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Appalachian Regional Commission Programs Office of Community Development.

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1 Appalachian Regional Commission Programs Office of Community Development

2 Ohio Development Services Agency *Governors Office of Appalachia - Director Jason Wilson * Office of Community Development - Administers the Federal and State Appalachian Programs

3 Federal Appalachian Program Three ARC Funding Sources - Federal Area Development - Distressed Counties - Local Access Road State of Ohio FY 2012 Federal ARC Allocation Approximately $ 4.6 million

4 Federal Area Development Funds provided to Ohio’s Four Local Development Districts o Projects include infrastructure, economic development, medical equipment, education programs which are priorities of the district

5 Distressed Counties Designation determined by the Federal Appalachian Commission on annual basis Seven Ohio counties designated FY 2012 Projects primarily for infrastructure such as water and sewer in distressed communities

6 Federal Access Road Funds FY 2012 Ohio Allocation $ 1 million Anticipated FY 2013 Ohio Allocation $ 3 million Administered by the Ohio Department of Transportation Tied to economic development projects

7 State Appalachian Funds Funding provided by the Ohio Legislature and supported by the Governor Approximately $ 3.7 million each State Fiscal Year Funds distributed to local governments and nonprofits through priority system of Local Development Districts and GOA Director

8 State ARC Programs Area Development Funds Rapid Response Funds Appalachian Training Investment Partnership (ATIP) Program Funds

9 Area Development Funds Local Development Districts accept applications at local level and prioritize with approval of their boards Projects typically water, sewer, streetscape, healthcare related, workforce training, education training, economic development assistance Matching funds required

10 Rapid Response Funds Funds distributed by the Governor’s Office of Appalachia Director Assist with economic development activities such as fixed assets, off-site infrastructure Goal of each project is creation of jobs or retention of jobs due to expansion

11 ATIP Assistance for training of employees of local businesses in the region Up to $30,000 in assistance Administered by the Workforce Office in the Ohio Development Services Agency

12 Program Contacts GOA Director Jason Wilson 614-728-4668 OCD Staff – Mary Oakley, Christa Callihan, Beverly Cooper, 614-466-2285 Program Manager – Karen Fabiano, 614-752-9227

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