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In search of.... October 3, 2014Computing Services 2  Overview  Definition of Middleware  Background  Project Methodology  Technology Choices  IT.

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Presentation on theme: "In search of.... October 3, 2014Computing Services 2  Overview  Definition of Middleware  Background  Project Methodology  Technology Choices  IT."— Presentation transcript:

1 in search of...

2 October 3, 2014Computing Services 2  Overview  Definition of Middleware  Background  Project Methodology  Technology Choices  IT Infrastructures  Current Department Initiatives  The Next Step Agenda

3 October 3, 2014Computing Services 3  Overview Our mission - To research, evaluate and make preliminary recommendations for a set of software tools. These tools will enable Departments and Agencies to integrate their business processes that exist on either enterprise or client/server hosts. This would facilitate providing services to citizens, business partners and employees over the internet. This set of tools is know as middleware.

4 October 3, 2014Computing Services 4  Definition of Middleware Middleware is an enabling layer of software that resides between a user of an application and that application’s information. It may provide the presentation, business logic, data access and integration services for that application.

5 October 3, 2014Computing Services 5  Background In January 2000, began the project to research and recommend middleware tools. Project team consisted of members from Computing Services (MIPC, Enterprise Help Desk, Enterprise Security), OITS and CBSI. Research was completed on June 1. Project results will be presented to ECLT in June and July.

6 October 3, 2014Computing Services 6  Project Methodology 1. Defined Middleware categories 2. Developed Criteria and Requirements 3. Compiled a Short List of Vendors 4. Performed Prototyping and Benchmarking 5. Produced Preliminary Results of Research

7 October 3, 2014Computing Services 7 1. Defined Middleware categories Web Enabling Existing Applications Transaction Processing using Objects Transaction Processing using Messaging Direct Access to Data Procedural and Data Gateways Transaction Managers and Monitors

8 October 3, 2014Computing Services 8 2. Developed Criteria and Requirements Functionality that a product must have. Desirable features. Capabilities that would add to the overall usability of the product.

9 October 3, 2014Computing Services 9 3. Compiled a Short List of Vendors Reviewed Vendor product Information.  Product literature and Web page content  Vendor interviews Matched against Criteria and Requirements. Documented product compliance.

10 October 3, 2014Computing Services 10 4. Performed Prototyping and Benchmarking Acquired demo versions of products. Loaded onto project test lab. Verified advertised functionality. Documented test results.

11 October 3, 2014Computing Services 11 5. Produced Preliminary Results of Research Preliminary recommendations presented to Technical Review Committee (C/S, OITS, CBSI). Project managers are summarizing recommendations into a single document. Scheduled to be presented to ECLT in July.

12 October 3, 2014Computing Services 12 So now what?

13 October 3, 2014Computing Services 13 Update existing mainframe applications. Create new applications using Objects or Messaging technology. Access mainframe & client/server databases directly. Replicate one or more database to a relational database.  Technology Choices

14 October 3, 2014Computing Services 14 Update Existing Mainframe Applications Used to modernize or “re-purpose” applications without re-engineering. Provides reliable, cost effective, and secure access to information. Based on terminal emulation and screen scraping. Uses HTML, ASP and JAVA scripting.

15 October 3, 2014Computing Services 15 Access a mainframe application from an internet browser Web Enabling Existing Applications HTML ASP JAVA

16 October 3, 2014Computing Services 16 Vendors of Web Enabling Technology Attachmate Core Technology Corporation Gallagher/ Robertson Hummingbird ICom Informatics. Standard Networks

17 October 3, 2014Computing Services 17 An object is a self-contained entity that contains procedures that manipulate data. Provides portability and interoperability of objects across heterogeneous systems. Uses Java Beans, COM and DCOM or CORBA technologies. Used when synchronous processing is required. Creating Applications using Objects

18 October 3, 2014Computing Services 18 Viewing road construction zones on a highway map for travel planning. Transaction Processing using Objects object Object Business logic Presentation logic

19 October 3, 2014Computing Services 19 Vendors of Object Oriented Technology BEA, Inc. IBM IONA Microsoft Unisys

20 October 3, 2014Computing Services 20 Creating Applications using Messaging Enables direct or indirect program to program communication. Messages can travel over different networks and protocols, computer systems and software. Uses message passing, queuing, switching and replication technology. Can be synchronous or asynchronous.

21 October 3, 2014Computing Services 21 Example using Messaging Accessing a library of registration forms, filling them out online and having results e-mailed to your PC. E-mail server Q Message server

22 October 3, 2014Computing Services 22 Vendors of Messaging Technology BEA, Inc. Bull IBM Level 8 Microsoft Oracle

23 October 3, 2014Computing Services 23 Direct Access to Mainframe Data Creates SQL based access to mainframe host data. Host Administrator process enforces security and data access rules. Circumvents existing application logic. Uses ODBC, JDBC and OLE for DB technology.

24 October 3, 2014Computing Services 24 Direct Access to Data Host Administrator Data Access Driver Client Application Query a mainframe database for a list of Department field offices and order the list based on a citizen’s zip code.

25 October 3, 2014Computing Services 25 Vendors or Direct Access Technology Asgard Software EasySoft IBM NCR Pioneer Systems, Inc. UniAccess

26 October 3, 2014Computing Services 26 Data Replication Copies all or part of operational data to a relational database. The replicated data may be refreshed when updates occur to the original data. Refresh cycles should be asynchronous to allow continued access to operational data. Data can be reformatted during replication.

27 October 3, 2014Computing Services 27 Data Replication Replicator Database server Inquiry DB Process Create and maintain a relational inquiry database using information from an operational process

28 October 3, 2014Computing Services 28 Vendors of Data Replication Technology Attachmate IBM Microsoft Oracle

29 October 3, 2014Computing Services 29  IT Infrastructures Current Environment Middleware Enabled Environment Computing Services Support Initiatives

30 October 3, 2014Computing Services 30 Current Environment Internet LMAN Network

31 October 3, 2014Computing Services 31 Middleware Enabled Environment LMAN Network InternetInternet Data Access Data Replication Presentation Business Logic

32 October 3, 2014Computing Services 32 Computing Services Support Initiatives Special Interest Groups Representatives from Departments, Computing Services and OITS. Review Product Selection. Resolve support issues. Address security concerns. Insure functionality supports Depts objectives.

33 October 3, 2014Computing Services 33 Computing Services Support Initiatives Coordinate Training Develop Vendor Contracts. Centralized Facilities. Explore Product capabilities

34 October 3, 2014Computing Services 34 Computing Services Support Initiatives Continue the research Develop research teams with Departments. Explore Product capabilities. Research enhanced functionality. Propose new features to vendors.

35 October 3, 2014Computing Services 35  Current Department Initiatives DOE Teacher Certification Inquiry. MDOS Repeat Offender Inquiry for auto dealers. Others...

36 October 3, 2014Computing Services 36  The Next Step Special Interest Group participation. SIG member nominations. Publish presentation to MIPC Web Site.  Jerry Morey 322-1225


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