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Service Officer Training David Jungquist Training Officer 2 VA Systems Overview (A Review of VA Applications) VA VSO Dedicated Phone.

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1 Service Officer Training David Jungquist Training Officer 2 VA Systems Overview (A Review of VA Applications) VA VSO Dedicated Phone Support:

2 Purpose Of This Briefing Provide VBR’s, VCS’s and CSO’s with the basic knowledge of available VA systems that will provide them with veteran claim information. 3

3 Stakeholder Enterprise Portal SEP  What is the Stakeholder Enterprise Portal?  The Stakeholder Enterprise Portal (SEP), is a secure web-based portal to VA systems for business partners, stakeholders, and customers who provide services to Veterans. It will help stakeholders improve their efficiency in providing services to Veterans. The SEP website is 4

4 Stakeholder Enterprise Portal SEP  Why is SEP important to use?  SEP is one of 40 initiatives in VBA’s larger transformation that that will help to eliminate the claims backlog and process claims in 125 days at 98-percent accuracy in 2015 by moving VBA from outdated paper-based claims processing to a digital operating environment.. Initial users, specifically VSOs, will be able to submit claims and supporting documents via SEP without printing paper. 5

5 U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Veterans Benefits Administration U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Veterans Benefits Administration 5 Available FeaturesAugust 2013Winter 2014 Login with PIV Card or Norton level 3 VSO Work QueueDigital Signature in SEP Additional search fieldsVA applications 4502 & 2680View Appeals Claim Status Manage Power of Attorney (POA) requests Representation Request Select All View claim status and upload documentation Notify Veteran when VSO Accepted/Decline request View payment history with modification and check/trace Unmask SSN/FN after accepting request Apply for compensation (21-22, 526ez, 686c/674, 8940, 0781, 4142

6 6 U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Veterans Benefits Administration Apply for Benefits (VONAPP Direct Connect (VDC)

7 7 U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Veterans Benefits Administration Remote Proof and PIV login If you have a PIV Card, click on the red Start PIV Login button (*Special Note: PIV cards will be required to access SEP and all VA systems within the next 12 months) If no PIV card then click Login with Norton button Help Desk: or

8 8 Follow the instructions to request a password and gain access. You will have to submit a credit card. Do not be alarmed. No one will access your card or charge anything on it. This is for back ground investigative purposes only. It is to do a credit check to make sure you are a good security risk. At some point it will ask you for your OGC Accreditation number. You can find that by going to the following website, and putting in your name. SEP LOGIN: Remote Proof Password Request

9 9 You will need to fill out the top portion that I have highlighted on this form. NOTE: they will not be highlighted on your computer.

10 10 You should get a window that looks like the following: (The name in the returned results should be what you entered in the search above or it will be blank if no results can be found.) Click on your name. The next screen you see will have your name, an OGC Accreditation number and all the Organizations you are accredited with. Copy that number down. Now go back to the SEP page. Follow the instruction on page one of this guide until you have successfully logged in.

11 11 Once you are successfully logged in, you should see the screen below. Type the information in the appropriate box and click Search for Veterans. You should see the following screen. (I have blacked out the information for privacy issues.)

12 12 Click on the red button, Actions and choose the action you wish to do.

13 13 *This is only accessible if the veteran has eBenefits. If not, you will get the following screen:

14 Digits-to-Digits (D2D) Vision 14 Goals of D2D Project: Accelerate speed by which claims are filed, resulting in quicker rating decisions for veterans Accommodate VSO/CVSO/State partners who already have a substantial investment in their own claims management systems Eliminate creation of paper documents in VBA claims processing Digits-to-Digits Service where customers can send packages anywhere, anytime…fast Service where VA partners can send digital claims forms directly to VA back-end systems, anytime…fast. Think of D2D like you would FEDEX – it’s a service that gets something where you need it to be very quickly.

15 D2D Is Not a “Traditional” System 15 End to end service delivery spans:  multiple organizations  multiple lines of business  multiple systems with  multiple interactions and conversations between systems To seamlessly cross many borders to achieve a single business goal requires a “services” approach D2D has adopted the “services” approach to enable the end to end delivery of veteran disability claims D2D is a collection of loosely coupled services

16 The D2D Transformation – Current State vs. Future State 16 Future Digital Model Accredited Partner (CVSO/VSO/State) VA Current Paper Model Accredited Partner (CVSO/VSO/State) VA The submission of Fully Developed Paperless Claims, along with other Transformation initiatives within the VA will contribute significantly to reducing the processing time of Veteran Disability Claims 262 Average Processing Days (FYTD Sep 2012) 82 Average Processing Days (FY 2015 – Future State)

17 D2D is one of three primary electronic channels to submit claims to the VA 17 ans VDCVDC Veteran submitting on his/her own D2DD2D Veterans Benefit Management System (VBMS) Party Submitting Claims System to Submit Claims to VBMS Submission / Intake Funnel Form Submission service Orchestration to submit to VBMS BOTH Systems use common Web Services to Submit to VBMS Submit Claims Receive Claims VSOs that do have Claims Management Systems VSOs that don’t have Claims Management Systems Claims Management System Stakeholder Portal VSOs are one of the largest submitters of claims to VA with an estimate of 600,000 + submissions per year, which is approximately 6 + million transactions between VSO and VA (claims + correspondence + notices etc )

18 D2D Current Status 18  Development on D2D services continues  Currently refining the project schedule for the start of D2D Pilot  9 Pilot participants have been selected – VFW, AMVETS, VVA, States of California, Illinois, Tennessee, Kansas, Kentucky, Georgia  Pilot includes the following claims management software providers: BeneVets, VetPro, VIMS, IronData, VetraSpec, eVet Assist

19 U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs / Department of Defense eBenefits 101

20 Website Overview: History  eBenefits ( is a joint VA/DoD Web portal that provides self-service capabilities to Veterans, Service members, their families and caregivers.  Development of eBenefits was initiated in March of 2007 at the recommendation of the President’s Commission on Care for America’s Returning Wounded Warriors (Dole/Shalala).  With quarterly releases, eBenefits continues to evolve as a “one-stop shop” for Veterans, Service members and their families. U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs / Department of Defense 20

21 Website Overview : Purpose and Importance  Provides a secure, single, personalized online point of entry to access numerous VA and DoD applications and services.  Offers access to over 50 self-service tools (through online transactions, without needing to call or visit VA).  Facilitates improved customer service and access for Veterans to VA information and services.  Helps Veterans manage their claims.  Provides links to other sites that provide information about military and Veteran benefits and services. 21 U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs / Department of Defense

22 Website Overview : Website Statistics eBenefits Statistics- In the month of February 2013, there were over 2.4 Million registered eBenefits users. Used in over 180 countries. Number of claims status views: over 17.7 Million to date Home Loan COE: 217K to date OMPF (DD 214): 238K to date Letter Generator: 1.9 Million January 2013: over 4.02 Million site visits U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs / Department of Defense 22

23 Website Overview : eBenefits Users  Veterans  Service members  Family members eligible for benefits (legal dependents over age 18) 23 U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs / Department of Defense

24 Website Overview : Website Navigation Overview U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs / Department of Defense 24 Login/Register Authenticate with a basic or premium account Claims Status View your Claims Status here Claims Status View your Claims Status here Features View all Features that are available to eBenefits users Features View all Features that are available to eBenefits users

25 Registration: Overview 25 U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs / Department of Defense Before a user can use eBenefits, they…  Must be listed in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS).  Obtain a DS Logon (Level 1 – Basic or Level 2 – Premium). DEERS is the system of record that determines who is officially eligible for military benefits and entitlements. A DS Logon is a secure identity (username and password) used by various VA and DoD websites, including eBenefits.

26 Registration: Basic eBenefits Account eBenefits Basic Account (DS Logon Level 1):  Self-Register in eBenefits using online Registration Wizard or in person at an RO or TRICARE Service Center.  Only requires that user be registered in DEERS.  Provides limited access to eBenefits features.  Favorite links  Categories of benefits that are of interest  VA home loan certificate of eligibility  No access to personally-identifiable information (PII) from VA or DoD.  Lower form of access that is easier to obtain because in-person or remote identity verification is not required. U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs / Department of Defense 26

27 Registration: Premium eBenefits Account eBenefits Premium Account (DS Logon Level 2):  Requires another level of identity verification (online, by phone, or in-person) for access to PII and given HIPAA requirements.  Provides unlimited access to eBenefits features.  Highest level of access, allows users to access PII through VA and DoD applications and services.  Claim status  VA payment history  TRICARE information  Military separation documents (for Veterans) Note: Creating a Premium Account by visiting an RO or TRICARE office without having a Basic Account will require users to receive an activation code from DoD within 6-12 days at their mailing address on record. 27 U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs / Department of Defense

28 Registration: Premium eBenefits Account In Person Proofing:  The Level 2 DS Logon is available to users at all VA Regional Offices and TRICARE Service Centers (TSCs) via in person proofing using the DS Access Station software.  One piece of photo identification issued by a state or the Federal government  Second piece of identification, such as a birth certificate or social security card Remote Proofing:  Veterans and Service members can obtain a Level 2 DS Logon online using the DS Logon Registration Wizard’s online identity authentication tool.  Military retirees can use their DFAS MyPay logon and password to self-authenticate and obtain their DS Logon online.  Veterans and Service members holding DoD Common Access Cards (CAC) may use these cards to obtain a DS Logon online.  Upgraded MyHealtheVet users with a DS Logon now have instant access to eBenefits (via single sign on).  Veterans in receipt of monetary benefits from VA via direct deposit can obtain a DS Logon account via telephone (NIST compliant). U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs / Department of Defense 28

29 Registration: Wizard The eBenefits DS Logon Account Registration Wizard is a DoD online self- service application that allows online registration and identity authentication. To obtain a DS Logon using the Wizard, users must:  Be registered in DEERS  Create a Basic Account first  Build a user ID  Create a secure identity through answering 5 questions  Answer three personal questions correctly to confirm identity for upgrade to Premium Account Status. A fourth question may be asked if you miss one. 29 U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs / Department of Defense

30 eBenefits: Top 20 Features 1.Access & Download VA Documents:  Home Loan Certificate of Eligibility (COE) – Veterans and Service members can generate and print their Certificate of Eligibility for a VA Guaranteed Loan.  Preference Letters – Veterans can create VA letters for a variety of purposes, including Civil Service Preference, Commissary (DoD Identification Card), Service Verification, and Benefit Verification. The letter templates automatically include the user’s name and current Compensation and Pension address. 2.Access & Download Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) – including DD Form Apply for Benefits  Where applicable, users can apply for Compensation, Pension, Education, Burial and Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment (VR&E) Benefits online through the Veterans Online Application (VONAPP). 30 U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs / Department of Defense

31 Example of VA Preference Letters 31 U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs / Department of Defense

32 eBenefits: Top 20 Features 4.Review claims and appeal status  Veterans and Service members can view the status of their claims/appeal. 5.Apply for benefits and manage your claims (via VONAPP Direct Connect)  An online wizard recognizes Claimants upon login and helps them make changes to marital status, dependents and school verifications with guided assistance from VONAPP Direct Connect (VDC). 6.Check Post-9/11 GI Bill status  Veterans and Service members can view entitlement and school enrollment information for Post-9/11 GI Bill Education benefits. 32 U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs / Department of Defense

33 eBenefits: Top 20 Features 7. Transfer Post-9/11 GI Bill  Service members: If eligible for the Post-9/11 GI Bill program, may transfer educational benefits to eligible dependents listed in DEERS. Veterans may review, modify, or revoke a transfer request made while as a Service member. 8. Search for Employment: VetSuccess & VA for Vets  Veterans and Service members can search VetSuccess for jobs and find useful tips on completing resumes, cover letters, job applications, and interviewing. VA for Vets enables Veterans to search for employment within VA and other organizations, and receive employment counseling and support. 9. Order medical equipment  Veterans can place online orders for prosthetic socks and hearing aid batteries. 33 U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs / Department of Defense

34 eBenefits: Top 20 Features 10. Edit profile  Complete personal profile and customize the content seen on the eBenefits portal. 11. SGLI Life Insurance  Service members may view the amounts of coverage and coverage dates for their Group Life Insurance (SGLI). 12. Benefits Explorer  Allows users to interact with a display that presents benefit information at different stages in their career or personal lifecycle. View a personalized list of possible benefits based on their eBenefits profile and allows them to fine-tune the results to suit their needs. 34 U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs / Department of Defense

35 eBenefits: Top 20 Features 13. Search for Representatives  Search for and print detailed information on accredited Attorneys, Claims Agents, and Veterans Service Organizations. Users can also download and print representative appointment forms. 14. VA Payment History  Monitor VA Compensation and Pension, Education, and Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment (VR&E) benefits payments. 15. Premium Access to VA TAP Online Courses  Learn about VA Federal benefits in the Transition Assistance Program (TAP). Users complete benefit courses electronically to develop an understanding of all VA benefits they may be entitled to as they transition into Veteran status. 16. Mobile Find a Facility Function  Locates VA and DOD facilities using the smart device’s GPS location – it also provides users with the option to map directions or call a facility. 35 U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs / Department of Defense

36 eBenefits: Top 20 Features 17. Health Benefits Eligibility Check  A calculator to assess whether Veterans qualify for VA health care benefits. (Eligibility is based on financial considerations.) 18. Premium Access to Specialty Adapted Housing Grant Application and Claim Status  Apply online for a Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) Grant. Users can also check the status of SAH-related claims. 19. Premium Access to DoD TRICARE Health Insurance  View TRICARE medical, dental, and pharmacy information. 20. Premium Access to Veterans’ Group Life Insurance (VGLI)  Users may view and update information related to their VGLI policy. Download forms and print their Certificate of Insurance. Provides for the conversion of Service members’ Group Life Insurance (SGLI) to a renewable term life insurance policy within 120 days of separation from active duty service. 36 U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs / Department of Defense

37 Features: Mobile Access – Beyond the Desktop eBenefits self service is available from mobile devices (  The mobile Find a Facility feature locates VA and DOD facilities using the smart device’s GPS location – it also provides users with the option to map directions or call a facility.  The mobile C&P Claims Status feature provides access to claims information consistent with status details available in the My eBenefits Dashboard.  The mobile VA Payment History feature allows users to monitor their Compensation and Pension, Education, and Vocational Rehabilitation benefits payments.  The mobile Appeals Status feature allows users to view the status of their appeals.  The mobile application is optimized for most Smartphones. 37 U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs / Department of Defense

38 Veterans Benefits Management System (VBMS)

39 What is VBMS? VBMS is a paperless claims processing system  New application suite that… Enables paperless claims processing Enhances paper-based claims processing to highest degree possible  Business practices that… Implement paperless claims workflow Incorporate best practices into the paperless environment  Enterprise data services that enable external and inter-departmental communications, e.g. VRM, VLER  Technology platform based on Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) principles that… Is the foundation for future application development at VBA Incorporates legacy data and applications, e.g. VETSNET 39

40 What Does VBMS Do? Automates claims processing  Improving timeliness and quality  Eliminates much of the data entry (human) errors Lets Claims Processors focus on data instead of paper  Search for evidence electronically  Automatically connect submissions to claims tracking to correspondence  Collaboration between teams members and locations  Future: Enables rule based claims development & rating Set the stage for ‘big’ process changes  Allows VBA to measure performance & product quality  Makes process restructuring possible Changes the way we deliver IT via a modern technology platform  Begins to let us truly leverage market technology (i.e. COTS)  Improves code maintenance and delivery  Let business update correspondence/rules without IT 40

41 How Does VBMS Work? VBMS combines business process re-engineering and software Software has 4 major components  Document Storage Smart docs Scanned images Electronic data  Data about a Veteran (aka the corporate database)  Data about the claim Corporate database ‘stuff’ (end products, contentions, status)  A single application user interface 41

42 VBMS Guidelines for Users 42

43 National Citrix Access Gateway 43 The National Citrix Access Gateway (CAG) allows users to connect to VA/VETSNET applications from any location and workstation on equipment not furnished by the government. Access to VA/VBA network or RESCUE is not required. Open Internet Explorer, and enter the address for one of the four CAGs listed below. Select the CAG nearest your physical location (varnorth, varsouth, vareast, or varwest).

44 VA Citrix Remote Access 44 At the VA Citrix Remote Access portal, enter your domain\username and password. These are the same credentials you use when logging on to the network. For example, vba\vbaclesmithj, for John Smith from the Cleveland regional VBA office.

45 Citrix Main Application Tab 45

46 Virtual VA Application 46

47 Virtual VA Application 47

48 Veterans Benefits Administration 48 Virtual VA Update Virtual VA Daily User Growth Total number of registered VSOs: 2610! Sept VSO monthly usage was:1851 Jan VSO monthly usage : 1633 Average daily usage trends high: 7000 to 8000 Virtual VA Repository is on the rise: Over 9 million veteran e-folders, Over 106 million documents (Only 46 Million in April 2010), Over a half billion pages! VHA Documents in Virtual VA: 150 million pages of VHA Medical records. CAPRI “on click” to Virtual VA began deployment January 18, VHA doctors can now access Virtual VA directly through CAPRI\VistA (July 2013) Integration with VBMS Plan: Provide VBMS users access to data in the Virtual VA repository, Migrate data to the VBMS repository Build key functionality into VBMS Migrate all remaining user classes, System retirement.(estimated Oct. 2014)

49 SHARE 49

50 SHARE 50

51 Corporate Inquiry Screen 51

52 MAPD 52

53 MAPD Ready Screen 53

54 What is MAP-D? 54 Modern Award Processing (MAP-D) is a tool to help perform proper claims development, but most importantly, it is a way for the VA to provide good customer service to our veterans and their families. MAP-D, like any other application, depends completely on the user’s data input. The more you put into the system, the more you will get out of it. The opposite is also true. This application can help you provide excellent customer service. When development actions are taken using MAP-D, and all these items are automatically inserted into the Customer Service Tracking screen, inquiries can be quickly and easily resolved. You will know, just by looking at the screen, what development actions were taken, what evidence has been received and what evidence is still outstanding. You can record contacts with claimants using this system. MAP-D also has links, or launches, to the following applications: Share, COVERS, VACOLS, and IRIS. With a click of a button, you can move from one application to the next.

55 Claimant / Veteran Profile Screen 55

56 Customer Svc. Letter Library 56

57 Training Management System TMS 57

58 Questions 58

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