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West Virginia Achieves Professional Development Series Volume XX Systemic Developmental Guidance and Counseling with Strong Character and Career Education.

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1 West Virginia Achieves Professional Development Series Volume XX Systemic Developmental Guidance and Counseling with Strong Character and Career Education

2 West Virginia Department of Education Mission The West Virginia Department of Education, in conjunction with the Regional Education Service Agencies and the Office of Performance Audits, will create systemic conditions, processes and structures within the West Virginia public school system that result in (1) all students achieving mastery and beyond and (2) closing the achievement gap among sub-groups of the student population.

3 Robert Hutchins The Conflict in Education in a Democratic Society “Perhaps the greatest idea that America has given the world is education for all. The world is entitled to know whether this idea means that everybody can be educated or simply that everyone must go to school.”

4 What We Know…  An emerging body of research identifies characteristics of high performing school systems.  These school systems have made significant progress in bringing all students to mastery and in closing the achievement gap.  These systems share characteristics described in The West Virginia Framework for High Performing Schools.


6 Counseling?

7 People have wondered… What do school counselors DO?

8 The old question was… “What do counselors do?” The new question is… “How are students different because of the school counseling program?

9 West Virginia State Board Of Education Policy 2315

10 ASCA National Model

11 Foundation

12 Philosophy School counseling programs support a school’s academic mission. School counseling programs are data driven. School counselors are involved in every school activity to some degree. School counselors serve as advocates for all students. School counselors continue to seek professional development and are involved in their professional association.

13 West Virginia School Counseling Programs Mission To focus on academic, career and personal/social development to ensure that every student benefits from a program that is comprehensive in scope, preventative in design and developmental in nature.

14 Domains The school counseling program facilitates student development in three broad domains: –Academic –Career –Personal/social The school counseling program helps to promote and enhance the learning process.

15 ASCA National Standards and Competencies This serves as the foundation for the ASCA National Model. These student content standards and competencies define the knowledge, attitudes or skills students should obtain or demonstrate as a result of participating in a school counseling program. They are developed and organized into three domains.

16 Why Have A Comprehensive Program? a focus to “never forget” an essential component of the educational experience of all students

17 Rationale By aligning a counseling program with the school’s mission and school improvement plan, professional school counselors will partner as leaders in systemic change ensure equity and access promote academic, career and personal/ social development for every student

18 The National Standards are statements of what all students should know and be able to do as result of participating in a school counseling program.

19 Academic Development Standard A. Students will acquire the attitudes, knowledge and skills that contribute to effective learning in school and across the life span. Standard B. Students will complete school with academic preparation essential to choose from a wide range of substantial post-secondary options, including college. Standard C. Students will understand the relationship of academics to the world of work, and to life at home and in the community.

20 Standard A. Students will acquire the skills to investigate the world of work in relation to knowledge of self and to make informed career decisions. Standard B. Students will employ strategies to achieve future career success and satisfaction. Standard C. Students understand the relationship between personal qualities, education, training, and the world of work. Career Development

21 Standard A. Students will acquire the attitudes, knowledge and interpersonal skills to help them understand and respect self and others. Standard B. Students will make decisions, set goals and take necessary action to achieve goals. Standard C. Students will understand safety and survival skills. Personal/Social Development

22 What is your county’s/school’s foundation for a comprehensive developmental guidance and counseling program?

23 Management System

24 We Do This By Aligning the school counseling program to the mission of the school Using data to demonstrate the need for change Focusing on improving student achievement Connecting the school counseling standards with the academic learning standards Identifying specific student competencies to achieve the school’s goals Collaborating and teaming with colleagues

25 What does your county’s/school’s management system for a comprehensive developmental guidance and counseling program look like?

26 Delivery System

27 Guidance Curriculum Consists of structured developmental lessons (i.e. character education & career development) Designed to assist students in achieving competencies Presented systematically Delivered using a collaborative model involving the school counselor, classroom teachers, and other appropriate education professionals.

28 Individual Planning with Students Activities coordinated by counselors that assist students in developing personal goals and future plans Academic/career/personal/goal setting –Career planning –Individual student academic planning –Interpretation of and application of assessment information –Parental and school staff involvement

29 Responsive Services Activities to meet students’ immediate needs May be provided directly - Individual, group counseling, classroom guidance May be provided indirectly - through consultation, peer facilitation, or outside referral

30 Responsive Services –Peer pressure –Family relationships –Grief and loss –Child abuse –Dropout prevention –Conflict resolution –Personal identity issues –Suicide and accidents –Attendance problems –Motivation and achievement issues May address these and many others

31 Responsive Services Services for student with a severe crisis are usually short term in nature. The counselor may act as a facilitator between school/student and resources agency. The school counselor may facilitate or serve on a school/community crisis response team.

32 System Support System support includes activities that establish maintain and enhance the total school counseling program –Professional development –Consultation –Collaboration and teaming –Data analysis and interpretation –School improvement plan development and implementation

33 Delivery System Elementary Middle High School Guidance Curriculum35-45% 25-35% 15-25% Individual Planning 5-10% 15-25% 25-35% Responsive Services 30-40% 30-40% 25-35% System Support 10-15% 10-15% 15-20%

34 How are your counselors spending their time? Is their time similar to the suggested percentage of times? If not, what needs to be revised or created to allow this to happen?

35 Accountability

36 Use of Data –Analyze and use data to examine and improve student outcomes –Establish and assess measurable outcomes for counseling programs –Use school-based data to support decision making –Use data from surveys, interview, focus groups, and needs assessments to address student needs

37 Analyze School Data WESTEST Scores Attendance data Drop out rate GPA’s or DFI Lists Course enrollment patterns Discipline referrals/suspensions Parent involvement Disaggregating your data demands attention! Take a good look at the overall school data to guide your program:

38 Reality Check What does the data tell you about the current situation in your school? What needs to change? What can the school counseling program do to create the necessary changes to support student success?

39 What Will The Results Be? Every student will benefit from the school counseling program. Every student will acquire attitudes, knowledge and skills as a result of the nine standards and competencies. Every student will be better prepared for transitions from grade to grade and to life after high school.

40 How is your comprehensive developmental guidance and counseling program addressing accountability?

41 What are the benefits of a comprehensive developmental guidance and counseling program?

42 Benefits for Students Increases classroom performance Involves ALL students in the guidance and counseling program Provides consistent developmental lessons in grades K-12

43 Benefits for Counselor Provides clear role and function responsibilities Eliminates non-guidance functions Creates a tool for program management Provides an opportunity to reach ALL students

44 Benefits for Parents Improves home to school communication Involves parents in the educational process Increases collaboration between parents and school staff

45 Benefits for School Provides a team effort to address students needs Provides program structure with specific content Promotes career development with core curriculum

46 Benefits for Administrators Provides program structure with specific content Promotes accountability and meets need of GAP students Promotes a proactive, prevention-based program Promotes career development integration with core curriculum

47 For more information related to school counselors contact Lisa Burton, Coordinator West Virginia Department of Education Office of Student Services and Health Promotion Phone – –

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