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CP Biology: Final Exam Review

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1 CP Biology: Final Exam Review

2 Which of the following is a phase of mitosis?
Prophase Cytokinesis Interphase Checkpoint 18 of 30

3 Cancer cells form masses of cells called
Protoonco p53 Tumors organs 18 of 30

4 Pigments that reflect yellow light will
a. Look green b. Look yellow c. Have no affect on the appearance of the plant

5 Where do the light and dark reactions take place?
a. Leaves, roots b. Stroma, Thylakoid c. Thylakoid, Stroma d. Trees, flowers

6 Breathing heavily after running a race is your body’s way of
Recharging the electron transport chain Making more citric acid Repaying an oxygen debt 18 of 30

7 Which organism is NOT likely to carry out cellular respiration?
Mushroom Tree Anaerobic bacterium Squirrel 18 of 30

8 Cellular respiration is called an aerobic process b/c it requires
Oxygen Exercise Glucose Carbon dioxide 16 of 30

9 Which process is carried out by yeast in the absence of oxygen?
Alcoholic fermentation Photosynthesis Lactic acid fermentation 18 of 30

10 Lactic acid fermentation occurs in
Bread dough yogurt Mitochondria Muscle cells 18 of 30

11 The correct sequence of events for cellular respiration is
Krebs  electron transport  glycolysis Glycolysis  Krebs  electron transport Krebs  glycolysis  electron transport 16 of 30

12 The Calvin Cycle is another name for
Light dependent reactions Light independent reactions Photosynthesis Cellular Respiration 18 of 30

13 Most plants are green b/c
They do not absorb green light They reflect violet light The absorb green light They do all of those things. 17 of 30

14 The products of the light dependent RXN are…
Oxygen gas ATP NADPH They are all products of the light dependent RXNS 16 of 30

15 The effects of a mutation can be
Helpful Harmful Neutral They are all possible effects 17 of 30

16 B/c of base pairing in DNA, the percentage of
Cytosine molecules in DNA is much greater than the percentage of guanine molecules Purines in DNA is much greater than the percentage of pyrimidines Pyrimidines in DNA is about equal to the percentage of purines 17 of 30

17 During DNA replication, a DNA strand that has the bases CTAGGT produces a strand with the bases

18 After mRNA has been transcribed
Its introns are cut out Its exons are joined together It leaves the nucleus They all happen! 15 of 30

19 Each group of 3 bases in DNA codes for the production of
Lipids One amino acid Particular carbohydrate molecules 17 of 30

20 Which of the following could cause a mutation in DNA?
X-Rays Tanning Beds Sun’s ultraviolet radiation They all can cause a mutation in DNA. 15 of 30

21 The “factory” where proteins are assembled
Ribosomes Cell membrane nucleolus 18 of 30

22 Sickle cell anemia is a disease that is the due to a T instead of the normal A, what type of mutation is this? Deletion Substitution Insertion 17 of 30

23 In which phase would you expect to see chromosomes lines up at the equator of the cell?
Interphase Prophase Metaphase Anaphase Telophase Cytokinesis 16 of 30

24 What stage is DNA copied?
M C 16 of 30

25 Which cells are haploid?
Skin cells Gametes Zygotes Blood cells 18 of 30

26 The end products of meiosis are
2 diploid cells 2 haploid cells 4 diploid cells 4 haploid cells 16 of 30

27 What happens during prophase I that results in increased genetic variation?
Crossing over Condensation of alleles Segregation of sister chromatids mutations 16 of 30

28 ‘Normal” female sex chromosomes are
XY XX XXX X YY 17 of 30

29 Widow’s peak is a dominant trait, which of the following represents a heterozygous genotype?
WW ww NW Ww 15 of 30

30 What are the possible allele combinations for the genotype TtGg?
TT, Tt, GG, Gg TG, tt, gg, tg TG, Tg, tG, tg T, t, G, g 16 of 30

31 If parents have blood types A and O, what are the possible blood types for their offspring?
A or O O only A only AB 16 of 30

32 Genes found on the X-chromosomes, such as colorblindness are known as:
Co-dominant Incomplete dominance Polygenic Sex-linked Multiple alleles 16 of 30

33 A couple has 3 daughters, what are the chances their next child will be a boy?
0% 25% 50% 75% 100% 17 of 30

34 A diagram that is used by genetic counselors to trace certain genetic characteristics over several generations is called: Karyotype Pedigree Biopsy Punnett square 17 of 30

35 Which of the following is an example of co-dominance?
Tall plant + short plant = 100% tall Orange cat + black cat = orange & black cat Black chicken + white chicken = gray chicken 17 of 30

36 Asexually produced daughter cells are
Identical to each other, but not the parent cell Different from each other & parent Identical to each other and the parent cell 15 of 30

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