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Mediterranean Countries

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1 Mediterranean Countries

2 Portugal – Spain – Italy – Sicily – Greece


4 Geography and climate Boot-shaped peninsula in the Mediterranean sea
North - beauty and rich lands Most productive farming Cured meats – pepperoni, pancetta, salami, & sausage Central - mountainous and hilly Grain, grapes, olives, goats, & sheep South - poor in agricultural - important products Olives, tomatoes & mozzarella

5 Italian Culture Influence on Italian culture Roman Empire Renaissance
Time of great rebirth in art and learning As Roman Empire declines to Roman Catholic church slowly gained power Filled the need of leadership From the wealthy people - art, literature, and science flourished

6 Italian Culture cont. Modern culture in Italy Italian agriculture
Half the land is used for farming Machines cannot be used - all done by hand North - dairy herds, largest cheese-producing region in the country South - olives Vineyards are scattered throughout Italian holidays Most are Roman Catholic Easter, harvest festivals, Festa Dei Morti/All Soul’s Day, Christmas

7 Italian Culture cont. Modern culture in Italy cont.
Villages hold olive and fish festivals – late summer and early fall

8 Italian Cuisine During Renaissance, Italian cooking became the “mother cuisine” History of Italian cuisine At the beginning belongs to Greeks Ancient Rome known for elaborate feast Romans paid high prices for Greek chefs because good food was a status symbol

9 Italian Cuisine cont. Characteristics of Italian cuisine
Lively, interesting, colorful, and varied - yet simple Everything as fresh as possible - shop everyday Many herbs, spices, and seasonings

10 Italian staple foods Pasta - paste made from wheat flour that is dried in various shapes Al dente: slightly resistant to the bite Seafood Rice - grain remain separate with a slight firmness Pork, lamb, veal, and beef - sausage, wild game, and poultry Meat is expensive so they then to extend the meat by adding it to sauces

11 Italian dairy products
Cheese Parmesan Mozzarella Romano Ricotta Provolone Gorgonzola Asiago Ice cream Italians introduced ice cream to the rest of Europe Granita - light sherbet made with powdery ice and coffee or fruit - flavored syrup Gelati - made with milk, resemble vanilla and chocolate ice cream Gelato - a rich ice cream, made with eggs and usually containing a relatively low percentage of butterfat.

12 Italian Pasta Products
Fettuccine Angel hair Lasagna Ravioli Orecchiette Manicotti Penne Cannelloni Tortellini

13 Different types of pastas

14 Italian beverages Caffee espresso - rich, dark, flavorful coffee
Caffettiera – coffeemaker Darkly roasted, finely ground coffee beans French roast in US Vino – wine Replaces water at meals

15 Italian Herbs Garlic Onion Basil Oregano Rosemary Sage Saffron
Marjoram Thyme

16 Pastry Biscotti: twice baked cookie
Excellent for dipping in coffee Pour batter in long pan – baked – sliced laid on their side and baked again Cannoli: tubular pastry shells stuffed with a sweetened filling of whipped ricotta and often contain nuts, citron, or bits of chocolate

17 Bread Focaccia: yeast flat bread drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with herbs This is where pizza began

18 Pizza Pizza chef in Naples
Pizza – red sauce, mozzarella cheese & green basil Colors of Italian flag to impress Italian queen Margherita Crust thickness can vary from place to place Traditional pizza baked in a wood-fired brick oven

19 Regional Italian Specialties
Northern Italy Meat easier to obtain and less expensive Dairy products more common Cooking fat - butter Stuffed pasta Rich meat sauces Savory types of meals Cured meats – pepperoni, pancetta, salami, & sausage Pasta Bolognese - pasta made with egg, ribbon shaped Risotto: rice dish Minstrone: soup

20 Regional Italian Specialties cont.
Northern Italy cont. Osso buco - calf’s leg between knee and hoof, served marrow Pesto: sauce of ground fresh basil, pine nuts, garlic, parmesan cheese, and olive oil Fettuccini noodles Gnocchi: dumplings made from potatoes Polenta: thick cornmeal porridge

21 Regional Italian Specialties cont.
Central Italy - Roman Spaghetti - 25 different ways Lamb Cheesecake Grain, grapes, olives, goats, & sheep

22 Regional Italian Specialties cont.
Southern Italy Heavily spiced Olive trees Napoletana - tubular-shaped pasta Rich tomato sauces Mozzarella Spaghetti and lasagna Pizza - Neapolitan Tomatoes and mozzarella Type of cooking most people in the US are familiar with

23 Italian meals Light breakfast
Hearty noon meal - largest of the day, usually eaten at home Antipasto: is Italian for before the meal Appetizer course – color and taste appeal Soup - may replace antipasto Main course of meat or pasta with sauce & usually a salad Fruit and cheese Lighter meal in the evening

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