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Northlake Elementary 2013-2014 Here We Go!. Eagles Soar.

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1 Northlake Elementary 2013-2014 Here We Go!

2 Eagles Soar

3 How does a School work? Interaction between a teacher and a student Everyone else is the support Where is the coach when the game is on?

4 New Challenges Change is an opportunity Grow and imagine…

5 It’s About Choice Kid President Pep Talk: Kid President Choose Fun: #ChooseFun#ChooseFun Kid President goes viral:

6 Agreements Stay engaged Speak your truth Experience discomfort Expect non-closure Focus on the personal Consider multiple perspectives Look for solutions

7 Aim High Achieve High Safe Organized Achieving Respectful

8 PBIS Routines 4 positives to one negative Teach behaviors Parent communication Mistakes are learning opportunities Celebrate the positive!

9 Committees and Planning Hospitality Content areas Celebrations Staff Room PBIS PLC Web Site Connection Newsletters Mentoring PD Assessment Leadership Team Garden Liaison Site Council Mark Morris Reading Buddies Title I Cispus 4-5 Flag Detail Food Sense Classes Campus Towers Collaboration Others?

10 Each One Choose One Sign Up – we all benefit when we all work as leaders

11 Flying Geese Fly Together Stay in Formation Rotate Honk Leave no Goose Behind (leave no student, staff, parent behind…)

12 Measure and Celebrate Small Enough Students Engaged Reading Books Attendance Writing Math Healthy and Happy Staff Healthy Collaborating Planning Learning together with students and staff Happy

13 Tiny tree frog Wonder at the small things!

14 What are you proud of? Elbow Buddy 10 minutes and capture

15 I choose this school because… We believe…. Our Team… Our students…

16 What will we improve? Data Commitments Systems

17 Teaching and Learning What are teachers doing? What are students doing? We learn from each other…

18 District Goals 100 percent of District sites will have highly functioning (PLC’s) in place, as evidenced by the effective use of data, resulting in increased student achievement. All schools will meet AYP in reading as measured by the 2011 – 2012 reading MSP and HSPE All schools will meet AYP in math as measured by the 2011 - 2012 math MSP and HSPE. All schools will receive an achievement index score of 4.5 or above as measured by the State Board of Education achievement rating system. All schools will increase their state achievement index score each year. Schools with index scores below 4.5 will increase by.5 on average or above each year. The District annual dropout rate will reduce to 2.5 percent. Increase the graduation rate; with a goal of not more than 2.5 percent annual dropout rate.

19 We are preparing students for a future we can’t imagine… Accomplishments Hopes Dreams

20 Believe Even when you don’t Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world…

21 Nuts and Bolts Cispus Title I Grade Level Teams PLC Incident Response Team ETC… Q and A Time

22 What will we let go? Negatives… Past… All we have is now – And the future

23 8 Evaluation Criteria If we reach for the moon, what can we achieve? -Create a Culture -Ensure Safety -Plan with Data -Align Curriculum -Improve Instruction -Manage Resources -Engage our Community -Close the Achievement Gap

24 Do you believe in me? Do we believe in each other? Do we believe in our students Do we believe in our families?

25 What will we do as a staff to leave nothing on the floor?

26 LET’S GET GRITTY Grit is having stamina. Grit is sticking with your future day in and day out, not just for the week, for the month, but for years and working really hard to make that future a reality. Grit is living like it is a marathon, not a sprint. We need to be gritty about getting our kids grittier. - Angela Lee Duckworth


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