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Modernizing Thailand Ministry of Commerce 26 January 2006.

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1 Modernizing Thailand Ministry of Commerce 26 January 2006

2 E-Business Enhancement Level of Innovation Level of Internationalization Innovation Based Enterprise IP Center Project Industrial Cluster-IT Solution IT-Driven Cluster Development Project Trade Logistics Thailands E-Logistics Project 1 3 2

3 Thailands E-logistics Project Ministry of Commerce

4 Start Electronic Govt Trade Documents Trade Declaration; Export License Mandate Electronic Submission Trade Declarations Certificate of Origin; Production Notification Initiate Cross Border Paperless Trade Projects US Customs AMS Manifest Textile Notifications PAA Community Single Window E-Logistics for Paperless Trade Government Documents Trade, Manufacturing, Logistics, Finance, Commercial, Supply Chain Management B2B, B2GN2N B2G G2G 10 – 15 years 2006 Ultimate Goal Electronic Trading Milestone Thailand Thailandse-Logistics

5 E-Logistics – Create Electronic Business Environment e-Port e-Customs e-Trading e-Licensing e-Logistics Fishery Food & Drug Agriculture Others Terminal/Depot Operator Port Authorities Trading Company Bank Insurers Broker Importer Exporter

6 Forwarder Customs Broker Trucking Warehouse Shipper Consignee Airlines Global Network Domestic Network ASEAN Single Window EAST ASIA Global Logistics Network Europe Thailand e-Logistics Portal Thailand Electronic Trade Logistics

7 Implementation Process & Timeframe Phase 4: Repository/Test Run Phase 1: Diagnostic Study and Business Model & New Business Process Redesign Phase 2: Information Strategic Plan & Implementation Plan Phase 3: System Development Messaging Hub, Security System, Logistics Portal, etc. 6 Months 12 Months 6 Months

8 IP Center Project Ministry of Commerce

9 IP Center Project IP CENTER Problems: Limited in Innovation & IP - - Rank of Thailand s IPs per population: #47, lower than Malaysia, China, and India - - R&D expenditure per GDP: 0.26% - - R&D persons per population: 73.6:1M., Asia Pacific Average: 545:1M. - - Value of IP export: 32,501MB, import: 146,813 MB Need to transform into knowledge based economy - - Providing IP information - - Enhancing R&D activities - - Commercializing / utilizing of innovations - Developing IP human resource

10 Product Innovation Absorbing Capability Proof of Concept R&D Prototype and Pilot Extended Product Commercialization CreationCapitalization Appropriate Protection Innovation Policy IP Center Govt. University Industry Inbound Outbound IP Database Sources of Innovation Uses of Innovation Transforming into Innovation-based Economy

11 IP Center: Business Model Outbound collaboration Inbound - University - - Government - - Open source IP Database - - Target Industries IP Business: Food, Auto, Hard Disk Drive, Computer Hardware, Software, Phama, Agriculture, Spa Basic Applied Tech: Nano-Tech, Bio-Tech, IT, Physics, Math, Chemistry etc. Information Sourcing Analyzing/ IP Mapping Facilitating Innovative Capability Acquisition Adaptation Engineering Product Design R&D (Product / Process) Technology Transferring and Diffusing Mechanisms Tech. Assessment

12 Management Capability Product Proof of Concept R&D Prototype and Pilot Extended Products Investment Model - - Pre-seed, Seed, Growth Fund - - Venture Capital Business Model - Business Concept -Establishment of Value Chain - -Profit model Operating Model - IT platform - - Process - -Organization Design Business Architecture Innovation Absorbing Capability Process-Based Capability Product-Based Capability Market-Based Capability

13 Scope & Timeframe Phrase 1 (12 Months) - Establishing IP Information Center: - IP services (e.g. patent mapping, technology assessment) - IP human resources Development - -Studying and making recommendations: - Most appropriate IP Center model for Thailand - - Establishing Innovation Supporting Center - - Establishing IP Commercialization Center - Hybrid : - Studying : Expert consulting by contract or G2G co-operation - Establishing : Turnkey contract and G2G co-operation Phrase 2 (24 Months) Project Implementation - - Study Implementation

14 IT-Driven Cluster Development Project Ministry of Commerce

15 IT-Driven Cluster Development TODAY 1.Lack IT knowledge 2.Pay for non-understanding solutions 3.Equates IT to complexity 4.Fragmented IT platforms TOMORROW 1.Pay for truly workable IT solutions 2.On-demand solution 3.Simple and User-friendly 4.Integrated value-connect platforms Dont tell me how IT works, just tell me how IT helps my business Market Evolution

16 Manufacturers Wholesales/ Distributors Retailer ConsumersSuppliers Value-Connect Chain IT-Driven Cluster Development Partnership Alliance Government Agencies Local Associations Media Worldclass IT Experts Microsoft, HP, Intel, IBM Banks Pilot Clusters RetailersAutoCuisinePrinting Educational Institutions

17 IT-Driven Cluster Development Expected Outcomes 1. 1.International standards of cluster-based IT solution 2. Integrated IT solution platforms 3. Connected supply chain management system as a component of e-Logistics 4. World class business performance

18 Phase 1 Business Background and Project Preparation Set up the business consultancy team Set up IT expert team to create on-demand IT solution Phase 2 Implementation and Evaluation Map IT solution and Launch the Pilot project Evaluate and adjust model Recurrent valuation / Feedback testing Phase 3: Road Show and PR program Phase 4: Roll out to other selected clusters 6 Months 12 Months Implementation Process & Timeframe

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