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Please do not look ahead in this packet.. Calculations.

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1 Please do not look ahead in this packet.

2 Calculations


4 Sizing a family farm for the 1780s. House and farmyard: ½ acre Kitchen garden (1/10 acre per person)_____ Pasture (one acre per large animal)_____ Hay (one acre per large animal)_____ Grain Crops (2 acres per adult male)_____ Woodlot – harvest 1/10 acre/year 25 year regrowth cycle_____ TOTAL: What size farm will be sold to settlers?

5 Brainstorming/Notes

6 Northern value:EvidenceElaboration ________________________________________________________________________ Citizen participation in36 mile square countiesAll farmers within one day’s democracyhorseback ride of county seat ________________________________________________________________________ Education valuedLand set aside for educationOne section in each township 6 mile square townshipsset aside to support schools. ________________________________________________________________________ Rough social equalityLand cheap and availableAnyone could purchase 160 to all.Acres because the price was low and loans were cheap ________________________________________________________________________ Family was importantThe standard unit of land160 acres was more than any for sale was a quarter-1780s grain farmer needed. section.Farmers were expected to divide land between their children. Families could keep living in close proximity to one another. ________________________________________________________________________ SlaveryThe no-slavery clauseEven though the area covered by the Northwest Ordinance was unsuitable for slavery, the prohibition had symbolic value.


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