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The Eye.

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1 The Eye

2 Parts of the Eye: Cornea Iris Pupil Lens Retina

3 Cornea- the outer, transparent dome-like structure that transmits and refracts light to the pupil.
* It is the outside coating that protects against dust, eyelashes etc.*


5 Cat Cornea

6 Iris- a colored muscle that controls the amount of light that enters the eye by expanding (opens) and contracting (closes) In dark areas it opens wide and closes in brightly lit areas.

7 Pupil– the opening of the Iris that lets light into the inner parts of the eye.
Open=Dilate Close=Constrict

8 hole

9 Lens- refracts light rays into your eye and focuses them on your retina.

10 http://media-cache-ak0. pinimg

11 Retina Located on the back of the inside of the eye. It sends signals to the brain through nerves so we can see an image. END OF NOTES!!

12 Draw and Label the Eye Using a sheet of notebook paper, draw the eye.
Using the diagram on the screen or in your book pg.519 You must make it colorful and label the parts we have learned about. Beside the part define its function. Turn in to tray.


14 TOTD: Identify the starred parts of the diagram and define.

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