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Co-Teaching Models & co-planning

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1 Co-Teaching Models & co-planning
Communication is the key!

2 Co-Teaching is… co-teaching is not…
As you enter, complete the consensus grams! Please complete the chart: Jot down what co-teaching is and what it is not… ***Think back to our last session together.

3 Time to Reflect! Make time to plan with your co-teacher
Choose a planning template that works for you and “your other half” Complete this planning session prior to the next PLC Keep in mind: What worked? What didn’t work? What would you change on your template to make your planning easier for you and your partner? Revise lesson plans Monitor behavior plans/IEP goals and objectives Check on “who’s getting it” and what do WE need to do DIFFERENTLY

4 Desired Outcomes: Reflect on co-planning strategies
Reflect on strengths and challenges of co-teaching Understand what co-teaching is and isn’t Identify key components of the five models of co-teaching Decide on which co-teaching model is currently being used versus which one to try out Access to an online training site

5 Focusing on your Co-Teaching Challenges

6 You two are lucky to have each other!
Jot a quick thank you note to your co-teacher! You two are lucky to have each other!

7 Most Common Approaches
One Teaching, One Drifting Parallel Teaching Station Teaching Alternative Teaching Team Teaching






13 Video Examples of Co-teaching
These first 5 examples are provided from Brigham Young University and can be found at

14 Using the Models Each of the models of co-teaching can be effective in different classroom situations. Co-teachers have to determine which arrangement best suits the needs of their students in a particular situation. The models are meant to be flexible and used interchangeably. Resource(s)/Online Training Journal: (web site)

15 Advice From Co-Teachers Your Advice
• “Establish and clarify co-teaching goals.” • “Practice communication skills for successful co-teacher interactions.” • “Understand responsibilities.” • “Agree to reflect and celebrate.” • “Agree on a common framework.” Your Advice

16 The Most Important Thing...
"The important thing about a spoon is that you eat with it. It’s like a little shovel, You hold it in your hand, You can put it in your mouth It isn’t flat, It’s hollow And it spoons things up. But the important thing about a spoon is That you eat with it."

17 Please, complete the evaluation form for us.
Thank you!

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