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Vs. Differences in operation and school application.

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1 vs. Differences in operation and school application

2 Anyone with an email can join Facebook. The user exists independently of any school or organization. Only students with a group code, provided by a teacher, can join Edmodo. An email is optional.

3 Students can interact on message boards or contact directly anyone else who “friends” them. Students may only interact with other students on message boards within the groups. NO direct private contact between students.

4 No access for parents.Teachers can provide parents with a code to view what is going on in the class. The parent can message the teacher and see any messages that the student has sent to the teacher.

5 All message board content is public unless marked private by the user. Only the user can moderate content in their own feed. Public content can be moderated by teachers. Teachers can also “archive” a group so that no comments can be added.

6 No functionality for assignments/grades Teachers can make assignments, take polls, give grades, submit feedback, etc. No storage space is required of the teacher.

7 Teachers can “friend” each other to share pictures, etc. Teachers can “connect” with other teachers to share resources. These can be saved to your Edmodo library.

8 Teachers can blindly search for other teachers and try to create professional relationships. Teachers join world- wide subject area “communities” where they can easily locate resources and other educators to collaborate with.

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