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The E:P:N approach to CLA Communicative Language Acquisition.

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1 The E:P:N approach to CLA Communicative Language Acquisition

2  focuses not on the language itself but on its use in dealing with real life diversities  E:P:N-based CLA builds confidence and hones communication skills quicker than most other learning method

3 E:P:N conversations  are forensic trialogues on issues of import  written in both English and Esperanto  using the voices of Eleko, Prot, & Njut to facilitate the natural acquisition of native-like competencies

4 The E:P:N phases & stages  Each of the three E:P:N phases grows from a worthless stage, to the productive/competitive productive/creative & productive/supportive stages  Each of these twelve stages has its own habits

5 E:P:N habits go in cycles  During each phase, habits change from mixed/destructive to mixed/productive, to focused/productive, to mixed creative  On completion of one phase, a soul tends to start the next one in the same order

6 Where/What am I now?  am I an ELECTRON that gives structure to the atom?ELECTRON  a PROTON who sets the pace? orPROTON  a NEUTRON at the atom’s core to help stabilize it?NEUTRON

7 Where am I going? What can I do?  Stay in current phase, but move to the next stage  Go back to the previous phase, if still productive & desirable  Go to the next logical phase and rush through stage 1

8 How am I going to get there?  What habits do I need?  Time management?  Money management?  Languages?  Abilities? (discover!)  Skills? (develop!)  Knowledge? (test!)

9 How do I make sure I’ll get there ?  Get a private coach  Meet 4-6 hours a week  Read SOGR & SOBW  Make 2-3 calls a day  Write 2-3 notes a day  Journal trialogues to improve needed skills

10 How will I know I’ve arrived?  I’ve increased my pay in the last six months  I added to my assets in the last 30 days  I increased my skills (measurable by tests)  I added knowledge to up my market value

11 When is it time to celebrate?  When you know you are an integral part of creative energy – an expression and extension of the Great I AM  When you regularly give more than you expect to get  When you know yourself to be a WEB, a Willfully Energized Brain – an “Intence Agemita Menso” Ex 3:14 & 15 (Jerusalem Bible) "I AM has sent me to you. This is my name for all time; BY THIS NAME I SHALL BE INVOKED FOR ALL GENERATIONS TO COME." See also “I am both Adam & Eve.”

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