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“Quick Start” Boardmaker Studio Training Copyright © 2013 DynaVox Systems LLC. All rights reserved.

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1 “Quick Start” Boardmaker Studio Training Copyright © 2013 DynaVox Systems LLC. All rights reserved

2 Please start with the following: 1.Open Boardmaker Studio 2.Create a Boardmaker Achieve account using your district email 3. Remember your username and password Tacoma Public Schools Boardmaker Studio “Quick Start” Training

3 Traci West & Enid Hurtado Traci Occupational Therapist-4 years COTA-18 years Assistive Technology throughout career Enid Special Education Teacher: Mod-Severe Pre-12 Early Intervention Teacher Behavior Specialist Boardmaker Trainer Will assist with live classes and does Webinar training 3

4 Housekeeping Please turn off cell phones Please consume outside of the room Closed water containers are okay Let’s be fully present! Clock hour forms will be signed at the end Date: October 2, 2013Time: 4:00-7:00pmHours: 3 Instructor: Courtney O’CatherineClass: Boardmaker Quick Starts Please ask questions during the training! If you are thinking it…there are probably 2 other people who are thinking it and 2 others that wished they were thinking it ;) 1

5 Boardmaker Studio Ideal for creating activities for Learning and Literacy Special Features of Boardmaker Studio : 100’s of Onscreen and Print Templates Collection of Popular Features called Gadgets Included Video Reinforcements Collection of tutorials and online videos 2

6 3 Free Board Sharing Postings from all over the world of activities. Search Engine Can search by specific topic, skill, event, material, population, age group, domain, etc. Public and Private Groups Create or join a group by topic, department, or student and share activities and discussions with one another. Tacoma Public Schools A private group for TPS employees to share activities and have discussions (look for email invitation to come).

7 Handouts Boardmaker Studio PDF Tutorial Studio Starter Templates Overview Import Boardmaker Boards Group Buttons Symbolate BoardmakerShare (Achieve) PDF Tutorial Presentation Notes worksheet FAQ Jump Start – Autism Quick Start Templates 4

8 Boardmaker Studio The main goal of the program: Less time creating, more time using the activities with your students! How? When you launch the program, think: How can I use the Templates in the program to create the activity that will be the most meaningful for my students? Have I checked 5

9 Studio Starter Templates Studio Starter Templates will redefine how you think of “templates” A Studio Starter Template is the quickest way to make a print or onscreen Boardmaker Studio activity. It provides the format and the programming the activity requires. 6

10 Boardmaker Studio Studio Starter Templates Stamping Books Slideshows Calendars Cause & Effect Dancing Pictures Choice Board Comment Board Explore Hidden Picture Flashcards Memory Game Matching Game Bingo Game Labeling Go-Togethers Matching Word to Picture Counting Sorting Hundred Block Picture Graph Bar Graph Counting Bills Counting Coins Make a Pattern Multiple Choice True False Yes/No Sequencing Time Schedule Numbered Schedule Fill-in Schedule Weekly Schedule Word Scramble Word Making Choice Writing Easy Writing Word Bank Sentence Scramble 7

11 Trainings Resources in Studio Online tutorials (Video and PDF) accessible through the Help option 8

12 Additional Training Resources 9 www. Scroll down to the bottom of the page Look for Boardmaker Training Find Live and Recorded training

13 Contact Information Thank You for your time! Questions? Need Additional Information? 10 Copyright © 2011 DynaVox Systems LLC. All rights reserved

14 Boardmaker Studio Demonstration 11

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