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General Electric a Case Study

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1 General Electric a Case Study
Adrienne Nagle MGTC 303

2 General Electric General Electric Company (GE) is one of the largest multinational technology and services conglomerates that achieves financial success by focusing on innovation, diversification, brand recognition, and strong leadership.

3 History Founded in 1892 Inventions Edison General Electric
Thomson-Houston Electric Inventions Light Bulb X-Ray MRI / HDMRI Jet Engine 4D Imaging for Ultrasound Etc

4 Good & Bad Bad Good (Ecomagination) Hudson River Legal Battles Wind
Nuclear Solar Efficiency

5 Company Categories Infrastructure Commercial Finance GE Money
Healthcare NBC Universal Industrial

6 Leadership Organizational Management Leaders Top Down Bottom up
Thomas Edison Founder Jack Welch Bottom Line Jeffrey Immelt Green

7 Conclusion History Company Organization Leadership
From jet engines to power generation, financial services, water processing, and medical imaging to media content, GE people worldwide are dedicated to turning imaginative ideas into leading products and services that help solve some of the worlds toughest problems GE

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