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Boy Led Troop Purpose of this PPT For the speaker, delete this slide before presenting These Slides NEED to be UPDATED.

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1 Boy Led Troop Initiative @ Purpose of this PPT For the speaker, delete this slide before presenting These Slides NEED to be UPDATED – In this presentation template, you will see Red text. This red text needs to be updated with your troops information so that the slides are personalized and best represent your troop. Please feel free to modify the slides as needed. The purpose of this presentation is to explain and describe the troop to anyone who wants to know about the troop, who wants to understand the troops guiding principles, what to experience of the troop as a parent, what to experiece of the troop as a scout, basically, providng an overview to the Troops culture, value and beliefs for how the troop operates. The intended audience is anyone who want s to know about the troop. More information can be found at 1 7/22/2012 Version 1

2 Boy Led Troop Initiative @ Purpose of this PPT For the speaker, delete this slide before presenting There are many opportunities to share this presentation, below is a listing of how some Troops use this presentation: – Parent Meeting – SomeTroops have a parent night where the parents attend the scout meeting. This presentation is presented at that meeting to educate the parents so they understand the processes and program. This provides the parents the information to suppport the troop at home. The parent and troop leaders are giving the scouts the same message. – Weblos visit - Troops often invite the weblos dens to visit a troop meeting. During the visit, have the SPL and Scoutmaster meet with the Weblos parents and present this presentation to teach them about the Troop. – Troops Web Site – Troops update this on a regular basis and post on their web site – Visiting Dignitaries, District & Council Visits – At times, the troop may be visited by community or BSA leaders. The presentation provides the Committee, SM and ASMs a foundation document to present from – Sponsoring Organizations – At times the sponsoring organization may inquire about the troop, what is it up to and how is it doing? The presentation provides the Committee, SM and ASMs a foundation document to present from – Recruiting – During a recruiting event or famiily interested in joining scouting, this presentation can be used to introduces scouting and your troop, sharing the value of scouting and what would be expected of them if they joined More information can be found at 2 7/22/2012 Version 1

3 Boy Led Troop Initiative @ Welcome to Troop Town, State 37/22/2012 Version 1

4 Boy Led Troop Initiative @ Who is Troop ? Troop was founded in ____ with the _______________ as its Chartering Organization (list some interesting facts about the troop) Our members go back several generations of leadership to the inception of the Troop 4 7/22/2012 Version 1

5 Boy Led Troop Initiative @ What is the foundation of the Troops Program? The troops scouting program is based on providing scouts an opportunity to learn and practice 4 core values/skills which will be used throughout their life: – Leadership – Communication – Ethical Decision Making Skills – Team Work 5 7/22/2012 Version 1

6 Boy Led Troop Initiative @ Being a parent who was not involved in Scouts as a child, how does it work? Scouts are trained in outdoor skills on how to plan, prepare and work as a team in the outdoors Nature and the elements are always changing, providing new and unique opportunities to learn When outside, confronted with constant and unique changes in their surroundings, the Scouts gain confidence in themselves and their team as they learn how to adapt and overcome whatever situation they encounter No other youth program offers this level of growth opportunity for hands on team work, leadership, communications and ethical decision making 6 7/22/2012 Version 1

7 Boy Led Troop Initiative @ How do we operate? BLT Boy/Scout Led Troop initiative – Since the founding of the Troop, we have strived to evolve and grow our initiative to allow the Scouts to lead – Adults take on an advisor roles acting as a safety net for the Scout Leadership – Notice in todays Troop meeting, who was in front leading the meeting? Who is leading the meetings activities? The Scouts 7 7/22/2012 Version 1

8 Boy Led Troop Initiative @ Why and/or how does BLT (Boy Led Troop) work? We operate by a role based leadership system that does not depend upon any single Scout or Adults character/personality From day one in the Troop, Boys/Scouts are consistently being trained and evolving their team work, leadership, communication and ethical decision making skills by following the advancement time table which will be presented in an upcoming slide After +4 years of leadership training, when the Scouts are age 15/16, they have the confidence and ability to operate the Troop by applying their best practices and lessons learned from their Patrol Leadership experience 8 7/22/2012 Version 1

9 Boy Led Troop Initiative @ How do we stay manageable regardless of size? We organize the troops patrols to a manageable level so the Senior Scouts and Adult leaders can focus on growing and supporting good quality leadership at the patrol level We have broken the Troop down into teams of 8 so that no Scout or Adult is responsible for more than 8 people (Matrix Leadership Model – diagram ) As membership changes, we expand and contract by patrols of 8 For every 8 new Scouts, we need 1 new Assistant Scout Master Patrol New Scout Patrol NOTE: AA = Adult Advisor, meaning the Assistant Scoutmaster supporting that patrol 9 7/22/2012 Version 1

10 Boy Led Troop Initiative @ Why/How does the leadership system work? Parents – Responsible for their Scout being safely and properly outfitted for the meetings and outings. Need to be engaged with their Scout and their Scouts Assistant Scout Master Focus - Scout and Adult leaders focus on their team/patrol of 8. If everyone focuses on their area of responsibility, as a team, we will have all bases covered Communication – Scout and Adult leaders develop a timely way to communicate that works for their team/patrol of 8 – (Remove the statement below if it is not applicatble) – Web Site – The Troops web site is being used as the Troops primary communications tool to provide Scouts & Adults all the info needed to plan and prepare for Troop Events Team Work – The PLC (Patrol Leaders Council) meets each month. This meeting is led by the SPL and is where the scout and adult leadership define who needs to do what to execute the program 10 7/22/2012 Version 1

11 Boy Led Troop Initiative @ What are the 3 Types of Junior Scout Leadership? 3 Deep Leadership @ Patrol Level – Define, plan and execute patrol operations PL, APL. PQM Staff Leadership – Define, plan and execute various troop supporting roles Scribe, Librarian, Historian…etc. New Scout Leadership – Define, plan and execute New Scout Process – Engage with the Packs and foster Troops growth Den Chiefs (Aug to Jan) & Troop Guides (Jan to June) 11 7/22/2012 Version 1

12 Boy Led Troop Initiative @ What are the 2 Types of Senior Scout Leadership? Operations – Senior Patrol Define, plan, execute the Troops direction and what we do weekly and monthly (meetings and outings) Skills/Knowledge Transfer – JASMs (Junior Assistant Scout Masters) Hands-on training & understanding of best practices, lessons learned, nuts & bolts knowledge to be passed onto the next generation of Scouts Support the meetings and outings 12 7/22/2012 Version 1

13 Boy Led Troop Initiative @ What are our most powerful leadership tools? Lead by Example, there is no other way Mentoring – seeing through one another's eyes 1.We ask a person what they see 2.We share with them what we see 3.We discuss our differences and through understanding, come to resolution and next steps Being a Servant – Scout & Adult leaders lead by best supporting and empowering others to be successful Our mindset is to be the best FOR the Troop 13 7/22/2012 Version 1

14 Boy Led Troop Initiative @ How does the Troop better support families & the community? Be Easy To Use – Scouting is a year long activity. Other activities are months long. – We provide flexibility and opportunity for a balanced plate of activities by having 3 Deep Leadership At all levels of Scout leadership we are 3 leaders deep so that Scouts can participate in other activities while the Troop maintains its Boy Led leadership structure. Each Scout 3 deep leadership team has an Assistant Scout Master backing them up as their safety net 14 7/22/2012 Version 1

15 Boy Led Troop Initiative @ How do we learn core skills? Teaching core scouting skills – Knot tying, fire building, first aid… etc Patrols working by the Patrol Method Enjoying the Outing of Scouting 15 7/22/2012 Version 1

16 Boy Led Troop Initiative @ What is the Troops character? (If you are not an outing troop, replace this slide with the activity or characteristic that differentiates your troop from other troops) We are an Outing Troop We practice the Outing of Scouting – We schedule at least one monthly outing event regardless of season or weather (rain or shine) BIG Lesson Learned – At the start of every year, we have to train and practice our stove handling and cooking skills to be adequately prepared for cold weather camping 16 7/22/2012 Version 1

17 Boy Led Troop Initiative @ Who is responsible for safe packing & equipment? (follow up outing slide which may not be applicable to your troop, update & remove as necessary) The Scouts & their Parents – Reflecting on last year's outings, we had numerous instances where the Scouts came with in-appropriate gear and clothing – Read the Parents Pages on the web site – Due to the seriousness and criticalness of the gear and clothing, Scouts will not be allowed to go unless they are properly outfitted. 17 7/22/2012 Version 1

18 Boy Led Troop Initiative @ Where can I get equipment? (follow up outing slide which may not be applicable to your troop, update & remove as necessary) Understanding equipment is very expensive, ask our Scout & Adult Leaders – The Troop has a ton of equipment which can be borrowed & many camping stores rent gear – We strongly urge you rent and try before you buy to ensure a comfortable and proper working fit for your needs 18 7/22/2012 Version 1

19 Boy Led Troop Initiative @ Outing Adult to Scout Ratio Policy For backpacking/hiking crews, the following ratio must be observed Crew size 8 or less - minimum of 2 adult leaders Crew size 9-12 - minimum of 3 adult leaders Crew size 13-20 - minimum of 4 adults (not recommended - should be split into 2 crews) Crews over 20 - Too large - not acceptable For overnight campouts, the following ratios must be maintained # of Scouts Minimum # of Leaders 0-15 3 16-24 4 25-32 5 33-40 6 41-48 7 For Adults to count, they will have had to take the on line Child Safety Course and your certificate to the Scoutmaster 19 7/22/2012 Version 1

20 Boy Led Troop Initiative @ Whose responsibility is it to advance? The Scouts! (Delete the statement below if it is not applicable to your troop) NOTE - 2 weeks prior to a COH (Court of Honor) advancements are frozen to allow time to process, order and receive the awards in time for the COH 20 7/22/2012 Version 1

21 Boy Led Troop Initiative @ How does the Troop support our Packs & New Scout advancement? New Scout Process – Phase 1 – Den Chiefs engage with the packs and support the Webelos Dens – Phase 2 – Webelos cross over to the Troop, form into New Scout Patrols and earn Scout Rank by Feb COH – Phase 3 – New Scouts earn Tenderfoot by June COH 21 7/22/2012 Version 1

22 Boy Led Troop Initiative @ How do older Scouts Advance? First Class to Life – Patrol Leadership, Adult Advisors and Advancement Chair support the Scouts Eagle – At Star Rank an Eagle Advisor is assigned to help the Scout stay on the path to earning Eagle prior to their 18 th birthday – (Remove the statement below if it is not applicatble) – NOTE - Last Eagle Project Review Board before summer is in June. Ensure you are ready to go at least one week prior 22 7/22/2012 Version 1

23 Boy Led Troop Initiative @ Do you have a recommended time line for Advancement? This time line represents the balance between earning rank, learning leadership skills, being responsible and having the maturity needed for the Scouts to successfully lead the Troop. 23 7/22/2012 Version 1

24 Boy Led Troop Initiative @ How do we measure the Troops health? (Replace these with how you measure your troops success. Below is another troops example) Advancement – Consistent rank advancement by all Scouts – Higher than average number of Scouts earning Eagle Membership – Over 60 plus Scouts in the Troop Klondike Results – Senior Scouts mentoring junior Scouts to do their best Community Support – Scout leaders leading community events and organizations – School counselors have seen a strong leadership element reduce drug and alcohol abuse in schools 24 7/22/2012 Version 1

25 Boy Led Troop Initiative @ How do we prepare for the Thursday night Troop Meetings? By Sunday – SPL will send out Troop Meeting Plan to Scout & Adult Leadership By Monday – Patrol Leaders call Assistant Scout Masters and discuss meeting game plan By Tuesday – Patrol Leaders call their Patrols about the meeting 25 7/22/2012 Version 1

26 Boy Led Troop Initiative @ What is the Troops monthly meeting schedule? (Replace the following list of meetings with your Troops meetings. Below is another Troops example) 1 st Monday of the Month – Newsletter 1 st Wednesday of the Month – Eagle Review Boards 2 nd Tuesday of the Month – PLC Meeting 3 rd Monday of the Month – Committee Meeting 4 th Thursday Scout Meeting of the Month – Eagle Advisors Meeting 26 7/22/2012 Version 1

27 Boy Led Troop Initiative @ Questions? 27 7/22/2012 Version 1

28 Boy Led Troop Initiative @ Thank You 287/22/2012 Version 1

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