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OASIS-C How well do you know OASIS-C? Take the OASIS-C quiz.

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1 OASIS-C How well do you know OASIS-C? Take the OASIS-C quiz.
The answers are provided at the end of this PowerPoint presentation. If you have any questions, please Madeline Coleman at

2 Question 1 XYZ Home Health Agency collected OASIS data on their pediatric patients due to Medicare was the payor source to generate the HHRG/HIPPS code. They should submit the data to their Medicare Administrator Contractor and to the OASIS State System. True False

3 Question 2 A deemed Home Health Agency that is accredited by Joint Commission does not have to report OASIS data. (a) True (b) False

4 Question 3 A comprehensive assessment can be completed by: (a) RN, LPN (b) RN, PT, OT, ST (c) MSW, LPN, PTA, OTA (d) RN only

5 Question 4 A patient was discharged from a qualifying inpatient stay on day 56 of his episode of care. The HHA completed a recertification since the regulations require that one to be completed during the last 5 days of the episode of care (days counting from the SOC date). Did the HHA do the correct assessment? Yes No

6 Question 5 A patient was admitted to ABC hospital for a qualifying inpatient hospital stay on day 54 of his episode of care. The HHA did not complete a transfer OASIS. The patient was discharged from ABC hospital on day 61? What type of assessment does the HHA completes: SOC ROC Recertification

7 Question 6 The day of assessment refers to the calendar day of the assessment and the most recent 24 hours period. (a) True (b) False

8 Question 7 The assessing clinician who was a Physical Therapy was on day 5 when completing the Drug Regimen Review. Some of the medications he/she was not totally familiar with. Therefore, he/she made a call to the office for collaboration. An LPN was the only staff in the office and PT collaborated with the LPN. Since it was the 5th and last day to complete the comprehensive assessment, PT could collaborate with the LPN. (a) True (b) False

9 Question 8 Question: Mrs. Jones had been seen by a HHA for two weeks with a diagnosis of diabetes. One day she fell and broke her femur. She was transferred to the hospital for surgery with a hospital stay of three days. Afterward, she went to Lakewood nursing home for Rehabilitation for two weeks. The HHA will resume care after she has completed her rehabilitation. What answer option reflects the most appropriate action? A ) No action required. B ) RFA 9- Discharge OASIS should be completed. C ) RFA 6-Transfer; patient not discharged and ROC should be completed D) RFA 7-Transfer; patient discharged should be completed

10 Question 9 When a patient has a poor appetite and there is an order for enteral nutrition therapy, for item set M1030, in what situation would you be able to mark enteral nutrition (number 3) on the OASIS item set? Flushing of G-tube for hydration (b) Administration of Medication (c) Administration of prn Ensure within 24 hours of assessment

11 Question 10 Starting January 1, 2015, the Home Health Agency will submit OASIS data to: (a) The state system (b) CMS via ASAP (c) Both the state system and CMS via ASAP (d) Will no longer be required to submit OASIS data

12 Question 11 When performing the drug education for an assessment, other agency staff beside the assessing clinician can provide education to the patient/caregiver without violating the one clinician rule. True False

13 Question 12 When conducting a pain assessment, depression screening and fall risk assessment, the assessing clinician can use any type of standardized tool to conduct the assessment. True False

14 Question 13 Where can Home Health Agencies access/find the various QBQI and QBQM reports? Oasis Answers (b) Casper System (c) OEC Coordinator

15 Question 14 Most submission errors are: (a) Inconsistent effective date sequence (b) Inconsistent M0090/Submission Date (c) Inconsistent M0032 date (d) Inconsistent M0030 date

16 Question 15 (a) Diabetes (b) Diabetes, Hypertension
Mrs. Jones was admitted to the hospital on 7/10/14 and discharged on 7/15/14 with an order for home health to start on 7/16/14. Discharge documentation indicated that she was treated for Diabetes and Hypertension. Patient also had a diagnosis of Arthritis that was stable throughout the hospitalization. What response represent an accurate completion of M1010 inpatient diagnosis? (a) Diabetes (b) Diabetes, Hypertension (c) Diabetes, Hypertension, Arthritis

17 Question 16 Which of the following cannot be considered when scoring M1230 (Speech and Oral Expression of Language) even though the patient is communicating in his or her primary language? Sign language and writing (b) Trained esophageal speaker (c) Electrolarynx

18 Question 17 When the clinician was assessing Mrs. Cox who had a diagnosis of CHF, she noticed that she had increased swelling in her legs and feet, and shortness of breath. The clinician called her doctor the same day and reported these symptoms. Mrs. Cox’s physician did not return her call until the next day. For M1510 Heart Failure Follow-up, can she mark no. 1, the physician was contacted the same day? (a) Yes (b) No

19 Question 18 When should a Resumption of Care (ROC) assessment be completed? (Two answers are correct) (a) Within 48 hours of the patient discharge from the hospital stay. (b) Within 48 hours of becoming aware of a discharge from the inpatient setting. (c) At any time if the physician write an order to delay the ROC assessment past 48 hours.

20 Question 19 If the ROC comprehensive assessment was completed after the CMS allowed 48 hours timeframe, all of the best practice questions should be answered NA? (a) True (b) False

21 Question 20 (Data Submission) HHAs are not allowed to correct the Reason for Assessment (RFA)as a non key field correction. The HHA must submit an inactivation request for the erroneous assessment and re-submit a corrected assessment, containing the correct RFA. True False

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