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Northeast Pulpwood Production-- 2001 Iris Baker Bruce Hansen Melody Akers.

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1 Northeast Pulpwood Production Iris Baker Bruce Hansen Melody Akers

2 Trends in pulpwood production from roundwood and manufacturing residues; 1995 to 2001

3 NE Pulpwood production from roundwood and roundwood chips, 1997 and 2001 Ohio and West Virginia were the only two states where roundwood production increased. However, the increase in Ohio was 21% while the increase in West Virginia was 175% Maine accounted for over half the NE total of pulpwood production in both 1997 and 2001 at 51% and 54%, respectively The hardwood to softwood mix for the region increased slightly from 63% hardwood in 1997 to 66% hardwood in 2001 Of the states producing at least 100 thousand cords in 2001, West Virginia had the highest proportion of hardwoods at 87%. Vermont had the highest percentage of softwoods at 54%.

4 NE pulpwood production from manufacturing residues, 1997 and 2001 Pulpwood production from manufacturing residue was down 41% in 2001 from 1997 Two states, Ohio and New Hampshire, recorded increases in the use of manufacturing residues at 33% and 10%, respectively The hardwood proportion of manufacturing residues was up dramatically in 2001 from 1997 at 68% versus 53%, resp. The percentage of hardwood in manufacturing residue was close to that of roundwood (66%). The single largest user of manufacturing residue was Maine at 30%. This was a far smaller regional share for Maine than that of roundwood (54%)

5 Pulpwood roundwood removals in cubic feet per acre, by state, 1997 and 2001

6 Intra-regional trade 1 : Production and consumption of pulpwood roundwood and residues, by state, 2001 StateProductionConsumption (Receipts) Balance 2 Thousand cords CT404 DE*3*3 0* ME3,7575,012(1,255) MD252452(200) MA200 NH NJ200 NY529568(40) OH627791(164) PA8971,109(212) RI101 VT1930 WV TOTAL7,6258,761(1,135) 1 Production based on mill receipts only; 2 Brackets indicate net importing state; 3 Indicates less than 500 cords;

7 Inter-regional trade 1 : Exports to states and Canada outside the Northeast region, by state, in thousand cords, 2001 StateStatesCanadaTotal Thousand cords CT000 DE000 ME0612 MD550 MA011 NH44953 NJ130 NY062 OH310 PA022 RI0*2*2 * VT0179 WV TOTAL ,324 1 Figures are based on secondary sources outside the region; 2 Less than 500 cords

8 Intra- and Inter-regional trade 1 : production and consumption of pulpwood, by state, 2001 StateProductionConsumption (Receipts) Total 2 Thousand cords CT404 DE*3*3 0* ME4,3695,012(643) MD307452(145) MA210 NH NJ330 NY OH658791(133) PA8991,109(210) RI101 VT3720 WV1, TOTAL8,9448, Result of intra and inter-retional trade; 2 Brackets indicate net importing state; 3 Less than 500 cords

9 Reported disposition of bark residues, by species and use, 2001 (est. vol million green tons)

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