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Adhibeō, -ēre, -uī. to have present, consult; summon.

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1 adhibeō, -ēre, -uī

2 to have present, consult; summon

3 audeō, -ēre, ausus sum

4 to dare (semi-deponent—only in the perfect tenses)

5 premō, -ere, pressī, pressus

6 to press, squeeze

7 inter-sum, -esse, -fuī

8 to be between, be engaged in; to take part

9 procurō, (1)

10 to take care of, attend to

11 constituō, -ere, constituī, constitutum

12 to establish, appoint; to put, place; to decide

13 decernō, -ere, decrevī, decretum

14 to decide, decree

15 interdicō, -ere, -dixī, -dictum

16 to forbid, warn

17 decedō, -ere, decessī, decessum

18 to withdraw, yield; to give in to (+dat)

19 communicō, (1)

20 to share, link, communicate

21 praesum, -esse, -fuī,

22 to be at the head of, to be in charge of (+dat)

23 excellō, -ere, excelluī, excelsum

24 to surpass, be superior to (+dat)

25 succedō, -ere, successī, successum

26 to climb, advance; to come next, succeed in

27 considō, -ere, -sedī, -sessum

28 to settle, take position; hold a session

29 pareō, -ēre, -uī

30 to appear; to obey (+dat) NOT: paro, parare to prepare pario, parere to bear, give birth to

31 reperiō, -īre, repperī, repertum

32 to find, originate

33 discō, -ere, didicī

34 to learn

35 existimō, (1)

36 to think, judge (prefixed form of aestimo)

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