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Opening The Northwest Territory Illinois History.

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1 Opening The Northwest Territory Illinois History

2 Opening The Northwest Territory 1783 Revolutionary War ends America gets N.W. Territory Area still very dangerous - Indians cont. trading with Brit. and attacking settlers - British still held forts


4 Congress passes The Northwest Ordinance – 1787 When pop. reaches 5,000 males with 50 acres – allowed to elect House of Rep. bill of rights / banned slavery / promote education and freedom of religion With 60,000 residents - Request to become a state - No less than 3 or more than 5 states 5 created / Illinois 3 rd


6 General Wayne Defeats the Indians Settlements increase / Indian attacks increase Much fighting around Ft. Wayne, IN U.S. gov. sends General “Mad Anthony” Wayne - Rev. War hero 1794 Battle of Fallen Timbers – Americans led by Wayne defeat Indians

7 With victory at Battle of Fallen Timbers: 1794 Treaty of Greenville – Ind. give Amer. right to land in NW Terr. – Ind. deals only with Amer. 1796 Jay Treaty – Brits give up forts in NW Terr.

8 The Building of Fort Dearborn 1803 U.S. builds fort in Chic. to protect settlers and trade U.S. gov. sends Capt. John Whistler to command the fort (with wife and 15 kids) Slow progress / isolated

9 Whistler Leaves Chicago Blessing in disguise Grandson became famous artist (painted “Whistler’s Mother”)


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