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Clark County Central Repository Metadata …And how to create it.

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2 Clark County Central Repository Metadata …And how to create it

3 Overview… Purpose 1: To provide a high level overview of how ArcGIS Desktop can be used to create Clark County Central Repository (CR) compliant metadata to accompany Submitted CR data. Purpose 2: To familiarize the SNGIS community with the Clark County Metadata Explorer, and the use of the CR Submitted Metadata in support of this application.

4 The Evolution… ArcInfo Workstation Metadata The Alternative – Word Documents The Alternative to the Alternative – HTML Pages Advent of Desktop and ArcCatalog introduces XML Based Metadata 2005 GISMO Introduces the Clark County Metadata Explorer

5 CCCR Requirements… All data posted to the CCCR Requires Metadata Spatial Data: Coverages Shapefiles Geodatabases Feature classes Raster datasets Non Spatial Data: Tables Models Toolboxes MXDs Layers

6 CCCR Requirements… Complete and accurate metadata should be submitted when: – A new data set is submitted for posting – An attribute change has occurred, addition or deletion – The metadata of a data set has been changed – A spatial change has occurred, expansion or contraction

7 CCCR Requirements… Metadata is complete when: – All fields REQUIRED: by the FGDC Editor are filled – A compliant Theme code is used – A compliant Content Type is designated

8 CCCR Requirements… Accurate metadata: All metadata submitted that meets the definition of Complete will be assumed accurate. Accuracy will otherwise be at the authors discretion.

9 ArcCatalog

10 Metadata Fields… User Defined Fields: Abstract Citation Title Contact information Other fields that cannot be programmatically identified Automatically Edited Properties: Data Size Spatial aspects Attributes w/the exception of the Definition: and Definition Source: fields Other fields that can be programmatically identified

11 Metadata Standards… The SNGIS Community adopted the Federal standard for metadata (FGDC) over the International Standard designed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Format: Federal Geographic Data Committee Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata (FGDC CSDGM) Stylesheet/Profile: FGDC ESRI - This ESRI designed stylesheet is based on the federal standard. Editor: FGDC For more information concerning the FGDC standard, visit

12 Metadata Creation Workflow… What to do with your existing data: 1.Create metadata template 2.Import your template to each data set 3.Edit the metadata of each data set to update unique information 4.Submit your new metadata with the next CR Data Submission 5.Update and submit metadata when a data set changes What to do with new data: 1.Import your template to the new data set 2.Edit the metadata of each data set to update unique information 3.Submit your new data set with metadata to the CR 4.Update and submit metadata when the data set changes

13 Metadata Explorer

14 Clark County Metadata Resources… Conferences and Workshops Southern Nevada User Group Meeting – Thursday Dec. 6 th 9:00am – 12:00noon, Clark County Government Center ODC Training Room 3 Workshop 2008 NGIS State Conference – May 19 th - 21 st, 2008 Orleans Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas Electronic Content FGDC XML Metadata help Metadata Template with Documentation select Metadata Templates Instructional video, forth coming, location TBA ArcCatalog Help, Keyword: Metadata

15 Questions? Eugene (Geno) Astarita 702.455.3855

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