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Analyses of Reading Comprehension and Writing --- Yu Jiong.

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1 Analyses of Reading Comprehension and Writing --- Yu Jiong

2 topics styles types A B C D Distinction and conservation of elephants An application letter Sustainable development of resources A story of a boy

3 (accuracy) %50 85% % % % % %53 89% % % % % % % % % % % 59 91%

4 44. What are Alfred Roca's words mainly about? A. The conservation of African elephants. B. The purpose of studying African elephants. C. The way to divide African elephants into two units. D. The reason for the distinction of African elephants. - Alfred Roca We now have to treat the forest and savanna elephants as two different units for conservation purposes. A

5 Gates Hall University of Kansas Lawrence, KS From the passage we can learn that Donald Sloan ______. A. is good at singing and dancing B. is about to graduate from a university C. has an interest in being a surgeon D. specializes in psychology - B After May 2009: 46 Clayton Drive St. Louis, MO

6 A. is good at singing and dancing (Experience --- Assistant Activities Supervisor,... Activities include crafts, dances, day trips, sing-alongs, and visiting performers.) C. has an interest in being a surgeon (Experience --- Nurse's Aide, Danyers General Hospital, St. Louis, MO, Summer Assisted nurses in patient care. Took histories, updated charts, and helped prepare patients for surgery.) D. specializes in psychology (Education - Major: Social Services Minor: Applied Psychology) B Tips

7 How to read an application letter Name Present Address Permanent Address Objective Sex ( ) Date of Birth ( ) Place of Birth ( ) Nationality ( ) Religion ( ) Party Affiliation ( ) Martial Status ( ) Children ( ) Health ( ) Height ( ) Weight ( )... Education Experience Activities Skills Interests B

8 51. To fully develop the low-carbon markets, governments can ______. A. cut public expenses B. forbid carbon emissions C. develop public resources D. encourage energy conservation - "targets for saving and reusing energy" C

9 Governments can fully develop the potential of these new markets. First, they can set high targets for reducing carbon emissions ( ) and targets for saving and reusing energy. Besides, stronger management of public resources like forests can also help to speed up the development. Finally, governments can avoid the huge public expenses that are taking us in the wrong direction, and redirecting some of those expenses can accelerate ( ) the change from the traditional model to a sustainable one. - B. forbid carbon emissions A. cut public expenses C. develop public resourcesD. encourage energy conservation Tips C paragraph 3

10 Paragraph 1 In a world with limited land, water and other natural resources, the harm from the traditional business model is on the rise. Actually, the past decade has seen more and more forests disappearing and globe becoming increasingly warm. People now realize that this unhealthy situation must be changed, and that we must be able to develop in sustainable ways. That means growth with low carbon or development of sustainable products. In other words, we should keep the earth healthy while using its supply of natural resources. The problem the author wants to raise. The solution the author wants to talk about. C

11 In a world with limited land, water and other natural resources, the harm from the traditional business model is on the rise. Acturally, the past decade has seen more and more forests disappearing and the globe becoming increasingly warm. China, for example, has set its mind on leading that market, hoping to seize chances in the new round of the global energy revolution. = is increasing = has witnessed = with the hope of seizing... Tips C

12 I don't know (paragraph 9) 55. Before his encounter with Mr. Ballou, the author used to read _____________. A. anything and everything B. only what was given to him C. only serious novels D. nothing in the summer D -

13 " I don't know." And I didn't. I generally read what was in front of me, what I could get from the paperback stack at the drugstore, what I found at the library, magazines, the back of cereal boxes, comics. D Conclusion Before his encounter with Mr. Ballou, the author used to read anything and everything. paragraph 9 Tips B. only what was given to him ×

14 D F C B A G E D 1. the back of cereal box 2. tip his hat 3. a thin retirement check 4. the paperback stack at the drugstore 5. a down payment 6. be flat out of checks 7. to make two long stories short A. B. C. D. E. F. G.

15 To make two long stories short, Mr. Ballou never paid me a cent for cutting his grass that year or the next, but for fifteen years I taught anthropology at Dartmouth College. Summer reading was not the innocent entertainment I had assumed it to be, not a light-hearted, instantly forgettable escape in a hammock ( ) ( though I have since enjoyed many of those, too). A book, if it arrives before you at the right moment, in the proper season, at an internal in the daily business of things, will change the course of all that follows. D

16 A Payment Greater than Money D Can you choose the best title for the passage? A. Summer Reading B. A Payment Greater than Money C. An unforgettable Experience D. A Stack of Books

17 64.________. There may be a thousand different ways to express your sense of humour, but joke telling is only one of those ways. As more is discovered about how humour benefits our life, more people will be able to see and enjoy the humour when they are in a difficult situation. Life depends on air, food and water, but it is made easier to live with a good sense of humour. E. A sense of humour can be expressed in many ways. F. A sense of humour helps people to better enjoy life. F


19 The picture above shows us a simple truth: If many drops of water are put together, they will become a sea. Many trees standing together form a forest and many people make up a society. It conveys a message that a whole is made up of many small parts that are closely related. Nothing or no one could exist alone. Good Description are put together standing together become formmake up

20 1. Unity: Many hands make light work. 2. Accumulation: Many a little makes a mickle. 3. Harmonious society: Everyone can make a contribution to creating a harmonious society Possible Topics:

21 consist of = be made up of make up 1.Drops of water consist of the sea. 2.A sea is consisted of many drops of water. × × make up Common Mistake 1 Wrong Expressions A sea consists of many drops of water. A sea is made up of drops of water.

22 Good Sentences 1. One drop of water doesn't matter at all, but drops of water eventually make a vast sea. 2. Countless drops of water bring the sea its vastness.

23 1.A persons power is limited, however, the society is not only a person, human beings can change the world. 2.I always believe that one add one is bigger than two. A persons power is limited. However, the society consists of thousands of people, who can change the world together. I always believe that two can work more efficiently than one. Just as an old saying goes, two heads are better than one. Common Mistake 2 Chinglish

24 When I wrap my head around how unity counts, one example comes to my mind that LeBorn James, who led his team to win the final champion in NBA, could definitely not win without the help of Wade, Bosh and other teammates. Actually, only everyone finds their suitable place and activate their inherent ability, can the group be great. As an old saying goes, Loners are losers. Thus those who struggle not to be a loser, needless to say, will stay united firmly and show others how powerful they are. when Common Mistake 3 No good example to support the topic Good Example LeBorn James won the champion with the help of his teammates.

25 Homework: 1. Read more skills for reading comprehension. 2. Polish your composition and read more good examples.


27 As is vividly shown in the picture, a great many drops of water make a sea. A great number of trees make a forest. It is the same with the society, which is made up of a lot of people. Many thoughts about the picture came to me. Every person is small like a drop of water or a tree. But together, we individuals can make a difference. For example, Yushu, where a big earthquake ever happened, has been rebuilt in ruins now, with the help of the whole society. So as long as each of us unites together, I am firmly convinced that we will have a better and harmonious society for us to live in.

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