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Linked Learning Landscape: California and the U.S.

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1 Linked Learning Landscape: California and the U.S.

2 What is Linked Learning?

3 Linked Learning District Initiative 9 CA Districts, including Long Beach First six district grants renewed for two more years (incl. Long Beach) 25 Pathways certified; 25 more to be certified in next two years Pathway criteria revised to strengthen focus on equity and on teaching and learning

4 Federal Linked Learning Landscape Specific LL legislation being introduced by Sen. Casey (D-PA). Possible LL legislation in the House Linked Learning language incorporated into various labor and education related Senate bills, including ESEA legislation Strong Bipartisan CTE Caucus

5 Federal Carl Perkins Legislation $1.25 billion annually to fund CTE 2012 reauthorization goals Increased focus on integrating academics through project-based learning Better technical skill assessments Greater role for district systemic reform Better data systems linking secondary and post-secondary outcomes Transferability of dual enrollment credits

6 Linked Learning Landscape Across the Nation Due to Perkins, States have rapidly expanded implementation of career clusters… Florida Pennsylvania Colorado California

7 California Linked Learning Landscape Wide support for Linked Learning Included in SSPI Tom Torlakson’s “Blueprint” for Reform Green academies only new money for education this year AB2648 – Multiple Pathways to Student Success SB547 – Transformation of CA API

8 CA Blueprint for Great Schools Challenge: By 2025, CA will be short 1,000,000 college educated workers unless we change our current system Increase alignment of K-12 & post-secondary Remove barriers to dual enrollment Create strong linked learning pathways Modernize a-g requirements

9 California - SB 547 Sponsored by Darryl Steinberg, State Senate Leader Changes API to a new multiple measures system called the Education Quality Index (EQI) in For high school, the EQI includes indices for state assessments, graduation rate, college preparedness, and career readiness

10 Draft EQI Model


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