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2009-2010 Assessment Program Preview June 2009. Agenda: Intro by SDP Intro to Acuity Distractor Analysis Instructional Resources Student Online Testing.

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1 2009-2010 Assessment Program Preview June 2009

2 Agenda: Intro by SDP Intro to Acuity Distractor Analysis Instructional Resources Student Online Testing ExperienceStudent Online Testing Experience

3 Paper/Pencil Administration Materials What to Expect in the Box Once a Year – Beginning of the year – Test Coordinator (TC) guides – Test Assessment manuals One week prior to administration of Paper/Pencil tests, materials will arrive in schools, addressed to the Principal and TC. – Master Packing List - – Quick Reference Sheet – School Identification Form – Assessment booklets – Class Roster Sheet – 1 per teacher – Pre-coded and blank answer sheets - the September assessment may not have pre-coded documents due to the required information not being available – Return envelopes

4 Sample Roster Sheet

5 Sample School Identification Form

6 Sample Student Answer Sheet Verify Student ID number and Test ID number are accurate

7 Acuity: Assessment System Overview What are the key components of Acuity? Online and Offline Tests Online Instructional Resources Item Banks for Customized Tests

8 Acuity Assessments: Custom Test Builder Approximately 25,000 items in ELA and Mathematics Item Bank aligned to state standards and objectives Multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank item formats Offline or Online

9 Available Distractor Analysis Provides likely reasons why a student may have chosen one answer over another. Working on making this its own tab in SchoolNet Will be available for all Benchmark tests Will be available for Grades 3-8 Predictive tests Will be available for Grades 9-11 Predictive Tests Will not be available for Grades 1& 2 Predictive Tests


11 Acuity: Instructional Resources Online exercises for customizing learning activities by state standard or skill group Easily assigned from reports Three components: Screens that introduce and teach a given skill Guided Practice Mini-summative assessment to evaluate progress

12 Instructional Resources (IR) Instructional Resources are online or paper/pencil tutorials for grades 3-8 in Math and ELA Online Instructional Resources provide interactivity for the student There are three parts to the Instructional Resources: – The Lesson – teaches a skill – Guided Practice – breaks apart common test questions and guides students to a correct answer. – A Quiz – Six questions that provide feedback and is scored

13 Instructional Resources The following slides will explain how students access and take the Instructional Resources.

14 From the Student Home Page, click on Study

15 Click on a Subject button

16 If there is an Instructional Resource assigned to you, you will see a link. Click on the link to access it.

17 Click on GO!

18 The first part of the IR is the lesson Read or Listen to the lesson on each of the pages Shows how many pages to the lesson Click on Next/Back to move pages Click on Play to listen to the lesson

19 After the lesson is over, you will move on to the guided practice Click on Next to move to the Guided Practice

20 Guided practice provides test taking skills by asking you to break apart the question 1. Example of a question on the skill 2. This side asks a different question to make you think about how to answer the problem on the left 3. After you answer, click on Next. Acuity will give you instant feedback. Click on Next again to move to the next question

21 After you finish the guided practice, you will be moving on to the mini-quiz Click on Next to move to the Mini-Quiz

22 This quiz will provide a score that teachers can view from the Educator side of Acuity Read the problem on the left. Answer the question on the right. Click on Next (or back) to move through the quiz

23 You can also move through the quiz by clicking on a number in the number line

24 At the end of the quiz, you will see a review page. 1. Click on a number to answer any un-answered questions. 2. Click on Finish to “turn in” your quiz

25 Instructional Resources The following slides will explain how teachers assign Instructional Resources.

26 Assigning Instructional Resources – Educators Only From the Acuity Home Page, click on Instructional Resources in the Navigational Panel

27 Instructional Resources may be printed or administered online To preview or print the IRs, click on Preview/Print

28 2. Preview allows users to see the IR from the online student perspective 1. Fill in the search fields and click on Search 3. PDF Preview allows the user to print the IRs for offline administration

29 PDF version for printing 1. This is the lesson 2. This is the guided practice (no interactivity due to p/p) 3. This is the quiz

30 To assign IR for online administration 1. Click on Assign By Skill/Standard from the Navigational Panel 2. Fill in the search fields and click on the Search icon

31 1. Select the students you wish to take the Instructional Resources. 2. Click on Assign These Students

32 You will see a review page after assigning the Instructional Resources

33 Acuity Training Environment – Log In information You may use this site for practice and/or turn-around training. Website: (type exactly as seen here in the internet address bar) Username field: choose the region you belong to and type exactly as seen here – centralregioncentraleasteastregion – northregionnortheastnorthwest – southwest westregionsouthregion – ComphighAltregion Password field: all usernames have the same password. Type exactly as seen here demo1234

34 Acuity Training Environment – Associated classes Each username is associated with two classes in the Acuity training environment. When using this site and looking for classes, see the list below to determine which class your username can access. Associated Classes by Username UsernameClasses centralregionMrs. Adkins / Mrs. Castraneda centraleastMrs. Cole / Manuel Cook EastregionWilliam Decker / Paul Dickson NorthregionMr. Dixon / Ms. Eells NortheastIndia Folden / Mr. Guerrero NorthwestMr. Hall / Mr. Hammer SouthwestMildred Hartley / Ms. Hatch WestregionMr. Heuer / Mr. Hickman SouthregionShane Hinton / Cristina Homan ComphighMark Joyner / Mr. Keene

35 Online Testing Process The following slides will guide you through the online process. Slides will cover: – Log in procedures – Student home page – Access and begin the test – Navigational tips – Submittal of test

36 TTLs access usernames in Print

37 TTLs search by teacher/section TTLs can search for one or more teachers at a time and export the usernames to Excel.

38 Password file opens in Excel

39 Students log directly into the IMS

40 Students use the login provided

41 Click on Take a Test

42 Click on a subject as told to you by your teacher.

43 Click on Start

44 Coming Soon! Review the directions page and then click on Next

45 Click on GO! to begin the test

46 Click on “Next” or “Back” to go to another question Click in the radio button to answer the question Read the problem or passage on the left side of the screen

47 Click “Yes” in Mark For Review if you wish to come back to this question The number line allows you to jump to other questions Green Green = Answered questions White White = Unanswered questions Orange Orange = Current question

48 *Available Spring 2007 Check marks indicate those items Marked for Review Double check your work to make sure all questions are answered Click on any number to return to that question

49 *Available Spring 2007 Finish turns in the test closes it. This is final. You cannot return to the test. Save/Exit saves your responses and keeps the test open for return at a later time. No scores will be submitted.

50 *Available Spring 2007 If you’re not done with the test, click on Cancel then click on Save/Exit. A warning will appear if you click on Finish. If you are truly done with the test, click on OK

51 *Available Spring 2007 After you click on Finish, you must click on the Stop sign to return to your student homepage.

52 *Available Spring 2007 There are three other possible icons a student may see – Calculator, reference card, and timer Other icons – some of these may appear dependent on set-up of test and the test itself

53 *Available Spring 2007 1. Click on the calculator icon and a standard calculator will pop up 2. Students have the ability to switch from a standard calculator to a scientific one At this time online calculators will be available on Predictive tests. It won’t be available for Benchmark tests

54 *Available Spring 2007 If needed on the math and/or science tests, reference cards may be available as an additional pop up

55 Technical Specs for Student Online Experience Compatible with both PC and Apple computers Supports Internet Browsers: – Apple – Safari 1.2 + and/or Firefox 1.5 + – PC – Internet Explorer 6.0+ QuickTime 6.0+/RealPlayer 6.0+ or Windows Media Player – needed for instructional resources Pop-up blockers turned OFF

56 Training Site Go to: Username: Password:

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