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BA # 2 Review Study!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t just write it down and leave it somewhere!!!

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1 BA # 2 Review Study!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t just write it down and leave it somewhere!!!

2 Give examples of literature impacting politics/society during the Progressive Era.  Upton Sinclair – The Jungle – Focused on meat packing plants

3 What were the positive impacts of Henry Ford’s innovation on the average American?  Allowed average people to move greater distances  People could travel to work  Creation of the suburbs

4 What is the importance of the Open Door Policy?  The United States tried to implement the Open Door Policy to gain access to China in order to conduct trade

5 What is the theory of social Darwinism?  The weakest in society will be weeded out and the stronger ones will ascend into power.  Stronger cultures should expand and develop new opportunities

6 What were the causes for repeal of Prohibition?  Rise of organized crime (mob, mafia) and the increase of law enforcement costs

7 Describe “yellow journalism” and its impact. Who were two major “yellow journalism” publishers?  Hearst and Pulitzer competed to control the media  Yellow journalism sometimes exaggerated stories  Yellow journalism contributed to the Spanish-American War

8 What were some of the reasons for rapid economic growth during the 1920s?  Government kept taxes low  Less regulation  Less taxes equaled larger profits

9 What was the role of Henry Cabot Lodge in the United States not agreeing to the League of Nations? Why did many people oppose the League of Nations? What president disagreed with many of Henry Cabot Lodge’s positions?  Henry Cabot Lodge fought to keep the US out of the League of Nations  Believed that too many alliances were “tie our hands”  Lodge and Wilson argued over Wilson’s Fourteen Points  Many believed the League of Nations would create a world government and take away power from our government  Some believed America would constantly be involved in Europe’s wars

10 Explain the importance of Sanford Dole.  Sanford Dole revolted against the Kingdom of Hawaii and created the Republic of Hawaii; eventually Hawaii became annexed by the United States  Hawaii was important to the United States because it was a midway point between North America and Asia

11 How did some Americans react to immigrants coming to America? What were some political actions that addressed immigration in America during the late 1800s and early 1900s?  “Nativists” were American-born citizens who feared the influx of immigrants from Europe and around the world, fearing they would lose their jobs and the loss of American culture  Many “Nativists” supported quotas, or limits on how many immigrants could come in

12 How did alliances impact World War I?  Alliances between European powers were some of the main causes of WWI  If a country attacked an ally, you were obligated to go to war

13 How could the Spanish- American War be considered a turning point in American history?  The Spanish-American War helped establish America as a world power.  Due to the Spanish-American War, the U.S. controlled Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines.

14 Why was the Panama Canal built? What president oversaw most of its construction?  The Panama Canal allowed trade to occur much, much faster between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans  Theodore Roosevelt oversaw and fought politically for the canal

15 What were the impacts of: 16 th Amendment 17 th Amendment 18 th Amendment 19 th Amendment  16 th – National income tax  17 th - Direct election of Senators  18 th – Prohibition  19 th – Women’s suffrage (right to vote)

16 What was the Roosevelt Corollary?  The United States had the obligation to protect American interests in Latin America and would keep Europeans out, even if it meant military action.  Adds on to the Monroe Doctrine

17 Explain the impact of Alvin York.  WWI Medal of Honor winner  Originally objected to fighting in the Army

18 Identify the cause(s) of the Red Scare in 1919.  Bolshevik Revolution in Russia

19 Why was Charles Lindbergh’s transatlantic flight to American culture?  Once again demonstrated the growing impact of the United States  Showed that America’s technology was superior to everyone else’s at the time  Displayed great bravery

20 What was the purpose of the Sherman Antitrust Act?  To create fair competition among businesses and eliminate monopolies

21 What were the contributions of Ida B. Wells and Susan B. Anthony?  Ida B. Wells – supported African-American’s struggle for equal rights; opposed hangings (lynching)  Susan B. Anthony – supported women’s equality

22 What was the main cause of African-Americans to move to northern cities in the 1910s and 1920s?  More jobs in northern factories

23 Why was having so many different ethnic groups in America a reason to originally remain neutral in WWI?  Most Americans, at the time, had ethnic backgrounds coming from Europe  Woodrow Wilson originally tried to keep America neutral

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