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Welcome to Fifth Grade.. 5 th Grade Behavior Plan.

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1 Welcome to Fifth Grade.

2 5 th Grade Behavior Plan

3 Homework Given every night 20 min of reading every night Math worksheet, typically Mon - Thurs

4 Late Work Procedure 1 st and 2 nd Late: Homework Alert (to be signed by student and parent) *** Just a warning! 3 rd Late: Alternative Room NOTE: If the HW or Alert is not returned the next day, student will go to the Alternative Room.

5 Field Trips Students will have fabulous learning experiences this year! Here’s a heads up on trips and their approximate prices: Sturbridge Village (Oct. 23) - $30(coach bus and extended day) Colonial Day (Nov. 27) - $10 Hartford Stage Connections My Brother Sam is Dead (Dec )- $25 CT Historical Society (Three Branches of Government) & State Capitol Tour (April?) - $20 High Touch High Tech? If the cost of the trip presents a problem for your family, please contact your child’s homeroom teacher. Estimated Total: $100

6 Mrs. Bavol Went to Marist College 14 th year of teaching in Granby Special Education/Regular Education Grades 3, 4 and 5 Lives in Torrington with husband Rob, 5 year old (almost 6!) daughter, Ava and newly turned one-year old, Max

7 Long Term Assignments Reading Response every other week Book Reports – four assigned reports a year. Instructions and rubrics are explained in class and are posted on my web page. This work is done at home. Current Events

8 Current Events-Beginning in Oct Every student is responsible for one current event report every other week. Every student has a specific day and topic for their report. Students need to turn in a completed form and give a short (2 minute) speech to the class. Students need to read the article - no TV or radio reports, please. It doesn’t have to be today’s news – anything within a week or so is fine.

9 Language Arts Reader’s Workshop Teacher mini lesson, group/independent reading, group and individual conferences with teacher 4-5 novels in class, 4-5 novels independently. 4-Book reports for the year Increasing nonfiction reading

10 Social Studies Explorers Colonies The Revolutionary War The Constitution Westward Expansion Assessments vary from paper and pencil tests to performances to reports to artwork. Reviews for tests are done in class, but the student should study at home as well

11 Mr. Whitten Let me introduce myself… Curriculum Science Sound Light Human Brain and Senses Sun, Moon, Earth Human Body Systems Health Writing Focus on three forms of writing Narrative Opinion Informational My general expectations…

12 Who is Mrs. Fleming? Went to UConn Taught 6 th grade math for 4 years Taught 4 th grade for 3 years Fourth year teaching 5 th grade Lives in Massachusetts with my husband, Kevin, 3 year old, Connor, and 1 year old twins, Mackenzie and Ryan

13 Mathematics Student Reference Book is available to go home, but must be returned the next day. HW: Study Links and other worksheets Study Guides as HW – flash cards, white board, extra practice, online activities Math Facts Daily Math

14 Spelling Regular weekly assignments Spelling won’t start for another few weeks

15 Geography Done intermittently throughout the year with a concentration in the third trimester Students will receive one final, culminating grade in the third trimester

16 Mrs. Clough (Cluff) Hello families!! My name is Briana Clough and I am the 5 th grade resource teacher. This is my first year teaching at Kelly Lane and I am very excited to be here! Before coming to Granby, I attended UCONN as an undergraduate and received my Master’s degree and Special Education certification from the University of Saint Joseph. I’ve also worked in schools in Norwich and Bloomfield where I specialized in helping students with literacy skills. Being a resource teacher means I am a resource to EVERYONE!

17 Communication Monthly newsletters will be emailed. If you need a hard copy, please let one of us know. Emails on an as-needed basis. Meghan Bavol (S.S./Reading) Jim Whitten (Writing/Science) Christina Fleming (Math/Spelling) Briana Clough (Resource)

18 La Clase de Español Señora Sultaire

19 Expose students to the Spanish language through the peoples, practices, products and perspectives the language encompasses by incorporating the “5C’s National Standards for Language”. In this program, students will learn the basics of Spanish and begin building a strong foundation for second language learning. They will understand the importance of learning a second language and relate Spanish to their own lives and the world around them. Students will explore Spanish using real-life experiences through all language competencies. In class, students will be reading, writing, listening and speaking Spanish! Currently students are learning some basics and becoming familiar with their new surroundings. They have also chosen a Spanish name for class, ask them to share it with you! Goals of the Spanish Program

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