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Chemical engineering By Claire Volz.

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1 Chemical engineering By Claire Volz

2 What do chemical engineers study?
Chemical engineering uses chemistry, biology, and physics to solve different problems Some problems involve the production of food, fuel, drugs, and chemicals etc. Chemical engineers design things for manufacturing at a large scale safely

3 What do chemical engineers study? cont.
Chemical engineers will transform raw materials into products that we use all the time in our daily lives Some chemical engineers specialize in: Chemical manufacturing Advanced materials manufacturing Biomedical engineering pharmaceuticals Renewable energy Food processing

4 What it’s like being a chemical engineer?
Chemical Engineers mainly work in offices and in laboratories As of 2010 the median pay was $90,300 a year In 2010 there was about 30,200 jobs in the U.S. Some chemical engineers travel constantly in and out of the U.S. They don’t have much on the job training for chemical engineers, if any at all

5 What it’s like being a chemical engineer
Chemical engineering is dependent on the manufacturing of products Chemical engineering is a full time job for most people in this field Some chemical engineers spend a lot of time monitoring the operations and solving onsite problems

6 How do I become a chemical engineer
You must have at least a bachelors degree in chemical engineering Though it is not required they do recommend getting a license, to do this you must: Get a degree from an accredited engineering program Pass two different exams And have chemical engineering work experience Some important qualities are: Teamwork Math, deductive reasoning, and problem solving skills among many others

7 How to become a chemical engineer
When in college, students must take math, physics, biology, and chemistry Some colleges offer hands on experience while studying chemical engineering

8 Achievements of chemical engineers
Chemical engineers helped purify our drinking water Helped with nuclear technologies development Some health technologies would be set back if it weren’t for chemical engineering

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