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Incident Location Tool for TraCS 10

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1 Incident Location Tool for TraCS 10
What You Should Know About ILT 5 Dan Gieseman Location Systems Development Manager Institute for Transportation Iowa State University

2 ILT 5 Current Release Notes
ILT 5 is deployed exclusively with TraCS 10. Supports Point and Click mapping of incidents in TraCS. ILT 5 has progressed from Beta Release to Production stability. Current version number is TraCS 10 requires ILT location on some forms. Currently deployed as part of a limited TraCS 10 rollout. Coming Soon to an agency near you! 01

3 ILT Functionality Overview
Users of ILT 5 locate using the ILT “Puck”. Be familiar with these common ILT Functions: Location Snapping Measuring Labeling GPS Guidance Auto-Panning Inset Map Map Control Buttons - Zoom In/Out, Full View, etc Finders are being added Currently there is a GPS Map Location Finder. 02

4 Anatomy of the Locator Puck
GPS On/Off Snap On/Off NAV MEAS SNAP LABEL Grip Point Measure On/Off Label On/Off Manual Locate Reticule Measure Distance Location Description NAV MEAS SNAP LABEL 352 FT US 0069/GRAND AVE and 24TH ST Locate Incident Button 03

5 Incident Location Tool: User Interface
Map Control Buttons The Locator “Puck” 04

6 A Closer Look: ILT Basic Functions

7 In-Depth: Snapping Illustrated
This Distance is called Snap Tolerance. A Roadway Network User positions puck here. Snapping records Incident here. Snap Tolerance (old way): Preset Fixed Distance. Snap Tolerance (new way): Dynamic based on Map Extent. 06

8 What Exactly is Dynamic Snap Tolerance?
Snap Tolerance is Whatever this Distance is on the current Map Extent. 07

9 More on ILT GPS Guidance
User can move Puck OR GPS can guide the Puck! ILT 5 Auto-Detects GPS Feed on any Serial Port. Technically Speaking: Any Real or Virtual COM Port NMEA Sentences at , N, 1 Be Aware: GPS is Subject to Atmospheric Interference. Be Aware: GPS does NOT fit roadway maps perfectly. However: GPS alongside Snapping yields high Location Accuracy! 08

10 A Closer Look: ILT GPS Guidance

11 Attention Admins: ILT 5 Can Receive Web Updates!
Sub-System is called ILT Version Update Server Maintains system code AND mapping via Web Updates. Constant network connectivity is NOT required. ILT software and maps are Version Fingerprinted (Build IDs). Update files are packaged and compressed for transfer. Offline Mode is supported (e.g. via USB or CD). Control is tunneled in HTTP and Data transfer uses FTP. 10

12 Version Update Architecture

13 A Closer Look: ILT Version Update Server

14 THANK YOU! Dan Gieseman 13

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