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June 6, 2007 TeraGrid07 CI HOWARD UNIVERSITY April 16, 2010 MSI Cyber Infrastructure Empowerment Coalition MSI-CIEC Richard A. Aló, Presenter, PI.

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1 June 6, 2007 TeraGrid07 CI HOWARD UNIVERSITY April 16, 2010 MSI Cyber Infrastructure Empowerment Coalition MSI-CIEC Richard A. Aló, Presenter, PI Co PIs: Karl Barnes, NAFEO; Diane Baxter, SDSC; Al Kuslikis, AIHEC; Geoffrey Fox, Indiana University; Alex Ramirez, HACU. Hooman Hemmati, Coordinator, MSI-CIEC; Julie Foertsch, Evaluator, University of Wisconsin 4/15/2010 NSF, CyberInfrastructure CI-TEAM Award

2 4/15/2010NSF, CyberInfrastructure CI-TEAM Award Who We Are Mission Richard A. Al ó - Center for Computational Science, University of Houston Downtown Diane Baxter - San Diego Supercomputer Center Geoffrey Fox - Community Grids Lab - Indiana University Alliance for Equity in Higher Education reaching 335+ MSIs Karl Barnes - National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education Al Kuslikis - American Indian Higher Education Consortium Alex Ramirez - Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities MissionMission: To build and enhance the social and technological mechanisms for meaningful engagement of MSIs in CyberInfrastructure (CI).

3 4/15/2010NSF, CyberInfrastructure CI-TEAM Award Overview Who We Are- Mission Agenda What is MSI CIEC- Vision What is CyberInfrastructure NSF/NIH/ DHS Proposals: Calendar of Opportunities: Richard Aló, CCSDS/UHD Sustainable Foundation for Scalability Conclusions

4 Agenda 8:00 - 9:00 Registration and Coffee 9:00 - 9:15 Welcome and Opening Remarks Karl Barnes, Emmanuel Glakpe, PhD. Bradford Grant, Trina Coleman 9:15 - 9:45 Overview of CI and the Breadth of Its Application Presenter : Geoffrey C. Fox, Professor of CS, Information Science and Physics, Community Grids Lab, Indiana University 9: :15 Minority Serving Institutions CI Empowerment Coalition (MSI-CIEC) Presenter: Richard Alo, PhD., Center for Computational Sciences U of Houston-Downtown 10: :45 Introduction to Internet2 Presenter: Russ Hobby, Program Manager, Chief Technical Architect of the End-To-End Performance Initiative for Internet2 10: :00 Break 4/15/2010NSF, CyberInfrastructure CI-TEAM Award

5 Agenda Continued 1 1: :30 Overview: Computational Science Resources for Educators Susan Ragan, Shodor Foundation 11: :30 HU Show Case Projects Related to CI Howard U Center Computational Biology and Bioinformatics William Southerland, PhD., Howard University Linked Environments - Atmospheric Discovery (LEAD) Everette Joseph, PhD., Howard University 12:30 - 2:30 Lunch - Intro to HU CI Strategic Planning Facilitator: Alex Ramirez, PhD., Ex. Dir Information Technology Initiatives, Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU) 2:30 - 4:00 Break-out sessions: Proposal Opportunities/Development Richard Alo, PhD., Center for Computational Sciences, University of Houston-Downtown Introduction to the TeraGrid – HU Computer Lab #n Marcus Alfred, PhD., Howard University Hands-on exploration of CSERD resources for your classroom – HU Computer Lab #n Susan Ragan, Shodor 4:00 - 4:15 Break and Reconvene 4:15- 5:00 Closing Remarks 4/15/2010NSF, CyberInfrastructure CI-TEAM Award

6 4/15/2010NSF, CyberInfrastructure CI-TEAM Award What is: MSI CyberInfrastructure Empowerment Coalition MSI-CIEC A virtual organization to: accelerate development of a CI-related STEM workforce broaden access, participation, and appreciation for CI and e-science particularly among traditionally underrepresented minority populations Vision Through MSIs and the Emerging CI, Advance Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics Participation of underrepresented minorities in: STEM, particularly e-science global STEM workforce

7 4/15/2010NSF, CyberInfrastructure CI-TEAM Award MSI-CyberInfrastructure Empowerment Coalition Learning about Grids and CyberInfrastructure 1. The Minority-Serving Institutions (MSI) CyberInfrastructure (CI) Institute MSI CI² 2. MSI CIEC Page Page Insightful Video Introduction- Fran Berman, Director San Diego Supercomputer Center, 3. NSF 07-28, CyberInfrastructure Vision for 21st Century Discovery p p

8 4/15/2010NSF, CyberInfrastructure CI-TEAM Award MSI-CIEC What is CyberInfrastructure Resources ComputersData Storage Scientific instrumentsExperts etc Linkages Systems Organizations Integrating Software Impact of CyberInfrastructure Captures how Science and Engineering Community has redefined “COMPUTER” “COMPUTER” Coordinated set of hardware, services and software Providing ‘end to end’ resource

9 NSF/NIH/ DHS Calendar of Opportunities: Richard Aló, part 1 NSF Historical Black Colleges/Universities University Program HBCUP Planning Grants; Implementation Projects Achieving Competitive Excellence (ACE)- Prelim/ Implem Education Research Projects Targeted Infusion Projects Innovation through Institutional Integration Tribal Colleges University Program TCUP Prelim Pre-Engineering Education Collaborative (PEEC) Initiation & STEM Teachers of Ed Excellence Projects (STEEP) Pre-Engineering Education Collaborative (PEEC). Innovation through Institutional Integration Hispanic Serving Institutions University Program In the works. Expect something fall 2010 QEM three more workshops: Atlanta, Las Vegas, Albuquerque FAST Supplements – Faculty Student Teams- AMP Supp 4/15/2010NSF, CyberInfrastructure CI-TEAM Award

10 NSF/NIH/ DHS Calendar of Opportunities: Richard Aló, part 2 NSF Centers of Research Excellence in Science and Technology & HBCU Research Infrastructure in Science & Engineering CREST Broadening Participation in Computing (BPC) Demonstration Projects Alliances Leveraging, Scaling, Adapting CISE Pathways to Revitalized Undergraduate Computing Education (CPATH) Advancement of Women in Academic Science and Engineering Careers (ADVANCE) Course Curriculum, and Laboratory Improvement (CCLI) Pilots: projects, studies: material development, single institutions TYPE 1 Full projects, multiple institutions TYPE 2 Large Scale, proven materials, national/ regional TYPE 3 Partnerships for Adaptation, Implementation, and Dissemination (PAID) Institutional Transformation (IT) Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Prelim / Implementation Innovation through Institutional Integration 4/15/2010NSF, CyberInfrastructure CI-TEAM Award

11 NSF/NIH/ DHS Calendar of Opportunities: Richard Aló, part 3 NSF Major Research Instrumentation – April 21 CISE Computing Research Infrastructure – August 4, 2010 Research Experiences for Undergraduates – June 4, 2010 Chemistry: (not international) Engineering and Math: m.html m.html UHD- Ping Chen 4/15/2010NSF, CyberInfrastructure CI-TEAM Award

12 Physics: m.html LifeScience: (local REU) d=317&Itemid= m.html m.html d=317&Itemid= m.html 4/15/2010NSF, CyberInfrastructure CI-TEAM Award

13 Homeland Security University Programs University Programs- programs to develop STEM leadership for the Nation's future security. Scholarship and Fellowship Program- support undergraduate/ graduate students pursuing degrees in HS focused courses study. Scholarship and Fellowship Program Postdoctoral Research Associates Program- one-year awards to postdoctoral scientists/engineers holding doctorate for less than five years. AAAS Fellows Program in National Defense and Global Security is one six policy fellowship programs for science and technologyAAAS Fellows Program Summer Internship Program provides undergraduate juniors/ seniors opportunity to work with HS professionals and researchers during the summer. Summer Internship Program Homeland Security Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (HS-STEM) Career Development Grants Program - institutional grants to colleges/universities to award scholarships and fellowships to students in HS-STEM disciplines. Homeland Security Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (HS-STEM) Career Development Grants Program 4/15/2010NSF, CyberInfrastructure CI-TEAM Award

14 Homeland Security Funding Opportunities Broad Agency Announcement -research, create, develop, deploy evaluate innovative educational tools, approaches, resources-assist with development of educated/well trained STEM workforce, representing U.S. population needed to protect USA in foreseeable future-open until February 28, MSI Community Colleges Competition - applications from CCs to establish HS-STEM Scientific Leadership Bridge Award (SLBA) Programs supporting development of HS-STEM workforce that reflects the population of the United States. Goals are: MSI Community Colleges Competition provide support to qualified pre-college or early college students interested in HS- STEM disciplines and expose these students to DHS relevant STEM issues attract and retain STEM faculty who inspire students to pursue careers in HS enable students to transition to relevant bachelor degree programs and ultimately to careers in HS-STEM fields cultivate collaborative relationships between CCs, institutional recipients of bachelors and graduate MSI Scientific Leadership Awards, DHS-sponsored Centers of Excellence, DHS-sponsored laboratories, other Federal research institutions and industry. 4/15/2010NSF, CyberInfrastructure CI-TEAM Award

15 June 6, 2007 TeraGrid07 Thank You Richard Aló and the MSI CIEC Team 4/15/ NSF, CyberInfrastructure CI-TEAM Award

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