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Rulers and Invaders.

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1 Rulers and Invaders

2 A European Empire Middle Ages: 500- _________
Domesday Book: helped keep track of records of people in ________ during Middle Ages


4 Charlemagne Conquered lands and forced people to become _______________ Crowned Emperor of the Roman Empire in West Europe Large Empire Promoted _________ and ___________

5 Charlemagne’s Death Kingdom fell Apart
________attacked from Scandinavia --Scandinavian countries: -Denmark -Norway -Sweden

6 More Vikings… Vikings Invade all over:

7 More Vikings…. Normans: Group of Vikings -Settled in Northern France
-Become Christians and Church Leaders Famous Norman: ________________ Add This: “Founded Feudalism”

8 Changes in Government King John is Different: -More
-English Lords Angry with King John -Civil War Breaks out **Result: __________

9 Magna Carta Helped ______________
King could not make Special Demands for ________ without the consent of the lords NO free man could be imprisoned, exiled, or deprived of property except by law ***Greatest Value: Limited Royal Power*** King had to obey the law.

10 Special Guests


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