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1 Motion

2 Motion The process of changing position.

3 Distance The total length of your path.

4 Displacement In a straight line.
The distance between your starting position and your final position. In a straight line.

5 Displacement = 9 m B 9 m A 5 m 4 m 6 m Distance = 15 m

6 Speed The rate at which an object moves.

7 Average Speed The distance an object moves divided by the time it took to move that distance.

8 Instantaneous Speed An object’s speed at one instant.

9 Constant Speed Speed that does not change.

10 Velocity The speed AND DIRECTION of an object’s motion.

11 Acceleration When an object’s speed or velocity changes, the object is accelerating.

12 Positive Acceleration
When an object is speeding up.

13 Negative Acceleration
When an object is slowing down.

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