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Matilda By: Roald Dahl By: Sloan L..

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1 Matilda By: Roald Dahl By: Sloan L.

2 Favorite Character Matilda is my favorite character.
She is my favorite character because she is so tricky and unpredictable . Another reason that she is my favorite is because with such a smart brain she sure uses it right! My last reason of why she gets my attention is she gets an amazing power and can do extraordinary things!

3 Favorite Event My favorite event was when Matilda used her power to get the “Trunchbull” out! That’s my favorite because I love that she gathered info from Miss. Honey about her childhood to make a creative plan. I think was funny that something like that would make the “Trunchbull” faint! I mean really it’s funny to see a giant figure collaps to the ground! It somehow just grabbed my attention and wouldn’t let me go!

4 Fantasy vs. Realism Fantasy
Matilda gets a power to move inanimate objects. Matilda uses her power to knock down the “Trunchbull’s” glass of water. Matilda used magic and intelligence to make the big prank to scare away the “Trunchbull”. Realism The dad lies to his customers to make more sales. The children go to school to get education . Matilda needs a challenge in school like most people do.

5 What I think the author could use to improve his book
He could have wrote more to the end because all it said was that they wouldn’t stop hugging. It might have been better if he explained how Matilda thought of her tricks or at least a tiny clue because it’s always a mystery of how she came up with it. I would like it if he described Miss. Honey’s old house better because the only idea I had was that it was red.

6 Why I recommend this book
This book is so action packed to me it seems like everyone will enjoy it! Everybody in my reading group enjoyed the book so maybe others will too! The fiction levels in this book are high but not too high when the book gets hard to understand

7 Thanks for watching! If you liked it then you’re nice!
Here’s a word that can describe my power point well:

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