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1 CALIFORNIA COMMUNITY COLLEGES Created by Eduardo Cervantes

2 Total Number of CA Community Colleges 112 68 CA Community College Districts – Typically there are 2 or more community colleges within a district – Website for all the CA community colleges

3 Community Colleges in Orange County Coastline CC Cypress CC Fullerton Goldenwest CC Irvine Valley CC Orange Coast CC Santa Ana CC Santiago Canyon College Saddleback CC

4 Similarities between all CA CC Application fee = $0 Placement test fee = $0 Orientation fee = $0 Per Unit fee = $46 We all offer student services such as financial aid, counseling, transfer center, tutoring, EOPS, DSPS and more. The majority of CC students are there to transfer to a 4 year university and/or to obtain a certificate in a specific field. Faculty have a Doctorate and/or Masters degree.

5 Differences between CA CC Size – Small CC population is about 9,000 students – Large CC population has more than 20,000 students Location Certificated programs Priority registration programs for high school seniors Athletic programs

6 Advantages of attending a CA CC Cost (tuition for 1 year for 12 units) – CA CC = $1104 – Cal State University = $6,500 – University of CA = $13,000 – Private University = $40,000+ No SAT, ACT tests required GPA requirements are lower when transferring from a CC to University when compared to HS Smaller class size when compared to first 2 years at university

7 Advantages of attending a CA CC CC Faculty with Doctorate and/or Masters degrees teach the classes compared to Universities which have TA’s teach freshmen and sophomore classes. Students acquire crucial study skills needed to be successful in college: – Studying – Note taking – Test taking skills Transfer Admission Guarantees with 6 UC campuses: – UC Irvine, UC Davis, UC Riverside, UC Santa Barbara, UC Santa Cruz, and UC Merced


9 SANTIAGO CANYON COLLEGE Enrollment: 9,060 (Fall 2013) Faculty: 275 CC district: Rancho Santiago Community College District – Sister school: Santa Ana College – Degrees and Certificates: 50

10 SANTIAGO CANYON COLLEGE Career Technical Programs at SCC: – Apprenticeship (biggest in the state of CA) – Surveying – Public Works – Project Management – Gemology – Real Estate – Code Enforcement – Water Utility Sciences

11 SANTIAGO CANYON COLLEGE Other programs at SCC: Honors College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) Upward Bound Math & Science Program (UBMS) Science Technology Engineering & Math (STEM) Robotics Athletics Veterans International Student Program Tutoring & Math Study Hall Extended Opportunities Program & Services (EOPS) Disabled Student Program & Services (DSPS) And many more….

12 SANTIAGO CANYON COLLEGE Career Advancement Placement (CAP) Program – SCC allows high school students to take classes at SCC and receive college credit if the student passes the class. – To enroll in the program the high school student need to: 1.Submit an online application. 2.Complete a CAP form (available online or at SCC’s admission office). 3.Register on the assigned SCC registration date. 4.Pay for college fees (enrollment fee may be waived for some students). Students will be starting a college record and SCC information will only be released to the student, not the parent.

13 SANTIAGO CANYON COLLEGE The Early Welcome (EW) priority registration program is for high school seniors. SCC will give ANY high school senior priority registration if they complete the following steps in the designated time allowed: 1.Submit a SCC FALL 2014 application ( 2.Take a college placement test – Test at your local community college – Test at SCC – Submit an EAP passing report 3.Attend an SCC college orientation 4.Register online (month of May) & pay EW allows high school students to register BEFORE 95% of the SCC student population. Only US Veterans, DSPS and EOPS students can register before EW students.

14 SANTIAGO CANYON COLLEGE EW Data: In EW 2013, SCC registered 992 high school seniors. All 100% of these seniors were eligible to register for math and English classes. You can visit our website to find the specific dates and times for the Early Welcome program.

15 SANTIAGO CANYON COLLEGE Contact Information: Eduardo Cervantes High School & Community Outreach Specialist Office: A-203 Phone: (714)628-4733 Email:

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