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Welcome to Roskilde University. - aerial view of campus.

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1 Welcome to Roskilde University

2 - aerial view of campus

3 The Latin text in the seal says: ”In tranquillo mors, in fluctu vita” In english: “In silence, death; in movement, life”. The coral in RUC’s seal

4 Roskilde University Department of Communication, Business and Information Technologies CBIT) Department of Culture and Identity (CUID) Department of Environmental, Social and Spatial Change (ENSPAC) Department of Science, Systems and Models (NSM) Department of Psychology and Educational Studies (PAES) Department of Society and Globalisation (ISG) Roskilde University (RUC) is a state university founded in 1972 for the purpose of performing research and supplying education at the highest level. These activities are structured into six multi-disciplinary departments:

5 At Roskilde University, research combines classic in-depth study with a problem-oriented and interdisciplinary approach To ensure the continued development of its cross-disciplinary research, Roskilde University has increased its allocations to basic research. Research profile

6 Key elements of the research profile of the University are: Environmental Science Globalisation Communication Education

7 Underlying the educational programmes offered at the University are the following principles: Educational principles Interdisciplinarity and problem orientation Project work Group work Close connection between research and education.

8 A course of study at Roskilde University takes between three and eight years. Students in all specialisations at Roskilde University start with two years of basic studies. Basic studies in the Social Sciences Basic studies the Humanities Basic studies the Natural sciences Basic studies of the Humanities and Technology The Basic Studies Programmes are offered in both and in The two years of basic studies are followed by the specialised degree study programmes. Study structure

9 Roskilde University offers: Study structure Bachelor’s degree programmes (three years total) Single-major master’s degree programmes (five years) Double-major master’s degree programmes (five years) PhD programmes (eight years) Part-time education (two - three years total)

10 Subjects and Courses RUC offers 35 subjects and courses, that can be combined in more than 300 combinations Business Management Administration French Physics Geography History Working Life Studies Environmental Planning Molecular Biology Public Administration Performance-design Psychology Public AdministrationEU-studies Educational Theory and Educational Studies Social Science Interdisciplinary Studies in Health Promotion and Health Strategies Planning, spatiality & Resources Biology Danish Computer Science English Business Economics Global Studies Philosophy and Theory of Science Int. Development Studies Informatics Journalism Chemistry Cultural Encounter Communication Mathematics Medical Biology Environmental Biology German Business Studies

11 RUC offers a wide range of specially designed combinations and study programmes Science & Business Management Cultural Environment Ecological Landscape Planning Medical Chemistry Migration, Development and Identity Environmental Chemistry and Eco-Toxocology Public Relation Tourism Museum Communication Specially designed combinations and study programmes Bioinformatics Biomedicine Urban Studies Bilinguism and Danish as a Second Language Geoinformatics Interactive Media Biomolecular Chemisty Environmental Risk Assessment

12 Part-time Education Master degrees Master of Psychology of Organisations Master in Adult Education Master in Professionel Communication Master in ICT and Learning Master in Cultural Management Master in Social Entrepreneuship Master in Projectmangament & Project Improvement Master in Experience Management Bachelor degree Tourist Guide Training Programme

13 The PhD programme is a 3 year individual research training programme building on top of a master’s degree within a relevant academic area. More than 250 PhD students are enrolled at RUC and app. 20% of the students are international students. PhD-programmes

14 Roskilde Doctoral Schools (RDS) is the mutual heading of the University’s six Doctoral Schools. - Doctoral School of Communication, Business and Information Technologies - Doctoral School of Environmental and Social Studies - Doctoral School of Culture, Language and Philosophy - Doctoral School of Natural Sciences - Doctoral School of Lifelong Learning and Social Psychology of Everyday - Doctoral School of Society and Globalisation Students are enrolled in one of the Doctoral Schools depending on the nature of their PhD project. Each Doctoral School has a number of PhD programmes. RUC has a total of 18 PhD programmes covering the many research areas at the University within the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences.

15 Study environment Students are assigned to so-called “houses” Each house is the daily workplace of about 110 students, a secretary and four to six instructors. Each house is both a social unit and a physical one The “house” structure is an important characteristic of Roskilde University The house is a study environment and the students themselves are involved in setting the agenda

16 The Executive Committee The supreme governing body is the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee has nine members. 5 “external” members otherwise not associated with the University 4 members representing the faculty, staff and students of the University. The day-to-day management of the University is handled by the Rector within the framework laid down by the Executive Committee. Academic Council The University appoints an Academic Council formed to advise Rector on the internal allocation of grant funding on the central strategic research and educational fields and setting up expert committees toaward PhD and doctoral degrees Departments and boards of studies 6 departments and thus 6 heads of department 27 boards of studies. These boards plan and organise the instruction provided and prepare curriculum proposals. Governance

17 Organization

18 Summer at Campus

19 Finance Danish students do not pay tuition fees Students from countries outside the EU/EEA must pay full tuition fee RUC is mainly funded through annual government appropriations 15–20 % comes from other sources Annually DKK 700 (app. 100 mio. Euro) million is spent on research and education. The University Library receives funding on the order of DKK 25 million annually

20 8.000 students 1.000 international students 700 researchers and teachers 250 Technical/Administrative employees RUC is the only Campus university in Denmark The actual campus ground makes up about 344.000 sq.m. Co-owner of the former naval station in Dragerup Skov in Holbæk Residential halls at Rockwool Kollegiet Trekroner Kollegiet Kollegiet ”Korallen” Some figures

21 Number of students 1972-2009

22 Studerents distributed on degree courses 2009

23 Final exams 2009

24 Distribution of part-time students 2009

25 International student mobility

26 Number of Academical & Technical staff 2009

27 Revenues 2009

28 Expenditures 2009

29 Further information

30 The library & Department of Society and Globalisation

31 Foyer building 25

32 Library

33 Lecture Hall

34 Library

35 Life on campus




39 New Students


41 Groupwork

42 Research at The Library

43 A little break

44 Lecture

45 Life on campus

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