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2014 H&S Town Hall Presentation Dale Sundstrom, School Finance (651)-582-8605 “Leading for educational excellence and equity.

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1 2014 H&S Town Hall Presentation Dale Sundstrom, School Finance (651)-582-8605 “Leading for educational excellence and equity. Every day for every one.”

2 1. H&S Revenue Application 2. Legislative Update 3. H&S Timelines 4. H&S Data Submissions 5. FY 14 Closeout Activities 6. Regulatory Update Today’s Agenda 2

3 H&S Revenue Applicaiton Similar to last year’s revenue application For 2014 Payable 2015 districts apply for H&S revenue by providing confirmation of: 1. A school board adopted “budget” by finance code for 2014, 2015 & 2016 2. A school board adopted H&S policy 3

4 H&S Application Submittal Submit electronic or hard copy of school board minutes identifying an adopted FY 14-16 “budget” and adopted H&S policy to regional management assistant professionals by Friday, July 25 th. Districts that aren’t members of a service cooperative may submit their application electronically to MDE at 4

5 123B.57 Capital Expenditure; Health and Safety Allows funding for: Compliance with the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants for school generators established by the United States Environmental Protection Agency For fiscal 2014 – 2018 must reduce other approved H&S funding to include emission compliance. Effective the day after enactment. 2. Legislative Update 5

6 123B.71 Review and Comment Threshold $2,000,000 ($500,000 cap. loan district) Exempts many state funded revenues including H&S and Alt. Facilities from R&C at any amount. Removes many description items from the R&C submission and names documentation to be submitted to verify compliance. Adds requirement to identify the process used to determine the need for a new or renovated facility and list the deficiencies that will and will not be addressed. 6

7 123B.72 School Facility Commissioning Retains $1,400,000 as the dollar amount where school facility commissioning is required. Previously required for projects subject to review and comment but now specifies $1.4M. 7

8 3. H&S Timelines Submit projects for FY 14, 15, and 16 & H&S Revenue Application by July 25 th FY 2016 projects entered Summer 2014 –The Pay 15 levy is for 2015-16 school year and funds the FY16 costs. –RMA’s and MDE will provide a list of common allowable expenditures (and not allowed) and work to develop project descriptions that streamline the approval process. 8

9 Projects can be entered January to July The H&S website is disabled at the end of the day on July 25 th for processing By August 30 th the H&S website will be restored to show project approvals & assigned 5-digit project numbers: –Yes, No, NMI (needs more information), or PPA (provisional project approval) H&S Timelines 9

10 Districts can make changes to the website until September 5 th From September 5 th – 19 th, MDE reviews district provided information to finalize approvals September 19 th is the last day the capital dataset is updated for levy limit calculations H&S Timelines 10

11 September 30 th is the last day school districts can certify their proposed levy to the county auditor November 1 st is the last day to submit closeout documentation in support of PPAs H&S Timelines 11

12 FY 13-14 project closeout starts in June and ends December 31 Reconcile UFARS expenditures to FY14 project approvals MDE and RMA’s will be providing more assistance this fall – many districts lose revenue by not reconciling H&S Timelines 12

13 Data From An Actual School District 13

14 Projects are approved and pre-funded FY of actual expense is recorded the same year as the estimated revenue The FY project amount and fiscal year UFARS expense by finance code for the year ended June 30 are intended to be exactly the same by November 1 – drives revenue adjustments Actual revenue is almost always a different amount than was estimated on the original levy so a levy adjustment comes on a future levy The H&S System Is Approval Based 14

15 Adjustments to revenue come from actual results of projects Errors in revenue come from not reconciling Invoice is late, missing, miscoded – project came in over estimate, entered in wrong Fin code – approval is in wrong year – other reasons MDE will offer more assistance with reconciling this fall. It is a team effort for district staff. H&S System Is Approval Based 15

16 District receives lesser of project approval or UFARS expenditure by finance code on December 31. This is the actual revenue that will be compared to the original levy revenue. District gets the correct amount of revenue in the end when projects have been reconciled. Approval based means MDE funds the approved amount and UFARS can decrease, equal, or indicate a project approval increase is needed. WORK WITH BUSINESS MANAGERS TO MATCH THE PROJECTS WITH THE UFARS H&S Timelines 16

17 4. H&S Data Submissions Moving a project that has not started to a different fiscal year? –E-MAIL MDE WITH THE 5-DIGIT PROJECT NUMBER AND DESIRED FISCAL YEAR –District’s must verify data after MDE edits project entry 17

18 Project Continuations A project continues into one or more fiscal year; (H&S website approvals and reported UFARS need to match per fiscal year) Reconcile the existing project to what was spent, then create a new project to move forward the balance with reference to the previous project number. 18

19 19 14363Oak High School…20000.00 UpdateGEN. Continuation of project #19561, fire panel replacement 0.00 13363Oak High Schoolyes50000.00 Update19561 Replace fire panel, SFM inspection #18420, item #6 (SFM PLAN REVIEWED) 0.00 Project Continuation 13363Oak High Schoolyes30000.00 Update19561 Replace fire panel, SFM inspection #18420, item #6 (SFM PLAN REVIEWED) 0.00

20 Changing Project Cost Updated proposed amounts that substantially increase from previous approvals? –E-mail MDE the 5-digit project number –Provide contact information; including the district # and phone # –Explain to substantiate the new proposed amount (scope of work change, increased bids, etc.) –Invoices may be requested 20

21 Example H&S Project Descriptions To reduce administrative time and to better facilitate the MDE approval process, RMA’s and MDE are providing a guide with common approved projects and those commonly not approved Re-occurring H&S projects (FY 16) may be submitted as district-wide entries! Projects not clearly identified will need more information. 21

22 Finance Code 347 PPE, Elevator/Lift Inspections, and MDH Inspections = District-wide Playground re-surfacing – material type and total sq. ft. of playground area –FY 15 Pine Elem. Wood chips, 225 cubic yards to cover 5,500 sq ft Playground repairs – Scope of work and CPSI inspector # and date (insp. rpt. may be requested) –FY 15 Maple Elem. Repair damaged fall protection barrier per CPSI # 1004-01 3/26/13 inspection report 22

23 Finance Code 347 Pool/food code corrections – MN code violation # and scope of work (scanned copy of orders may be requested) –FY 14 Oak Elem. Provide No Diving signs per MN Rule 4717.2450 3/26/13 inspection –FY 15 Oak Elem. Replace wood shelving per MN Rule 1304.12 3/26/14 inspection Machine guarding – Scope of work, and location (insp. rpt. may be requested) –FY 14 Hickory HS Mount equipment in wood shop per MA inspection on 3/26/13 23

24 Finance Code 349 Hazardous/Infectious Waste Disposal, Lead in Water Testing, Radon Testing, RPZ Backflow Inspections = District-wide Local Exhaust Ventilation – scope of work and location –FY 15 Willow HS Install welding local exhaust system in the Ind. Tech. metal shop Lead in Paint Abatement (must be > 1% by weight or > 1mg/cm 2 ) – scope of work and location (lead analysis will be requested) –FY 15 Birch MS Gymnasium lead paint abatement 24

25 Finance Code 352 Capped H&S funding source Reference the advice entry (towards the top) on the data submission website Capped biennium amount for FY 14 & FY 15; with a new capped biennium amount for FY 16 & 17 Possible issues with exceeding the 352 cap in the second year of the biennium (FY 15 & FY 17) 25

26 Finance Code 352 HSEM, Safety Committees, AHERA 3-yr Inspections, BBP, Emp. Right to Know, IAQ Tools 4 Schools = District-wide HSEM – Contractor / Consultant name Identify Emergency Plan Equipment & Supplies (AED battery/pads, 1 st Aid/CPR Training, Written Plan Development, etc.) In-house HSEM - Document FTE hours –FY 16 District-wide In-house HSEM, Bldgs & Grounds Mngr. 300 hrs, Business Mngr. 100 hours, Chemical Hygiene Officer, 32 hours 26

27 FIN CODE 358 AHERA 6-month Periodic Inspections, Worker Physicals and Asbestos Training = Only District-wide Entries O&M projects must be clearly identified FY 14 patch/repair and glove bag removal in Mechanical Room Asbestos abatement – Type of material, quantity, and location FY 15 75 sq ft of floor tile in room 115 and 40 lf of pipe insulation in boiler room 27

28 FIN CODE 363 3-yr SFM Fire Inspections, Fire Alarm Inspections, Fire Extinguisher Inspections = District-wide SFM Corrections – Scope of work, inspection #, item # 363 projects > $20,000 in cost and all egress projects are subject to SFM Plan Review (PPA status) 28

29 SFM Plan Review Contractors can send plans of the building layout showing the scope of work to: State Fire Marshal Division Attn: John Swanson 8321 168th Street W Lakeville, MN 55044 Contact John if there are any questions: or (651)-334-3217 29



32 FIN CODE 363 Costs to maintain/repair an operable fire alarm system (emergency lighting, exit signs, smoke/heat detectors, horns/strobes etc.). SFM orders are needed for full replacement of fire alarm equipment. 32

33 FIN CODE 366 No District-wide entries are acceptable IAQ Project Management & Initial IAQ Investigation = FIN 352 Must document the presence of mold! Submittal of Attachment 7 for abatement if project > $10,000. Lab analysis or photo documentation for projects < $10,000. (lab analysis is better)

34 FIN CODE 366 Mechanical Ventilation Improvements Professional Engineer to complete Attachment 7 providing detailed scope of work and itemized project costs (reference Attachment 8) Attachment 8 showing allowable/non- allowable costs (completed by the district) –Alternative Facilities for projects > $500,000 in cost over life of project (PPA/PPL/PPB status)

35 H&S Other Revenue SOURCE 629 --recording other revenue sources for health and safety projects beyond state aid or levy --Including, but not limited to: Utility rebates for approved lighting replacement (metal halide) and/or mechanical ventilation upgrades insurance and legal settlements, Petrofund reimbursements (UST/AST remediation)

36 Reporting H&S Other Revenue SOU 629 Must approve the full project amount, then record additional revenue utilizing the following UFARS dimension Health and Safety Fund 1 PRO 850 FIN 347, 349, 352, 358, 363, 366 SOU 629

37 MATCHING THE NUMBERS Approved H&S Projects vs. Reported UFARS Data (FY 14 close-out) 37 5) FY 14 Closeout Activities

38 FY 2014 Close-out H&S revenue is based on the lesser of approved costs on the H&S website or district-reported UFARS data. Project amounts on the H&S website should be updated to equal audited UFARS expenditures. The MFR System updates each time the district loads UFARS. The Capital Expenditure Report will be updated regularly through January. This is a change from last year. 38

39 Work with accounting office to provide UFARS reports Compare expenses to project approvals Accounts Payable has support documentation for payments Projects completed and coded correctly? Get all the revenue you deserve! 39 FY 2014 Close-out

40 3. H&S Administrative Information Replace with bullet points or subheading 40

41 41

42 42

43 6) Regulatory Update MDH Radon Test Result Reporting MDH Indoor Ice Arenas Lead in Drinking Water Act OSHA Hazard Communication Standard 43

44 Minnesota Statutes, section 123B.571 A school district shall: 1) Report the results radon testing to the Department of Health; and 2) Report the results of its testing at a school board meeting MDH Radon Test Result Reporting 44

45 Dan Tranter Indoor Air Unit Supervisor Minnesota Department of Health Or 651-201-4618 Radon Testing Plan information at MDH schools/radonschool.html Radon Contact Information 45

46 MN Rule 4620.3900-4900 Previous acceptable air quality standard: –Carbon Monoxide (CO) = 30 ppm –Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) = 0.5 ppm Effective 5/20/13 air quality standard: –Carbon Monoxide (CO) = 20 ppm –Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) = 0.3 ppm At least one trained responsible person on-site when open to the public More frequent air quality testing requirements MDH Indoor Ice Arenas 46

47 John Olson Indoor Air Unit Minnesota Department of Health Or 651-201-4614 Key Changes information at MDH /arenas/forms/keychangestorule.pdf Ice Arena Contact Information 47

48 5/18/14 MDH defined elevated blood level 5 micrograms lead per deciliter, MN144.9501Sub.(9), was 10 mcg/dcl. Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act 48 20 ppm of lead is still the action level; the new federal legislation re-defines “lead free” that applies to new piping, plumbing fittings, fixtures, solder and flux Enforced via Minnesota Plumbing Codes / DLI Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act (S3874-2010) - New “lead-free” definition - Weighted average of not more than 0.25% lead containing for piping, plumbing fittings and fixtures - Not more than 0.2% lead for solder and flux - Effective date: January 4, 2014 – no longer use old shelf inventory

49 Leslie Winter Environmental Health Division Minnesota Department of Health 651-201-4705 Lead in Drinking Water Contact Information 49

50 Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals Train employees by Dec 1, 2013 on the new labeling system and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) format OSHA Hazard Communication (HazCom) 50

51 June 1, 2015 comply with all labeling and SDS (Safety Data Sheet) requirements (distributors allowed until December 1, 2015, for labeling) June 1, 2016, fully implement HazCom program MN OSHA did retain the annual training requirement and physical and infectious agent sections of the Employee Right To Know rule (MN Rule 5206.0700, Subp. 3 & 4) OSHA Hazard Communication Standard 51

52 651-284-5060; ext. 3 MN OSHA Workplace Safety Consultation Contact Information 52

53 Dale Sundstrom, School Finance 651/582-8605 or

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