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Texas Instruments Delivers End-to-End WiMAX Infrastructure Solution Embargo Date: February 27, 2006 802.16.

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1 Texas Instruments Delivers End-to-End WiMAX Infrastructure Solution Embargo Date: February 27, 2006 802.16

2 Analysts Validate Emerging WiMAX Market WW market for WiMax and outdoor-mesh Wi-Fi equipment will grow from US $235 million this year to US $1.2 billion by 2009 Infonetics $3.4 billion annual opportunity for fixed & portable broadband equipment by 2010 Visant Strategies Fixed Wireless, WiFi, and WiMax markets at $2.4 billion in 2004 are anticipated to reach $12.4 billion by 2010 Research and Markets The broadband wireless market was $562 million in 2004, and will exceed $2 billion by the end of 2009 Maravedis Research Sales of fixed and mobile WiMax equipment will increase from $72 million this year to over $2 billion in 2009 Forward Concepts By 2009, Asia/Pacific WiMax equipment spending will account for US $2 billion InStat Consensus Shows a Roughly $2 Billion Market by 2009

3 WiMAX Infrastructure Applications Rural Areas Greenfield Locations Cellular Back Haul Portable Mobility Last Mile Hot Spots 802.16

4 Broadband Leadership in Infrastructure Drives Emerging WiMAX Market Wireless WiMAX TIs WiMAX solutions leverage its legacy products … … and future proof new designs for other emerging standards 10 out of top 10 3G base station OEMs use TI technology TI is the leader in DSL with 100M ports shipped

5 Support for both fixed and mobile applications plus multiple frequency bands enables cost-effective configurations Use across a wide variety of platforms equals high volumes reducing system costs Leveraging over two decades of TI OFDM experience 802.11 and DSL OFDM-based systems in production today Many proprietary OFDM systems in the market use TI solutions Mobile digital TV and UWB OFDM-based systems in development Systems Expertise Reduces Barriers to Entry

6 Single Platform – Multiple Standards Core Network TD-SCDMA Customers can develop high-performance products for 3G and WiMAX on a single platform, protecting their technology investment TCI6482 Analog TRF3XXX 802.16

7 Meeting the Hardware and Software Reuse Challenge Reuse saves 10s to 100s of man years Customers get to market faster, more efficiently Xilinx TI DSP Gig E WiMAX-Optimized Baseband Software Customers WiMAX Application Software + = 802.16 Xilinx TI DSP Gig E W-CDMA-Optimized Baseband Software Customers W-CDMA Application Software + = W-CDMA BTS Xilinx TI DSP Gig E Pico BTS-Optimized Baseband Software Customers Pico BTS Application Software + = Pico BTS

8 1 GHz DSP Plus WiMAX-Optimized Software Reduces Time to Market Optimized Functions WiMAX-Optimized Baseband Software + = Robust 802.16e / WiMAX Solution Software optimized for the evolving and unforeseen demands of WiMAX 1 GHz DSP improves cost and power per channel by accelerating: Customers can build multi-standard channel cards speeding time to market Customers WiMAX Application Software TCI6482 PHY processing IFFT/FFT MIMO/Beamforming

9 Complete Analog Signal Chain Portfolio Lowers Total Cost of Ownership Analog TRF3XXX TRF1122 TRF1222 TRF1123 TRF1121 TRF1221 TX BPF TX IF1 BPF TPLL1TPLL2 Gain Controller TX IF2 BPF 18MHz PA DAC CFR DUC SerDes or FPGA DSP New TRF3703 IQ modulator supports direct baseband-to-RF conversion - saving design cost and complexity Flexible, adaptive data converters address changing market needs

10 From Network to Antenna… ASIC High- Performance Analog Interface & Timing Power TMS320C6416 DSP Software TI Provides the Only Complete WiMAX Portfolio Solution

11 TI Drives Emerging WiMAX Market WiMAX is a natural extension of TIs leadership portfolio of wireless infrastructure products 1 GHz DSP plus WiMAX-optimized baseband software is a unique solution for customers TCI6482 TI is the only company that provides a complete digital and analog solution for OEMs developing products for WiMAX Analog TRF3XXX


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