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2 Honesty At CHSMC, recognizing our human limitations is viewed as a stepping stone to responsible behaviour and moral growth. Self-awareness should be encouraged and therefore students should be provided with the support needed to come to this important realization. This step will be followed by further support that will lead the students to become aware of their self-management needs.

3 Honesty This requires : A safe environment with specific structures that encourage such behaviour. That students are supported to go through a reflective process that answers the following questions: What and how it happened? Why was it bad? How were you involved? How can you take responsibility? How can we support you? Finally, How would you approach this similar situation in the future?

4 Respect Respect - Such behaviour is considered to be an opportunity wherein the involved is taught to become more socially aware and more aware of the effect this behaviour could have on relationships.

5 Respect Respect - This approach becomes crucial that the harm caused to the self, others and the environment and the learning needs of the student causing the harm, are both taken in consideration when the action is being taken. CHSMC ensures that the students are made aware of the result of their action on others, self and the enviroment. This paves the way to the final step that to take Responsibility.

6 Responsibility Responsibility - The biggest lessons of life were not learnt until people were faced with the consequences of their erratic choices (Sir Alex Ferguson). As Dr. Popkin says: Responsibility = Choices + Consequences.

7 Responsibility Consequences improve Responsible Decision Making. At CHSMC -Behaviour which diverts from the expectations outlined in this policy is tackled in a fair and equitable manner, by proceeding through the five phases listed in the relevant procedures for each school - phase 1 being the mildest and phase 5 the most serious. Please refer to Appendix 5 for Chiswick House School and Appendix 6 for St. Martin’s College.

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