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2 Highway / Office of Traffic Safety or Web Request 5% Report County or City Specific Reports


4 Currently, motor carriers are rated and scored according to the SAFESTAT methodology. In 2010 and 2011, all states will be transitioned to a new scoring system called Comprehensive Safety Analysis, or CSA.

5 MOTOR CARRIER SAFESTAT SCORE State Reported & FMCSA Collected Truck Crashes Violations from onsite Compliance Reviews Closed Enforcement Cases Out-of-Service Violations from Roadside Inspections Moving Violations Data Sources by Carrier Driver SEA Indicators Measures Accident SEA Indicators Measures Safety Mgmt SEA Indicators Measures Vehicle SEA Indicators Measures

6 CSA2010 will involve an updated measurement criteria which tracks all violations, not just OOS violations. Instead of the four SEA’s in SAFESTAT, seven areas called “Basics” will be used to rate carriers in CSA2010.

7 In 2009, six states started piloting the CSA model. Colorado Georgia Minnesota Missouri Montana New Jersey

8 CSA2010 “Basics” are: Unsafe Driving – Parts 392 & 397 Fatigued Driving – Parts 392 & 395 Driver Fitness – Parts 383 & 391 Drugs & Alcohol – Part 392 (Roadside) Vehicle Maintenance – Parts 393 & 396 Cargo Securement – Parts 392, 393 & 397 Crash Indicators – Fed Reportable Crashes

9 MCMIS is: Motor Carrier Management Information System This is the primary database that feeds all related databases such as A & I Online, and SAFER; and the data for SAFESTAT / CSA

10 MCMIS Receives: All USDOT reportable CMV Crashes All Roadside Inspections on CMV’s Compliance Review & Safety Audits From all States and the FMCSA MCMIS is the Mothership of commercial motor carrier data

11 Commercial vehicle with GVWR in excess of 10,000 pounds Any size vehicle required to display a Hazardous Material Placard A passenger carrying vehicle with seating capacity of 16 or more, including the driver

12 Fatality within 30 days Injury requiring transport and treatment away from the scene Disabling damage that requires any involved vehicle to be towed

13 Analysis and Information Online: Uses data from MCMIS Is the best source of data for tracking drivers

14 Online CMV Crash Report Training: No cost, no log-in required / data quality / crash data collection training

15 National Institute of Safety Research Online VIN Decoder: No cost or log-in required mv_id.asp

16 Safety and Fitness Electronic Records: Public access to carrier information Carrier access to profile (fee based) Enforcement access to credentials

17 ISS Carrier Scores: Numeric score on a 100 point scale indicates approximately where this carrier’s compliance rate is currently established in relationship with other carriers. The score fluctuates with roadside inspection and crash involvement. High score may also indicate no data.

18 - Motor Vehicle / MVE

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