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Sullivan County Community Services (LGU) OPEN FORUM -Community Networking for MRDD Services.

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1 Sullivan County Community Services (LGU) OPEN FORUM -Community Networking for MRDD Services

2 Hudson Valley DDSO The Hudson Valley DDSO is responsible for the coordination and delivery of services to people with developmental disabilities and their families in the Counties of Westchester, Orange, Rockland and Sullivan. The Office provides, promotes and assures that needed services are available to people affected by developmental disabilities, so individuals may achieve increasing levels of independence, inclusion, individualization and productivity in the community.Hudson Valley DDSO

3 Hudson Valley DDSO manages 130 State- operated community homes with over 1000 consumers and oversees 100 family care providers with 190 consumers. The DDSO also funds or regulates services within a network of approximately 180 voluntary and proprietary agencies in the four county district that provide direct or indirect services to people living independently in the community.

4 Hudson Valley DDSO Main Office Hudson Valley DDSO 9 Wilbur Road PO Box 470 Thiells, NY 10984 Phone: (845) 947-6100 Fax: (845) 947-6004 Jill Gentile Jill Gentile, Director Serving Westchester, Orange, Rockland & Sullivan Counties Sullivan County HVDDSO Sullivan County Office 457 Broadway Suite 15 Monticello, N.Y. 12701 Phone: (845) 791- 7620 Fax: (845) 791-7624 Richard Gordon Richard Gordon

5 AVAILABLE SERVICES ADVOCAY, INFORMATION & REFERRAL Action Toward Independence 794- 4228 Family Empowerment Council 791- 9800 Footings 845-783-7505 New Hope Community (adults only) 434-8300 EDUCATION ADVOCACY SC BOCES SETRC 295-4000 ask for Sherry or Debbie Family Empowerment Council 791- 9800 Footings 845-783-7505 FAMILY SUPPORT SERVICES Funded via request of Service Coordinator to CSEP panel-Rich Gordon HVDDSO 791-7620 Residential habilitation, respite, crisis intervention, recreation, transportation FAMILY REIMBURSEMENT SULLIVAN ARC 796-1350 HOME AND COMMUNITY BASED WAIVER SERVICES Medicaid eligible services based upon income of child only. Footings 845-783-7505 SERVICE COORDINATION Action Toward Independence 794- 4228 695-2551 Crystal Run Village, Inc 796- 4324/695-2551 Family Empowerment 791-9800 Independent Support Services 794- 5218 Sullivan ARC 796-1350 RESPITE Sullivan ARC 796-1350 Footings 845-783-7505 New Hope Community (adults and children) 434-8300 RECREATION AND SOCIAL ACTIVITIES Sullivan ARC 796-1350 Footings 845-783-7505

6 Available Services Cont. RESIDENTIAL OPTIONS Sullivan ARC 796-1350 Crystal Run Village, Inc. (adults only) 796-4324 Center for Discovery 794-1400 New Hope Community (adults only) 434-8300 Footings 845-783-7505 EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITITES AND SUPPORT GROUPS SCCC 434-5750 Center for Education and Training for Developmental Disabilities (Lectures and coursework) Special College (for consumers who have completed school) Footings 845-783-7505 SC BOCES SETRC Autism Support Group 292-0082 ask for Sherry Action Toward Independence-parenting classes, social skill training (Autism) 794-4228 CACHE-Parents Anonymous 292-5821 Autism Support Group-PIC house 794-4228 ask for Joan CLINIC SERVICES SC ARC 796-1350 Center for Discovery 794- 1400 PRE-SCHOOL SERVICES Early Intervention (up to age 3) 292-0100 ext 2700 Local School District (ages 3- 5)

7 Providers Supporting people with MR/DD in Sullivan County New Hope Community Inc. Sullivan ARC The Center For Discovery Crystal Run Village

8 New Hope Community Inc. Supporting Individuals with developmental and other disabilities since 1975. Mission statement - To create and provide individual choices and supports for people with developmental and other disabilities to live, work and participate in the communities.

9 Vision Statement New Hope Community will: - Be the premier point of choice. - Support the individuals with developmental and other disabilities with creativity, determination, and a sense of urgency. - Consistently provide cutting edge options for the people we support - Be the defining agency for excellence. Where dreams are our future!

10 New Hope Community New Hope Community is a residential setting for individuals with developmental and other disabilities which provides supports to over 200 people. New Hope is dedicated to providing viable options for individuals to live, experience and explore their greatest level of independence. The agency excels at recognizing and assisting people in realizing their dreams. Located ninety miles north of New York City, New Hope Community supports individuals in homes throughout Sullivan County.

11 New Hope Community P.O. Box 289 Loch Sheldrake NY USA 12759  845-434-8300 (Phone)  845-434-5105 (Fax)

12 Sullivan ARC Sullivan Arc is a not-for-profit agency dedicated to providing support and services to over 800 individuals with intellectual and other developmental disabilities and to their families. A chapter of NYSARC, Inc., Sullivan Arc is located at 162 East Broadway in Monticello, NY.NYSARC, Inc.

13 Sullivan ARC Our agency offers a broad range of services including Clinical Services, Day Habilitation and Day Services including a Seniors Program, Family Support Services, Sibshop, Guardianship Services, Service Coordination, Residential Services and Vocational Services.Clinical ServicesDay Habilitation and Day ServicesFamily Support ServicesGuardianship ServicesService Coordination Residential ServicesVocational Services

14 Sullivan ARC Sibshop is a fun, dynamic group for kids with siblings with special needs. It is not therapy but a social outlet that provides opportunities for peer support. Currently open to kids ages 4-21. We do monthly (usually twice a month) recreational activities, have discussions re: sibs and what it is like growing up with a sibling with special needs. Usually the conversations are spontaneous and completely driven by the kids, its good to know there are others out in the world feeling the same things you are. Some of the things we have done are: bowling, mini golfing, made t-shirts, participated in the Autism walk, took in a Broadway play in the city, swimming, arts-n-crafts, hiking. We have a blast and the kids really look forward to the next time we get together. This program is funded with a grant so all activities and food are paid for by the program.


16 Sullivan ARC Address: 162 East Broadway Monticello, NY 12701 Main Phone: 845-796-1350 Fax: 845-796-3213 Human Resources: Ext. 1300 Information Systems: Ext. 1100 Intake: Ext. 2805 Medicaid Service Coordination: Ext. 2001 Public Relations: Ext. 1050 Residential: Ext. 4104 Sullivan Industries: Ext. 5104 Sales, Sullivan Industries: Ext. 5205 Sullivan Industries: Vocational Services/Employment Services: Ext. 5300 IMPORTANT EXTENSIONS: Clinic: Ext. 6102 Corporate Compliance / HIPAA: Ext. 2000 Day Habilitation / Day Services: Ext. 3501 Executive Office: Ext. 1002 Facilities Maintenance: Ext. 1600 Family Support Services: Ext. 2100 Guardianship: Ext. 2802

17 SullivanArc Department Email Addresses: Administration: Clinic Services: Day Services: Employment Services: employmentservices@sullivana employmentservices@sullivana Fiscal: Human Resources Humanresources@sullivanarc.o rg Humanresources@sullivanarc.o rg Information Systems Facilities Maintenance Public Relations Quality Assurance qualityassurance@sullivanarc.o rg qualityassurance@sullivanarc.o rg Residential Medicaid Service Coordination servicecoordination@sullivanar c.orgI servicecoordination@sullivanar c.orgI Intake

18 Sullivan Arc Department Email Addresses Cont.: Guardianship Recreation and Family Services Vocational Services Sullivan Industries Sullivan Industries Sales & Marketing Sullivan Industries Customer Service

19 The Center For Discovery The Adult Services Program at The Center for Discovery provides quality caring and support designed to help each individual maximize his or her full potential. Dedicated and values driven staff, in conjunction with integrated clinic and health care services, provide rich and rewarding home lives for nearly 140 adults ranging in age from 21 to 90.Center for Discovery

20 The Center For Discovery The program offers a variety of residential options, designed to meet each person's individual needs, in several communities and rural settings. Residences range from apartments to small five person homes on our renowned Thanksgiving Farm to larger Intermediate Care Facilities in local communities that provide the latest in therapeutic interventions, medical services and assistive technologies for those in need of more assistance.

21 The Center For Discovery Our Program is based on the simple but essential notion that children should be valued, motivated and challenged to learn. We have a number of beautiful locations in which to carryout this program. It includes a 140 acre outdoor learning environment, as well as an imaginative indoor learning center, comfortable residences, and sophisticated therapeutic facilities that create a welcoming and stimulating place for children to explore, discover and grow. This is a place where families can come and share in their child's development.

22 The Center For Discovery The Center for Discovery offers programs to children ages 5-21 diagnosed with significant disabilities including autism, pervasive developmental disorders, cerebral palsy, mental retardation, neurological impairments and many other low incidence and syndromes. All of our students have mild to severe cognitive delays and most have significant language and social impairments. Approximately 40% of the children are ambulatory and the remaining are non-ambulatory. Our program, through our Article 28 Clinic, provides on-site medical, physical, and psychological support including primary medicine, primary dental, neurology, psychology, monthly psychiatric, podiatry, etc. Children participate in community- based and residentially based programs ages 5 through 21.

23 The Center For Discovery contact information 845-794-1400 Listen to Options

24 Crystal Run Village, Inc Mission Statement Crystal Run Village, Inc. offers services for the integration and empowerment of adults, children and families coping with intellectual disabilities, spectrum disorders and mental illness. Crystal Run Village provides supports consistent with fostering growth, developing independence and maximizing participation in our society. In order to fulfill this mission, Crystal Run Village offers services in such areas as vocational training and placement, residential services, educational opportunities, recreational training and opportunities, and personal and domestic skills training.

25 Crystal Run Village Founded in 1959 as a summer camp in Middletown for children with developmental disabilities, the organization evolved into a residential school and began providing services in Sullivan County in 1971. Today as a provider of community-based programs, Crystal Run Village operates 18 residences locally. And, services are provided to people of all ages choosing to live at home with their families. Crystal Run Village

26 Types of services provided by Crystal Run Village, Inc.: Services from Age 3. Services Not Applicable to All Ages. Community Living - Group Homes with Full Community Citizenship - Independent Living-Supportive Apartments - Out-of-Home Respite Care at Respite House/Middletown (hourly, overnight, weekends, weeks or longer temporarily) - In-Home Reshab / In-Home Respite Service Coordination - Case Management - Access to Community Services - Resource Development - Advocacy

27 Types of services provided by Crystal Run Village, Inc.: Waiver Funded Services - In-Home Residential Habilitation - Day Habilitation - Prevocational Services/Supported Employment - In-Home Respite / Temporary Respite Housing - Environmental Modifications - Adaptive Equipment - Plan of Care Support Services - Consolidated Supports and Services Children’s Respite Weekends Ages 3-13 at Respite House

28 Crystal Run Village Mental Health Services Supported Housing Supportive Case Management Invisible Children’s Project Orange County Single Point of Entry Residential Services for the Dually Diagnosed Shelter Care Plus - Homeless Individuals with a Mental Illness - Homeless Persons Dually Diagnosed HUD Supportive Housing for Families Community Development for People with Mental Health Services disabilities who are homeless.

29 Crystal Run Village Contact Information Sullivan County Services Office Chris Hill, Program Director (845) 796-4324 Residential and Service Coordination Intake Elise Gold (845) 695-2551 Respite House (Out-of-Home Respite) Angela Canepa (845) 695-2561 In-Home Reshab / In-Home Respite Rita Apap (845) 695-6009

30 Footings, Inc Our Mission"An Agency Without Walls" NO ONE IS DISPOSABLE. EVERY LIFE HAS VALUE AND WORTH. In recognition of the shared humanity of persons with developmental disabilities and all children at risk, i.e... the need to feel that we belong; the need to feel that we are capable of giving and receiving love; the need to feel that we are in on things; and the need to feel that our lives have value and purpose; Footings, Inc. has as its mission to assist in the empowerment and the development of fully responsible, contributing members in their home community, persons with developmental disabilities and all children at risk.Footings, Inc

31 We will accomplish this through the provision of integrated, community based Programs and Services for the consumers and their families. The Programs and Services will seek to develop skills and provide a wide variety of opportunities in the areas of independence, self-expression, choice making, and self-representation. Skills in these areas and the opportunity to use them are absolutely essential and basic to full citizenship and the realization of the goals of real home, real friends, and real work.

32 Footings, Inc Home and Community Based Waiver Services For Persons with Developmental Disabilities Day Services One size does not fit all. We assist you in exploring options and developing those "soft skills" so important to your success. Rated as one of the best in the State. Residential Habilitation Our "community as laboratory" approach focuses on development of independent living skills where it does the most good -- in your home and neighborhood. Plan of Care Support Services Family Education and Training

33 Footings, Inc Medicaid Service Coordination Case Management Advocacy, resource development and referrals the way it should be, personal and accessible. Educational Advocacy Building Bridges II Educational Advocacy for students ages 5+. We help build consensus and assist you in having your educational and academic needs met. Need help planning your future? If you are graduating from high school soon, we can help you prepare to follow your hopes and dreams.

34 Footings, Inc Social Programs Friendship Club A place to "hang out" with your friends if you're at least 16. Music, sports and art are on the agenda. We meet on Thursday nights. Club Rec Academic support, social recreation after school programs in art, sports and music for children ages 5-12. We meet in cooperating school districts. This is an inclusive program and is open to all children.

35 Footings, Inc. Contact Info: Footings, Inc. 440 Route 17M Monroe, NY 10950 Phone: 845 783-7505 Fax: 845 781-7961 Email:

36 Action Toward Independence “Imagine a world that is accessible to everyone-where you’re allowed to be yourself and free to let your disability be just one more part of you. Together we can shape this world. Join the independent living revolution”! Our unity can be a potent force for change.

37 Action Toward Independence Mission Statement “In collaboration with the individuals with disabilities, Action Toward Independence (ATI) will promote the independence, inclusion, participation, and personal choices of individuals with disabilities of all ages in all environments. ATI advances the independent living philosophy, and we achieve these goals through the development and enhancement of culturally sensitive and responsive services, supports, training, technical assistance, dissemination of information, and advocacy for legal and civil rights of individuals with disabilities.”

38 Action Toward Independence Services offered Advocacy at an individual level and a community level. Peer Counseling Independent Living Skills Resource Assistance Benefits Advisements Self determination Consumer Participation Medicaid Service Coordination Architectural Barriers Removal

39 Action Toward Independence Contact Information Sullivan County Office 309 East Broadway Suite A. Monticello, N.Y. 12701 845-794-4228 Fax 845-794-4475 Email: or Email:

40 Family Empowerment Council SERVICES Family Empowerment Council offers a wide array of services for people with disabilities living in Orange and Sullivan County of New York State. We are a person- centered organization and believe that people should be included in the community to whatever extent they choose. We currently offer the following services (Please click on the name of the program to learn more information): Family Empowerment Council EARLY INTERVENTION SERVICE COORDINATION EVALUATIONS AND RESPITE If you have been wondering whether your baby should be sitting up, reaching for things, starting to make sounds, or responding more to sounds around him or her, you may want to speak to your pediatrician about it. You may qualify for Early Intervention. FEC provides EI services in Orange and Sullivan Counties. EARLY INTERVENTION SERVICE COORDINATION EVALUATIONS AND RESPITE

41 Family Empowerment Council SERVICE COORDINATION Service Coordination is a person-centered program for people with developmental disabilities in Orange County and Sullivan County. Among the disabilities are Traumatic Brain Injury (through the TBI waiver) and Medically fragile children enrolled in the care at home waiver. We are dedicated to helping you with the choices you have a right to make. We can help you find the services that are available, and help you access these services. SERVICECOORDINATION DIRECTION Direction's Personal Assistant Program is a program for any individual who resides in Orange or Sullivan County, has Medicaid, needs a personal assistant (as determined by DSS), and is determined to be self- directing. DIRECTION

42 Family Empowerment Council CONNECTIONS Connections is an inclusive program within the community which provides a person-centered day plan using community-based supports. Each specialized plan is developed based on the individual's goals interests, and desires, and tailored to meet each individual's needs. CONNECTIONS YOUTH EDUCATIONAL SCHOOL SERVICES YESS will serve any youth, from birth through 21 years of age, who is legally entitled to a public education. Services range from educational advocacy to mentoring. YESS will work to protect the educational rights of young people in pre-school, elementary, middle, and high school who live in Orange County. In Sullivan County, YESS is funded to serve students with developmental disabilities. YOUTHEDUCATIONAL SCHOOL SERVICES

43 Family Empowerment Council NETWORK Network is an innovative approach to working with families in Orange County who have a child at risk due to a mental illness and need the help of a variety of services. It is a "family friendly" planning process that concentrates on a family/individual strengths rather than on problems or deficits. NETWORK LEARN (Residential Habilitation Services) LEARN, a res hab program for people with developmental disabilities who live at home in Orange or Sullivan County, is available if you are enrolled in the Home and Community Based Service (HCBS) Waiver and approved for funding through the Hudson Valley DDSO. LEARN (Residential Habilitation Services)

44 Family Empowerment Council FAMILY EMPOWERMENT PROJECT FEP is a community-based program established to provide support and assistance to individuals who have developmental disabilities, as well as their families, who are living at home in Orange and Sullivan Counties. FAMILY EMPOWERMENT PROJECT RESPITE EI Respite is for consumers ages 1 - 3 funded through the Department of Health. Waiver Respite is for consumers ages 4 - adult funded through OMRDD. Respite provides supervision to ensure the safety of the consumer while allowing the parents/ guardians a break from the day to day care of their loved one.RESPITE

45 Family Empowerment Council Contact Information Family Empowerment Council, Inc. 225 Dolson Avenue, Suite 403 Middletown, NY 10940 Phone: (845) 343-8100Toll-free: 1 888 343- 8181Fax: (845) 343-9906 E-mail us at:

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