seeing “what it looks like” to align instructional practice with both the Common Core and P21 Skills and has compiled useful websites to help implement CCSS.

20 A Classroom Teacher’s Perspective
Watch this video and note specific examples of 21st C. skills and tools he uses in his instruction.

21 Web 2.0 Hunt and Resources Web 2.0 tools are online applications and sites that can be used for social networking, video editing, storytelling, discussion and learning, and sharing ideas. In the module you will find links for Top 100 tools for learning and Cool Tools for Schools

22 Reviewing and Reflecting 21st C. Skills in Practice
You are asked to review the NC Teacher Evaluation Process Manual. Select a video of a teacher in action using the 21st Century checklist while looking for the 4Cs. Journal responses to the questions: What ideas have I discovered in the video? How can I use these ideas in my classroom? What do I need to know more about? Note: You may complete this activity with your team or a partner.

23 Activity: 21st C. Lesson Design
Design a Lesson with imbedded 21st C. skills, or Upgrade a favorite lesson. Note: If you don’t want to start from scratch, there is a link to the wiki with archived lessons you could edit to make your own. Then, post your lesson on the module forum for sharing with other participants. You may collaborate to develop your lesson. Also, you may comment on other lessons. Bring a hard copy to the next PLC to share.

24 Certificate of Achievement
You will receive 10 Contact Hours of credit. Once you’ve completed the module, print your certificate and give it to Ms. Humphrey.

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