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Sound Mind, Sound Body, Sound Future

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1 Sound Mind, Sound Body, Sound Future
Conestoga Valley Buckskin Boosters $3.4 Million Capital Campaign

2 Extracurricular Activities in CV
Half of all students involved in extracurricular and club programs CV sponsors: 27 high school athletic programs 13 junior high/middle school athletic programs 30+ club organizations Music/drama activities including choirs, marching band, jazz band, orchestra, indoor guard/percussion, musicals and plays

3 The Campaign Vision

4 Sound Mind CV’s Athletic Department believes athletics:
Compliment and support academic achievement Promote fitness, health and integrity Foster respect, teamwork, self-discipline, worth ethic and commitment Pursing Victory with Honor framework

5 Sound Mind Student-athletes typically make up 75% of seniors graduating with honors One in five student-athletes continues his/her athletic career in college

6 Sound Body Overuse of athletic facilities
Wearing out Training disadvantage for CV student-athletes Events in CV stadium complex limited Restrictions for community groups that promote wellness Structures no longer meet safety codes

7 Sound Future Establish modern, durable facilities on par with CV’s academic resources Only areas NOT renovated in the last 20 years are CV’s outdoor athletic facilities and fields Bleaches replaced/upgraded for safety Synthetic turf able to absorb frequent use Host diverse athletic, cultural, community events Revenue possibilities

8 Financial Accountability
Stadium Infrastructure/Field Renovations New 2,500-seat bleachers/press box $892,487 Refurbish visitor side bleachers $268,341 New concessions/storage facilities $249,827 Demolition $28,400 Turf, goal posts, accessories installation $1,098,255 New light poles $405,690 New stadium/track fencing $136,702 Administrative Costs $100,000 Reserve Fund $25,000 Campaign Goal $3,429,702

9 Project Funding Tax-deductible contributions Five-year pledge period
Leadership gifts: $5,000 or more Five-year pledge period Legacy gifts (naming rights) “In Memory of …” “In Honor of …” In-kind contributions

10 Why a capital campaign at CV?
Save limited taxpayer resources for academic and co-curricular programs Every dollar contributed to the “Sound Mind, Sound Body, Sound Future” capital campaign is a dollar saved for core educational endeavors

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