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Pre-Civil War and the Civil War

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1 Pre-Civil War and the Civil War
Student made

2 People William Lloyd Garrison Fredrick Douglass Harriet Tubman
Dred Scott Case John Brown/ Harper’s Ferry Lincoln Davis

3 Events Reform Movements Underground Railroad Uncle Tom’s Cabin
Compromise of 1850 Fugitive Slave Act Kansas-Nebraska Act (Bleeding Kansas) Election of 1860 South Carolina secedes

4 Causes of the Civil War States rights slavery tariff disputes
different economies cultural differences

5 Confederates vs. Unions
Confederate States Border States Union States Advantages (physical) motivations Lincoln Davis

6 Early Civil War Fort Sumter (April, 1861) First Bull Run (July, 1861)
Shiloh (April, 1862) Antietam (September, 1862) Emancipation Proclamation (January, 1863) Vicksburg ( April-July, 1863) Gettysburg ( July, 1863)

7 Late Civil War African-American troops (54th Massachusetts regiment)
Sherman’s March to the Sea Surrender at Appomattax Death of Lincoln

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