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1 TECHNOLOGIES TRANSFORMATIONAL TECHNOLOGIES UNDER THE DIRECTION OF INTERNATIONAL MASTER-COACH: PAT GROVE Optimising Peak Performance Throughput & Fully Aligning Executive Intent and Vision Throughout the Organisation Transformation Technologies – Releasing the Barriers to Organisational Peak-Performance

2 Transforming Organisational Performance AN ONTOLOGICAL COACHING FORMULATION FOR TRANSFORMING ORGANISATIONS INTO: HIGH-ENERGY; PEAK-PERFORMANCE; HIGH-TRUST; EGALITARIAN; FULLY EMPOWERED; MUTUALLY SUPPORTIVE CORPORATE PARTNERSHIPS With the PARTICIPATIVE MANAGEMENT BREAK-THROUGH FORMULA Transformational Technologies We must forget about trying to light fires under people. It is the fire in them that is critical to the success, even the survival, of todays organizations.

3 Excellent Performance Is both Achievable & Sustainable There is a Break-Through Solution! NOW YOU KNOW Under-performance is not a hopeless, endless problem! There is a BREAK-THROUGH SOLUTION. Who then can transform an organisation with an idea whose time has come? At one time in history everyone knew that: The world was flat The sun revolved around the earth Slavery was an economic value A four minute mile was impossible Polio and smallpox would always be with us and No one would ever set foot on the moon! Until courageous people challenged old beliefs and the time was right for a new idea to be born. There is nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come!! Transformational Technologies

4 Whats Missing? Mediocre performance often persists not because we cant end it but simply because we havent discovered a Break-Through Process! If there are more than sufficient resources? If the solutions are at hand? If poor performance is not inevitable? Why do millions of us continue to be frustrated in our organisations? Simply because most of us lack the real know-how to achieve a Break-Through! But the process is at hand. Transformational Technologies Its what you Dont Know that you Dont Know - that is The Key!

5 What You Dont Know that you Dont Know! What you know has got you to where you are. But it is also part of the problem. It prevents you from going further! To achieve a different outcome you need to do something entirely different. But you do not know what the solution is! And you would have no idea how to realise it even if you fell over it. Because the Problem is not the Problem; the Solution is not the Solution. We need a Break-Through Solution! And the process is at hand. Transformational Technologies Its what You Dont Know that You Dont Know - that is The Key! But How?

6 Transformation From THE BOSS to THE COACH THE BOSS pushes people for results. THE ONTOLOGICAL COACH lifts people to higher levels of performance. THE BOSS tells people what to do. THE ONTOLOGICAL COACH asks questions to see what people think and feel should be done. THE BOSS unwittingly triggers insecurity. THE COACH* consciously inculcates creativity. THE BOSS knows the answers. THE ONTOLOGICAL COACH seeks new answers. THE BOSS wants to achieve compliance. THE COACH* inspires passion and commitment. THE BOSS is focused only on results. THE COACH* balances focus on process and performance. THE BOSS tries to get the most from people. THE COACH* works to get the best from people. THE BOSS concentrates on what to do. THE COACH* invokes enhanced action through being. THE BOSS reacts to what is. THE ONTOLOGICAL COACH works with people to create what isn't. NOW YOU KNOW. Transformation Technologies provides the specific tools for leaders, managers and supervisors, with the Ontological Break-Through Formula, to shift their perspective and competencies to build a Transformational Coaching Culture. Transformational Technologies *We refer specifically to the Ontological Coach

7 NOW YOU KNOW Yesterdays winning strategies do not guarantee success in today or tomorrows organisations; in fact they can often ensure that we wont succeed. To create a sustainable competitive advantage for your organisation, you need a team-based, feedback-rich, high-performance culture that relies on Transformational Coaching as the universal, connective practice. The Break-through Formula introduces The Ontological Coaching Culture, a fundamentally different way of approaching the process of leading others to enhance their performance. It creates egalitarian, mutually supportive, high trust partnerships between people that transcend the traditional boss/subordinate roles. Transformational Coaching is a clear guide for developing employees to become motivated, effective, fulfilled, committed, passionate and happy in their jobs. Ontological Coaching is the requisite skill for todays leaders who choose to enhance their personal effectiveness as well as the performance of those they lead. Shifting our mind-set from The Boss to The Coach is essential for Personal and Organisational Transformation Transformational Technologies

8 There are four different approaches to change or growth Consultancy – Experts who have the answers and tell you what you need to Do or Have to close the gap on your target - First Order Learning. Training – Experts who provide the missing skills that are in short supply. What you need to do better in order to perform better - First Order Learning. Coaching and Mentoring – Life Skills, Performance Coaches and Bosses who work at the level of Do and Have – First Order Learning. Ontological Coaching – Transformation Technologists who do not know what you need but work with you to light a fire in you that allows you to uncover & create what you need. Coaches that work at the level of The Way Of Being – Second Order Learning. And this change is profound and the growth is long-term & exponential. But what is First and Second Order Learning and How does it work? Ontological Coaching Transformational Technologies

9 Language Body Mood ObserverActions Results 2nd Order Learning Transformation Coaching Exponential Growth 1 st Order Learning Doing/Having +ve -ve Being Depends on COMPETENCY of Observer Language, Body and Mood determines our Way of Being and this in turn generates the way we observe The way we observe depends on our Being; this generates the type of behaviour/action we take The Action or Behaviour depends upon the way we are observing Results are dependent upon our actions and way of being Positive Results (+ve) or Negative Results (-ve) are dependent on the person observing If the results are –ve we traditionally reflect back onto our actions We look for things to do and to have to improve the results Ontological Coaching shifts the Way of Being as it opens up a different way to observe and therefore creates New Possibilities in a Mood for Success Incremental Growth Transformational Technologies

10 What if people in your Organisation….. Knew the vision of the organisation and their role in creating success? Were committed to give their personal best efforts and did not hold back because of fear of failure or criticism? Freely contributed to the organisations goals without worrying about who got the credit? Valued one another's thoughts and ideas and treated everyone with respect and compassion? Sought out and positively responded to performance feedback? Were willing to listen? Operated with determination and not resignation? Made the distinction between knowing and learning? Freely admitted what they did not know and therefore were open to new learning? NOW YOU KNOW: High performance organisations have all these elements in their teams. And so the Question is: What can you do with regard achieving a Break-Trough in Your Organisation? These what ifs are not pipe dreams; They are conditions found in High-Performing Teams. Transformational Technologies

11 To make a difference in your organisation! And Now you have the Answer! Transformational Technologies has a simple Assertion and Promise. If You Really Knew the Power You Have… The Science of Transformation: Transformational Coaching Technologies! The Science of Personal and Business Transformation TransformationalTechnologies

12 The Assertion - Organisations based upon the command and control management model do not optimize the level of creativity, commitment and performance required for long term survival in our more competitive global markets. An Ontological Coaching Culture is emerging as a significantly more powerful approach to leading people in today's flatter organisations by bringing out the best in teams, leaders, and the results they create together. We must do more with less, and Ontological Coaching is the requisite skill to gain inspired performance. Your organisation can also be high-performing and rich in creativity and empowerment. The Assertion of Ontology Transformational Technologies

13 The Promise – To the extent that leaders and teams embrace the mind-set and skill-set of being a Transformational Coach, they will create the high-performance, feedback-rich environment essential for long term, sustainable exponential results. Organisations with Ontological Coaching skills and a feedback-rich environment will outperform their competitors, hands down! Through Transformational Coaching leaders can reinvent themselves and transform their subordinates; and therefore also reinvent and transform their organisations. NOW YOU KNOW HOW Your organisation can also be high-performing and rich in creativity and empowerment. But what type of Coaching is this? The Promise of Ontology Transformational Technologies

14 An Invaluable Investment Transformational Coaching is destined to make an impact on the leadership styles of the leaders who apply this Ontological Coaching approach. It will be an invaluable investment in developing contemporary leadership competencies in leading the three different generations working side by side in our organisations. Connecting with people to discover what makes them tick is a rich and underdeveloped source of genuine influence and power. Ontological Coaching provides the frame-work for creating this deeper level of trust, mutual support and empowerment that leads to the Ontological Break-Through Solution. There are workable, proven, affordable solutions to the performance problem all organisations experience. And hundreds, even thousands of people in an organisation can be Coached to achieve specific competencies. Transformational Technologies

15 The Power of Ontology Over the past 39 years, Pat Grove, founder of Transformational Technologies, and affectionately called the Magician of Transformation, has worked with leaders and their teams around the world to create sustainable high performance output by means of his unique style of Ontological Coaching. Pat states that: No leaders have been more powerful and more effective with people than the ones who have decided to become Ontological Coaches. Shifting the mind set and skill-set from being The Boss to being The Coach is one of the most powerful transformations a leader can make as they develop their capacity to lead with the Ontological Break-Through Formula. NOW YOU KNOW Consensus is growing that only an Ontological Coaching Culture achieves sustainable Transformation and delivers a long-term result. So what is the Break-Through Formula? Transformation Technologies

16 The Participative Management Break-Through Formula Passion is the Life-blood of Organizations. Passion is what differentiates great companies from mediocre ones. X (E * M *(F-I) L R The formula dramatically illustrates the exponential relationship of the human components of an organisation: How the effectiveness of the leadership will impact the overall performance and create exponential growth leading to peak-performance. Results (R) are the desired outcome of all our efforts and (X) is the Exponential Growth Rate. Energised People (E) feel good about themselves, their team and the place they work in. M is the total Resource Pool, and E*M is therefore the Total Energy generated by the organisation. The channeling of that energy is a function of Focus (F) less Interference and Resistance (I). Focused people know the strategic goals of the business and their role in creating success. Interference detracts from efficiency and effectiveness. As does individual Resistance. Leadership (L) empowers. It dramatically influences the effectiveness of the energy and focus of the team. We have to watch out not to Interfere more than required as this will have an exponential impact as well. Leadership solicits Trust, Commitment & Passion. = Transformational Technologies

17 Passion is the critical link between great ideas and great accomplishments. It is the X-factor that results in the sum of strategy and execution being greater than the parts. We must forget about trying to light fires under people. It is the fire in them that is critical to the success, even the survival, of todays organizations. The Participative Management Break-Through Formula X (E * M *(F-I) L R = NOW YOU KNOW. Through building a Transformational Coaching Culture you and your team can dramatically impact the exponential growth of your organisation by applying the Break-Through Formula and igniting the fire of individual expression, passion and commitment in people. Transformational Technologies Participative Management is a Horizontal Leadership Model.

18 Thank you for your interest in TRANSFORMATIONAL TECHNOLOGIES AND THE PARTICIPATIVE MANAGEMENT BREAK-THROUGH FORMULA Transformational Technologies Peak-Performance All that remains is to introduce the process to your Organisation. For a free Quotation contact Rod Finnie on 082 253 8025 or via email:


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