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Topic: Young Volunteers -- Warming-up & Reading Unit15 Popular Youth Culture Zhang heng.

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2 Topic: Young Volunteers -- Warming-up & Reading Unit15 Popular Youth Culture Zhang heng

3 Do you know the following three symbols? 1 1 2 2 3 3 I.Warming-up Background Knowledge on Voluntary Work

4 Volunteers Symbol of BEIJING 2008 1 1

5 The shape of heart, composed of interweaved hearts, signifies that volunteers, athletes, the Olympic family, and all guests would render service and compassion in a joint effort to glorify the Olympic Movement. The shape of a dancing human stands for volunteers with dedicated spirit. The sincere smiles, outstanding services, and friendly actions of the volunteers will evoke a strong echo in every participant of the Olympics. Chinese unique artistic form -- calligraphic art is adopted in the beaming design of the secondary mark, which sets off against the Olympic Emblem --"Chinese Seal, Dancing Beijing."

6 2008

7 2 2 December 5th United Nations International Volunteer Day Kofi Annan, the then Secretary General of the United Nations, said to global teenagers, Each contribution no matter how small can help make a difference and bring benefits.

8 International Volunteer Day, December 5th The International Volunteer Day (IVD) provides an opportunity for volunteer-involving organizations and individual volunteers to work together on projects and campaigns promoting their contributions to economic and social development at local, national and international levels. IVD is a unique opportunity for government agencies, non-profit organizations, community groups, private sector and volunteer-involving organizations to work together to attain common goals. Since 1985, governments, the UN system and civil society organizations have successfully joined volunteers around the world to celebrate the IVD on December 5th.

9 3 3 Chinese youth volunteer

10 The whole composition of " Chinese youth volunteer" marking is the shape of a heart as well as the first letter of the alphabet Y of English" youth"; The central of the pattern is not only a hand, but the shape of a pigeon. Its implied meaning is that a Chinese youth volunteer offer benevolence and stretch out his hand of friendly affection to all the people who need help, and that they face the world and head for the future with the spirit of the new century, expressing the youth volunteers topic of " the enthusiasm dedicates the society; Warm the public with genuine feelings".

11 Y

12 Around 24,000Young Volunteers Community Service Stations in China are welcoming increasing numbers of Chinese youth who want to make a contribution to society. They are making a difference, and they are also discovering that being a volunteer brings many personal benefits. Not only do they help to make other peoples lives better, but also they have found their own lives enriched as a consequence. Lets look at their voluntary work at local, national, and international levels!

13 Some volunteers help the people who live alone. They help the elders living alone do shopping, do housework and sometimes read newspapers to them. The elders enjoy their company and they may feel more energetic and optimistic.

14 1helps1scheme of the Youth Volunteer Community Development Project

15 Green Olympics

16 Some volunteers teach in remote areas to help children there receive good education, and their work is making a big difference to the childrens future.

17 They join the Go West Project.


19 Some volunteers go abroad to take part in the event to help starving children in some of the least developed countries.

20 II. Reading Tips 1.Most English articles have three main parts – an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. The introduction defines the topic, provide some background information, and point out some of the important questions. The body contains the supporting examples, the comparison and causes and effect paragraphs. In the conclusion, the writer summarize the situation and try to answer some of the questions mentioned in the introduction. The beginning and the end echo each other, and the conclusion part usually shows the topic clearly. 2. Linking NMET The students abilities to summarize the main idea with the help of topic sentences and to find out detailed information are always tested in the NMET.

21 Part1 introduction (para.1) Part2 body (paras.2-4) Part3 conclusion (para.5) Three typical examples of Lu Hao, Lin Ying and Meng Yu and their experiences as volunteers and the benefits to both people they helped and themselves. Call on people to do voluntary work by showing the difference they make. The world acknowledges the work of young volunteers By serving their local or national community, or an international project, youth volunteers make a great difference and being a volunteer brings many benefits. Topic: Individual work: Skimming

22 Detailed reading : 1. pair work : 5W+1H volunteerswhenFor whomWhat to do Lu Hao Ling Ying Meng YU every Tuesday and Friday after graduation at weekends elderly people children in remote areas starving children shopping, house work, read, chat teach went without food for 30 hours to raise money

23 2. Group discussion: List all the benefits benefits to people helped & benefits to volunteers

24 Lu HaoLin YingMeng Yu benefits to others benefits to him or her The kids become eager to learn; the pass rate has risen; get rid of the poverty and has a bright future Make the children get rid of starvation and live a better life. learns more history from Mr Zhao ; his grades have improved a lot. Gets satisfaction, acquires valuable skills and experience; builds confidence, self-awareness, good communication skills and leadership ability. Make friends ; feels more positive; value education; be given the motivation to succeed Mr Zhao doesnt feel lonely any more; his health has improved; feels more energetic and optimistic

25 As a consequence, Luo Hao, Lin Ying and Meng Yu are helping to make other people's lives better and have found their own lives enriched. They become confident and mature and make great friends, gain new skills and increase their chances of getting the job of their dreams. In a word, the youth volunteers do make a difference by their voluntary work! Why not join them and do something for our country? Summary

26 Language practice Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of the following words and phrases. make a contribution to, make a difference, open up, approve of, no matter how, worthwhile, without payment, voluntary, contribute to, leadership Different students have different attitudes towards __________ work. Most of them _____________ doing voluntary work. They think that it can _________________________ society and that it is a ______________ job, It can also bring personal benefits and will _____________their promising future because they can gain valuable experience and skills voluntary approve of make a contribution to worthwhile contribute to

27 for their future career. Voluntary work often _________ opportunities for them and helps to build confidence, improve selfawareness and get good communication skills and _________abilities. A few students disapprove of doing voluntary work. They think the work is done _______________ and it is a waste of time. There are also some students who do not have clear attitudes towards it, nor do they care about it. In my view, each of us should make a contribution to our society. ______________small the things are, we should remember that they always_________________. opens up leadership without payment No matter how make a difference make a contribution to, make a difference, open up, approve of, no matter how, worthwhile, without payment, voluntary, contribute to, leadership

28 Homework 2008, Voluntary work in my eyes, : 70%,,,. 25%,. 5%.,,.

29 Thank you!

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